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October 08, 2019

Gun Porn

That’s good looking.

October 07, 2019

Figured we’d have seen this sooner

A 3D printed auto sear. I’m guessing the one made from a coat hanger would last longer.


A look at 22LR conversion kits for carry guns.

It’s not like democrats haven’t weaponized the IRS before

Chuck Schumer wants the IRS to investigate the NRA.

Mass stabbing

In Paris. How did dude get to four before being shot in a police station?

Tar and feathers

A woman is fighting charges for going topless. In her own home.

Get the ACLU

TN man cited for “fuck gun control” sticker.

Gun Porn

Striker 12

October 02, 2019

People lost interest in that awful sudden

The Vegas Shooting

Fun facts about the AR-15


But the narrative

Murder and violent crime declined in 2018. As did property crime.

When second count . . .

You have to call 911 six times.


Even with the tax cuts: Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2018 Than on Food, Clothing and Health Care Combined

Meanwhile, the least tax friendly states. Trouble is when those people move to low tax states, they vote the way they did back home.

Noted gun expert Joe Biden

Joe has a plan to ban “assault weapons” but no details.

Pull back

A while back, San Fran declared the NRA to be a terrorist organization. They seem to be walking that one back.

Gun Porn

1911y version:

STI Apeiro

Dan Wesson Wraith

September 30, 2019

Been there

The holster box. I have two.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

A democrat SWATted someone she didn’t like.

Sounds like a win

Looks like the fairly anti-gun nominee to head the ATF isn’t going to be the guy for the job.

Banning reality

NYC makes it illegal to call someone an “illegal alien”.

With no sense of irony at all

Bobby Francis says that only the government should have guns. He said it at Kent State.

Gun Porn

R. Lee Ermey’s gun collection up for auction.

September 25, 2019


It will be heard in early December. The Solicitor General has inserted himself into the case. Seems he wants to keep the federal laws around.

And the banned played on

The many things Democrats have advocated banning.

That which they don’t want to ban the want to be mandatory.

That cat’s already out of the bag

The AG of NY told 16 different companies to stop selling incomplete AR-15 lower receivers. That’ll help.

Do it right or do it again


As I’ve aged, I’ve adopted the “buy once, cry once” philosophy on a great many products. I don’t buy cheap guns, shoes, spices, Worcestershire, vehicles, or knives. I’m sure there’s more but those come to mind.


Experts Agree Restructuring World Economy Best Way to Treat Childs Anxiety

The state of satire in the age of Trump has been truly stunning.

When did the commies take over Knoxville?

Knoxville City Council votes 8-1 in favor of banning gun shows on city-owned property

They’re helping!

Hoo boy

Actual headline:

Northwest-based ATF supervisor with Nazi tattoo discriminated against black agent, lawsuit claims

He says he got it while undercover but still.

Gun Porn

New from Springfield, a real snoozer. They shortened The Grip Zone.