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Round 2

Claussen pickles
Toaster strudels
Quilted Northern (my preferred TP)
Pancake corndogs
Dried beans
Pickling cucumbers
Thai chilis
Hagen-Dazs rum raisin ice-cream
Ox tails
Pork shoulder
Chicken thighs and wings
Old Forester 86
Topo Chico mineral water
Tide pods
Cascade platinum dishwasher detergent

These are things that I buy regularly that are almost never in stock at the local grocer. Some I’ve found at Amazon.

What’s hard to find in your area?

Things I buy regularly that have gone up in price significantly:

Tomato soup is over $2
Canned salmon is near $5
Milk coming up on $6
Sliced cheese near $4.

I have a feeling more is coming.

4 Responses to “Round 2”

  1. Miles Says:

    Nothing really ‘hard’ to find in SW MO except some national brands of cookies and some specialty brands of bread.

    Prices though have gone up an average of 30%+ as a grocery buy that used to be ~$130 is now ~$170.

    “8%” inflation my hind end.

  2. Warrior KNitter Says:

    I’m in Lawrence, KS. It seems to vary every week or month. Lately, it’s been gallon jugs of store brand drinking / spring water. Our water is from a lake and sometime the algae smell and the chemicals they used to treat it taste and smell bad.

    Consistently, it’s been various store brands of frozen potatoes, such as waffle and steak fries.

    Chuck for stew was not available at one but another had lots.

    Pillsbury or store brand cinnamon rolls are also hit & miss.

    We sometimes have to go to Kansas City to get stuff. We did that last week for water. None of the stores in Lawrence, had much drinking water, except for some of the more expensive individual bottles

    TP (Charmin’ ultra soft) is hit a miss. They have TP not not always the kind we like. Same with Kleenex. Some weeks, it’s only the little square boxes or only 1 or 2 individual boxes of the rectangular 120 ct boxes but no 3 or 4 packs of those.

  3. Ankylus Says:

    We can usually find stuff, just not precisely what we want. So, maybe there’s only one brand and not the brand we like. Or the wrong size or something like that.

    But EVERYTHING is up. Food is getting crazy high.

  4. jed Says:

    Mostly, I didn’t pay much attention to specifics in the past, since my grocery bill – just myself here – has always been pretty low. And, I’ve found I’m eating less than I used to anyway.

    I switched to the cheaper store-brand TP, and it’s fine. Apples, eggs, and frozen dinners are up some, though not a huge amount, yet. I can still find apples on sale often enough that the the regular price increase by .30/lb doesn’t often bite me. My main economizing is getting away from prepared food, which isn’t a good diet anyway. I used to both cook and eat out more, but my tiny kitchen isn’t conducive to my style of cooking. Gotta work on that.

    I’m likely not very representative of what a typical family would see for inflation in CO.

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