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Graphic images at link, you’ve been warned. This looks more like a case against leather holsters to me.

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5 Responses to “Leather”

  1. SPQR Says:

    Well, I see it more as an indictment of crappy leather and of reholstering blind.

  2. Jay Eimer Says:

    or just age – I had a Milt Sparks (definitely not “crappy”) show signs of doing that – then again I inherited it, no clue how old it was. It showed other signs of its apparent age, though.

    Nothing wrong with leather if it’s stiff enough to stay open — but — REPLACE it when it ceases to be.

  3. Hartley Says:

    Yeah, really – I have a couple of long-in-the-tooth leather holsters, but none of them exhibit deformation like that – that holster was way past it’s sell-by date.

  4. GMC Says:

    My Milt Sparks holster has a steel reinforcement around the trigger guard. It can’t collapse like that. Regardless, I look before I holster and stop if I see or feel anything unusual, and that’s on a pistol with a thumb safety.

  5. Charles Says:

    I don’t trust leather holsters for striker fired handguns without external safety. I also always look when I holster.

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