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That will get you killed in the streets

By now, you’ve all probably seen this story and seen this or a similar image:

Some times

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, some gun nuts are dumb. And this was one of those times. One group decided that the two in the video were idiots because they obviously didn’t have training. Complaints include:

Pointing the handgun at people
Dude pointing the gun at his wife
Bad gun handling
Holding an AR like an 80s action movie extra
Holding a handgun like she’s trying not to get any on her
Finger on the trigger (uhm, she looked like she was ready to shoot so not calling her on that)
A2s are stupid
Taurus’s are stupid

The list goes on. And a lot of it is true. Sure, they could use training. But there are people like this all around. People who bought a gun during a panic buy; people who bought one because they thought it was a good idea; people who bought one because of some impending ban. This list goes on. They’re gun owners but not necessarily gun people.

But they saw a violent threat that had destroyed property and was trespassing. The crowd threatened them. And their dog. And they were having none of that. And no one go killed in the streets.

Even with little or no training

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, a gun can still be useful.

14 Responses to “That will get you killed in the streets”

  1. moo Says:

    seems like #1 is covered by the same “she looked like she was ready to shoot” exemption.

    while i hope this will motivate them to get some training (certainly they can afford it), i think we should all be so lucky as to face down an angry arson-minded mob, and get away with no shots fired, nobody hurt, and no otherwise law-abiding citizens arrested.

    i’m hard pressed to imagine what a better outcome would’ve looked like. even from a media standpoint, they might look silly to highly experienced gun owners, but to the average joe, they look well dressed and respectable, standing in poses that have neutral-to-positive associations. they were acting in defense of their home, didn’t hurt anyone, etc, etc.

    i’d shake their hands, and give them a list of reputable trainers.

  2. Divemedic Says:

    They certainly make gun owners look better than the idiots who showed up with their Tacticool Cosplay suits on at the local Starbucks.

  3. mikee Says:

    I have yet to see video of the people they were facing off with.

    Such a performance only works when the opposition isn’t there to shoot at you. They were lucky the protesters weren’t there to shoot at them.

  4. nk Says:

    John Chisum would cringe. When you have a house like that, you should have people to carry guns for you.

  5. totc Says:

    I’ve delivered Amazon packages to the neighborhood the McClotskeys live in. It is a private subdivision with gated entrances where all but one is closed most of the time.

    The Central West End has been a target of violent mobs in the not too distant past. Among them was when St Louis police officer Jason Stockley was acquitted in 2017. The area is less than a mile away from some of the poorest, highest crime rate neighborhoods in St. Louis.

    Sure, I’d like to have seen less booger hook on bang switch, and less muzzle covering, they were defending their property in a low trust situation.

  6. totc Says:

    I forgot to add video of the encounter.

  7. nk Says:

    I learn slow, but I learn eventually. At first, I was one of the people Uncle describes in the post. It took a couple of days to sink in that there is a concerted campaign to shame and deter people who take steps to protect themselves from thugs. The “Karen” label for white middle-class a particularly noxious tactic.

  8. nk Says:

    white middle-class *women*

  9. RAH Says:

    Gun safety skills need some training Their courage is great Good for them

  10. Silence DoGood Says:

    RE: the A2, still more evidence that the single biggest reason that so many mass murderer wanna-bees choose the AR platform is because the MSM keeps telling them it’s the mass murderer’s weapon of choice. They don’t know which end of the tube the round comes out of but the MSM tells them that ARs are really, really good for killing large numbers of people, so that’s what they buy. Same goes for Mr. And Mrs. America shown here. Mister pink golf shirt probably wouldn’t know an A2 from a W4 but it looks just like the rifle they carried in Apocalypse Now and Hamburger Hill, so it must be the real deal, right?

    We should pray that the next school shooter doesn’t chose a BAR (MkII) in .300 WinMag.

  11. Tirno Says:

    I took one look at that situation and I was saying to myself, “Self, I hope that left-handed dude in the pink short doesn’t fire the rifle like that, because he’ll find out the hard way that hot brass comes out the side closest to him.”

    You know how at the end of movies, there’s usually some kind of certification from an animal welfare monitoring company that no animals were harmed in the course of filming? There needs to be a certifying organization that confirms that firearm safety and use were monitored in the course of filming, and the final edit of the film does not depict firearm (mis)usage in a way likely to cause negligent injury unless those harms are also depicted in the movie.

  12. Kermit Says:

    Re: A2 AR and left handed shooting
    The hot brass coming out isn’t really an issue. Unless something is badly out of whack internally, the expended shells will not only eject right, but up as well, usually easily clearing the support arm.
    Heck, I run a 3 point sling left handed on an AR. The inside strap is less than 2 inches from the ejection port. I’ve never had an issue with shells bouncing around between sling and rifle.
    Besides, if the ball had dropped and hammers needed to be dropped, I doubt he’d even notice even if every casing whacked his forearm
    Dude in the picture is fine.

  13. Hartley Says:

    Taurus? Tam ( ) says its a Bryco. Me, I have no idea.
    BTW, can you imagine what the media would have been doing if those folks had a Trump sign in their yard?

  14. Patrick Says:

    Ya know what?

    Nobody fucked with their dog.

    Just sayin’.

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