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August 23, 2019

Sorry about that

Things have been brutally busy and not time for the internet. Will resume next week.

August 19, 2019

I don’t shop there anyway

So, I can’t really say I’m boycotting them:

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said Thursday the company supports strengthening some gun measures in the United States after more than 20 people were killed in an attack on a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

Unclear on several amendments

Kamala Harris wants to take guns from racists.


SAF is suing California over it’s ban on weapons that look like assault rifles.

Quote of the day

Sebastian on red flag laws:

Guns aside, if the state wishes to seize my property, I have a right to due process. I shouldnt be able to lose property just because the police think Im an asshole.

Gun Porn

Stabby, shooty and probably also beaty.

August 15, 2019

White man’s err “unassumed gender”s burden

Original sin: Being white.


Of course

Commies gonna commie: Nearly 200 House Dems Now Support Bill Outlawing All New Semi-Automatic Weapons

And Gillibrand wants to prosecute gun owners who don’t turn in their weapons.

Anyone in El Paso want to help?

Targeted in Walmart attack, Hispanics in El Paso flock to firearms classes


Life in the future

Humor will be illegal: Philadelphia and VW ads banned for gender stereotyping

The future is stupid.

Gun Porn


August 14, 2019

They really don’t want you to be able to defend yourself

Chuck Schumer wants to regulate the sale of body armor.

Speaking of Cuomo

Donald Trump just illustrated why red flag laws are dumb. Only without knowing it.

Why are anti gun activists so violent?

Chris Cuomo threatened to throw a man down the stairs for calling him the name of a Godfather character.

CNN’s Don Lemon sued by Hamptons bartender over alleged assault

The evidence is pretty clear

I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.

Bless their hearts

How Democrats plan to use gun control to beat Trump.

Seems they want to tie him to white supremacists, which as we all know, every gun owner is one. Or something.

Cool thought experiment

Guns I Wished I Could Buy

This is a tough one for me. Aside from a pre 86 AR-15, which I won’t buy because the prices are too high to just turn money into noise, I’d like a new Colt Python.

Gun Porn

How a Glock works:

August 12, 2019

Let the conspiracy theories begin!

Remember when everyone was making jokes about Epstein’d impending suicide? Good times.

This whole thing is fishy but I’m holding off any serious commentary until more is known.

Didn’t need a study to know that

Californias Background Check Law Had No Impact on Gun Deaths, Johns Hopkins Study Finds

Only 6?

6 Ways Bill Clinton Is Lying About His Assault Weapons Ban


Crenshaw comes out in support of red flag laws.

News you can use

How Long Can Your Keep Your Magazines Loaded?

A good resource

For prepping.

And he’s back

John Richardson’s blog, that is.

Because he can

Lindsey Graham offers a perfectly reasonable need for an AR-15.

Only the police should have guns

University of TN assistant police chief mistook his neighbor’s house for his own. Walked in and told the resident to get out of his house. Then, he pulled a gun on her.

Was he drug tested?

Gun Porn


August 07, 2019

Life in the future

WTF did I just watch?

How do these people function? I mean, if there’s ever a socialist resolution, we can just whisper at them or call them the wrong pronoun.

The future is stupid.

But gun control will work

An AR-15 with a home made wooden receiver:

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