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In light of recent events:

“2,000 people joined NAAGA (National African American Gun Association – Ed) in 36 hours after George Floyd

,” said founder Philip Smith. “That broke our records. We’re getting a ton of folks from all over.”

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2 Responses to “Good”

  1. Phelps Says:

    I have to remind myself to be very careful to not try to pronounce that unfortunate acronym as a word.

  2. Ellen Says:

    I joined USCCA instead. (It’s US Concealed Carry, but I don’t know what the A stands for.) The rioters burned Uncle Hugo’s, my favorite SF book store. If they start heading towards my place with Molotov Cocktails, I might do something about it. And in Minneapolis, that would mean I was guilty. A bit of legal insurance comforts me.

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