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January 22, 2020

Raining iguanas

In Florida, all the global warming made it cold. So, iguanas are falling from the trees.

Lobby day crowd estimates

From John. Regardless, it’s likely more have attended than all Moms Demanding Action events combined.

And because they are effective


I legit laughed

Good idea

The concept of having a lever gun in the same caliber as a revolver is appealing. This looks like a good choice for lever actions.

SHOT stuff I found interesting

Laugo Arms Alien Pistol, the lowest bore axis in the world. Looks like it’d save wear and tear on an optic too.

Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW Pistol and SBR

News you can use

How to Spot a Bad Guy- A Comprehensive Look at Body Language and Pre-Assault Indicators

Gun Porn

Carbon fiber Glock slides.

January 21, 2020

Went away and came back twice as dumb

AOC kinda went away. Or, rather, the coverage of her was lessened. But she, sadly, came back into the spotlight saying her usual dumb things. This time:

“Why were there almost no police officers despite protesters flying confederate flags and [carrying] semiautamtic weapons?

Because gun owners aren’t inherently prone to start riots, unlike ANTIFA or the White Supremacists. Also, in all the coverage of the rally that I have seen, I have yet to see a confederate flag. Wouldn’t surprise me if one was there but I haven’t seen one much less multiple flags.

SHOT 2020 Stuff

I’m not there but stuff I’ve found interesting:

Palmetto State Armory is now making Glock frames.

Coverage from arfcom.

Shooting Illustrated’s coverage. I suppose it was a matter of time before someone put a pistol brace on a long range rifle. I like it.

Teaser from Brownells. Anyone know what the pistol caliber carbine is?

Integrally suppressed Kel Tec Sub 2000.


Pocket pistol ballistics

VA Rally Coverage

Pictures that contradict the narrative.

What I Saw At Lobby Day In Richmond

The Best ‘White Supremacist’ Minority Protests

Someone showed up with a guillotine.

Gun Porn

XM556 Microgun

January 20, 2020

Some SHOT stuff

Most of my reading today had to do with the VA rally. But SHOT is kicking off and, with that, some new products:

Some cool looking AR type things.

Performance Center M&P2.0s.

Sig p210 carry

VA Lobby Day

The rally went off without issue. Media hardest hit. Even when an alleged “infiltrator” tries to kick off the violence.

A telling thing in the pictures here and here. Positive interactions with the police. Didn’t see any antifa guys doing that.

Speaking of, sheriffs showed up to protest for the good guys.

And so much for all the racists that were going to be there.

And Google being evil as it pulls livestreams of the event. The revolution will be livestreamed but Google won’t let you see it.

Gun Porn

Spy guns. I was unaware of “the heart attack gun”.

January 17, 2020

More VA stuff

No wonder the governor there feared violence. The left is showing up.

Special Operations Surveillance Aircraft circling Richmond

So, there’s going to be the lobby day in VA where 130K people are going to show up. And a USAF surveillance plane is circling the area. All coincidental, I’m sure.

January 16, 2020

Will Smith is not a safe direction

This is great:

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Its BAD Boys. Not UNSAFE Boys. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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Virginia Lobby Day

Here’s the details on the logistics and other important information.

Apparently, the area where the event will gather has been fenced off.

Meanwhile, some agents provocateur were arrested on their way there.

A civil rights victory

Florida Carry won their lawsuit against Broward County, which was enforcing illegal gun laws.

Such action would be responded to more quickly if people went to jail for breaking the law.

Gun Porn

Uh, what?

January 15, 2020

More VA

Hoo boy: Northam declares state of emergency, Capitol weapon ban ahead of gun rights rally

Threats of armed confrontation, which mostly seem to be social media posts.


In anticipation of a large gun rights crowd gathering, governor blackface has banned guns at the capitol.

It also looks like the powers that be are attempting to make attending as difficult as possible.

I tend to agree with Sebastian here that there will be agitators. I’ve got a strange contradictory feeling about this. One one hand, gun control protests are generally peaceful. On the other, it only takes one screw up to damage the movement. We’ll see.

That seems silly

I can’t even.

Things that are unserious considerations

Grip angle and natural point of aim will not make you a better shooter.

A gun feeling “good in your hand” also will not.

Gun Porn

CMMG is getting into the 5.7 game. Ruger did recently as well. Has there been a surge in the caliber’s popularity lately?

January 14, 2020


My House Was Raided Over A .22LR Lever Action Rifle

Another reason gun control won’t work

3D printed AK-47 receiver.

It’s a start

Gun applications in NYC soar 1,000% in Jewish communities.