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February 24, 2020

You can’t stop their signal

On Android phones is an feature called Google Discover. Essentially, you swipe left and it shows news items that you might be interested in. It does this via input from you and location data and whatever metadata they have on you. If an article about something you’re interested in pops up, you can tell the app that you like stories like that. Conversely, if you are not interested in a subject, you can tell it to ignore articles about that subject. And it will.

Typically, the app will give options to ignore either the topic or the website. I have now told it to ignore items about Bernie Sanders five times, yet articles about him show up every time.

As mentioned above, it will give your the option of ignoring the website linked or the topic. Unless, in my case, the topic is Greta Thunderscold. Whenever the little wanna-be-dictator shows up, the only option is to block the website. Not the mentally-ill child with some serious issues.

We have one here

A bill in Alabama to create a database of carry permit holders.

As far as I can tell, the one in Tennessee’s only purpose is so that politicians and pro-gun groups can solicit people, who might be friendly to their cause, for money and votes. Every election, I’ll get something from politicians telling me how pro gun they are.


The Complete List of Everything Banned by Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Hadn’t seen those before

4 reasons why North Korea’s AK variant is just dumb

We don’t need smart guns

We need smart reporters: Vice Reporter Points Gun At Cameraman And Pulls Trigger During Smart Gun Piece To Show How They Will Stop Accidental Shootings

We already knew that

Bloomberg money funded research group says “assault weapons” bans do nothing.

In other news, Tapco is gone?

Tam waxes on the evolution of AR manufacturers.

Noted gun expert Joe Biden

He says he’s going to go after small businesses err gun manufacturers.

Speaking of shotgats

This is dumb advice:

If Youre Only Going To Own One Gun, Make it a Shotgun

Presuming one is buying it for defense, you can’t conceal it. Or use it in a vehicle. It’s more cumbersome to move around the house. Difficult to operate with one hand. You’d need slugs for any medium range needs.


Gun Porn


February 19, 2020

Another violent Bernie Bro

White liberal calls black man racist for wearing a “Black Guns Matter” shirt then attacks him.

A good read

Dave Kopel: What arms are “common”?

This is how you government


the taxpayers of East Lansing have to pay for the killing of the deer instead of hunters paying for the opportunity to do so. It sounds exactly like good government to me.


Publix is being sued for selling a knife to a murderer.

Bloomberg continues having a bad week

Bloomberg says many ‘black and Latino males’ don’t ‘know how to behave in the workplace,’

Bloomberg Caught On Tape Saying the Elderly Should Be Denied Medical Care Because of Cost Overruns

Bloomberg in 2013: Civil libertarians and teachers union are like NRA extremists

Bloomberg calls transgender “it”.

Yet, he still polls in second. It’s actually pretty hysterical. But I’ve yet to see much pearl-clutchery from the left.

Gun Porn

Well, OK.

February 17, 2020

Bloomberg had a tough weekend

He really thinks he’s better than everyone.

He’s paying people to say they like him.

The Complete List of Everything Banned by Mayor Michael Bloomberg

He did release an ad targeting Bernie’s violent supporters.

The latest hysteria

Ghost guns. At what point does it stop? Should we ban aluminum? Springs?


Doctors are Wrong about Firearm Effectiveness in Mass Shootings

A critique of what is ordinarily an appeal to authority in which the authority isn’t.


Violent crime in Colorado on the rise. That can’t be true since they passed all that gun control.

News you can use

Combat Zero your AR


How Virginia Was Bought.

On the gun issue, it didn’t pay off this time as the gun ban was defeated.

Gun Porn

GAU-5/A Air Force Survival Kit

February 12, 2020

Life in the future


The future is stupid.

Gun deaths

They keep using that term wrong on purpose.

Is there an echo in here?

Not Your Imagination Society Is in Fact Going Insane, and I Can Prove It:

The curated media feed is indoctrinating all of us constantly into different belief systems, such that whatever feed were reading becomes obviously sane. And wherever it may be incompatible with someone elses feed, that makes them insane. By definition.

I don’t consider this good news

The upside is that 55% won’t vote for a socialist. The downside is that 45% will.

More democrats and violence

Man threatens Trump supporters with a cane sword.

Related: Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Gun Porn

Range day

February 11, 2020


The House just passed some pretty onerous gun laws:

If this measure becomes a law, it would be a Class 6 felony starting July 1. However, anyone in possession of an assault firearm (sic), large-capacity firearm magazine, silencer or trigger activator has until January 1, 2021 to render them inoperable, surrender them to police, or just get them out of Virginia altogether.

The bill also states that ownership can be retained if you have a permit from the Department of State Police allowing you to possess an assault weapon(sic).

Things could get sporty there.