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Happy Independence Day

Of note, five years ago today I wrote: Lighting illegal fireworks with an illegal cigar because Independence Day.

Today, neither the cigar nor fireworks are illegal.

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5 Responses to “Happy Independence Day”

  1. one-eyed Jack Says:

    I always thought that an illegal was a sick bird. Jack.

  2. nk Says:

    Happy Independence Day, Uncle! My fondest wishes for you and yours.

  3. Paul B Says:

    Neighbor had a good selection they set off in the street. Next year I think I will pick some up to help with the celebration.

    Nice when the state increases freedoms. To bad it is in the middle of the supposed pandemic.

  4. tweell Says:

    We were told by AUTHORITY that fireworks were verboten in our area. That was greeted with a snort, lots of goodies were procured, and from what I could hear, many folks in the neighborhood did the same.

  5. Steve-O Says:

    Nothing like lighting up whilst lighting up. My cubans go so well with my fresh bearded look whilst lighting up the sky. Life is good!

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