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Social media

Facebook: You can’t sell gun or gun related stuff on our platform.

Also Facebook: Here’s an ad to purchase an illegal firearm suppressor:
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8 Responses to “Social media”

  1. Gravityfrog Says:

    ATF sting operation

  2. Aaron Spuler Says:


  3. Siergen Says:

    I agree with @Gravityfrog that is probably a sting operation. I’ve been getting almost identical ads on conservative-leaning YouTube videos.

  4. Eric Wilner Says:

    They probably don’t have anyone competent to see that it isn’t any kind of filter, let alone to see what it really is.

  5. Heath J Says:

    This is classic troll fodder. Click the link, and put 50 of the stupid things in your basket. Then fuck off and never think of it again.

  6. Ravenwood Says:

    That’s clearly a fuel filter. Looks just like every other fuel filter.

  7. Geoff Says:

    If you happen to have an approved Form 1 in your possession there ain’t a darn thing the ATF can do if you buy one, even if it is a sting operation.

  8. Aaron Woodin Says:

    LOL… when you have enough “solvent traps” get a fuel filter!

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