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June 11, 2020

Pistol strap

That seems odd.

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The fastest socialists ever went hungry.


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, I’m certain all those going on about armed insurrection from right wing zealots are in a rush to condemn CHAZ, right?

Gun control cannot work

Thanks to 3D printing: Winnipeg man arrested had 3D printed receivers.

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Gun Porn


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June 08, 2020

The reason is on your TeeVee

The year gun control died.
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But I’m told gun ownership is on the decline!

Millons of new gun owners in 2020. 40% are women.

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A police chief has forced out after supporting the second amendment rights in his community.
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In their zeal to ban guns

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, Canada managed to ban the website

Noted gun expert Joe Biden

He has a history of saying dumb things about guns

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, the latest:

Instead of standing there and teaching a cop when theres an unarmed person coming at em with a knife or something to shoot em in the leg instead of the heart is a very different thing

Unarmed and with a knife! Also

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, if one has to shoot someone in self defense, you shoot to stop. Not to kill or to wound.

Ruger LCP 22LR

A look over at LuckyGunner. I’m sort of torn on this one. Given its size relative to the LCP 380, I’d weigh the caliber a bit. On the other, in 22LR, I don’t have to invest in another caliber. On the third hand

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, the capacity is noce.

Shocking no one

Crime soars in New Zealand after gun bans.

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Life in the future

Elmer Fudd becomes a real Fudd because the “reboot” will not put guns in the episodes. Cannons and scythes

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, sure. Guns, nope. Also, hunting rabbits with a scythe sounds totally realistic.

The future is stupid.

Gun Porn

Various round cut in half.
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May 04, 2020

Is this thing on?

Just a note to let you know that I am still around. Just not feeling it for obvious reasons.
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March 17, 2020

Not just toilet paper

Popping in from unsecured and undisclosed location to note that ammo is gone. Tooling around LuckyGunner

, they have nothing in stock for a single caliber that I have. Hoo boy.

March 13, 2020

Keep calm and wash your hands

I’m disappointed at the lack of zombies.

Everyone is freaking the fuck out over an enhanced cold. We did the online ordering of groceries for pick up. They called to say they were several hours behind because of the crowd.

Everyone, calm the hell down. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. And if you can

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, stay home. You very probably already have a few weeks of food in your house. Use that.

We’ve been through worse (swine flu and regular flu). Granted, this is only the early stages and that does not mean it will not be worse. But so far, it’s not.

Do not misunderstand, this is a serious thing and act accordingly. But it’s not time to panic.

Anyhoo, I’ll be out of pocket for a bit. You guys be safe.

Laughs in been prepping for years.

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March 10, 2020

It’s New Jersey

A security guard is being charged for carrying a gun he’s licensed to carry.

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A good read

The history of Gaston Glock.

He’s lost it

Poor Noted Gun Expert Joe Biden. He had some sort of mental breakdown in which he misrepresented his position on gun

, called a semi auto a machine gun, referred to a gun as an AR-14, and told a potential voter he was “full of shit”. And this is the best the Democrats can do?

Watching this babbling idiot debate Sanders, a doddering old fool, will be torture.


The CT legislature turned honest citizens into criminals over night by banning magazines that contain arbitrary number of rounds. The Second Amendment Foundation is suing:

The lawsuit alleges state violations of the Second and Fourteenth amendments. Since 2013, Connecticut statute has prohibited individuals from having magazines containing more than ten rounds of ammunition. Violations of the statute can be prosecuted as Class D felonies.

Ross owns a pistol with an original-capacity magazine that can hold 17 cartridges and Basile has pistols that hold 15 rounds in their magazines. Both are licensed to carry for personal and family protection

, yet they justifiably worry that they could be prosecuted for carrying fully-loaded defensive sidearms under the state law.

Gun Porn

An AK type of thing

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March 09, 2020

And hand sanitizer

Coronavirus Fears Spur Sales of Ammo & Survival Gear

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News you can use

Active Shooter Incidents 2000-2018

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This didn’t work the last time it was tried

Someone is suing LuckyGunner over their sale of ammo to a mass shooter. The Brady Campaign tried this earlier and it wound up costing them (Brady) quite a bit of money when they lost.

Did not expect that

A 94 year old TN man, who was a guard at a concentration camp

, is being deported for war crimes.


GOA filed a red flag protection order against Chuck Schumer.

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I learned a thing or two

Stuff You Should Know About Buckshot

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Gun Porn

Vietnam War Presentation AK

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March 05, 2020

Seen on the internet

I feel sorry for Liz. This is the second time she’s had to leave a race.

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Surprising no one

Gun sales up. 63% in Virginia. In light of noted gun expert Joe Biden’s comments about going after guns

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, I expect more.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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