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September 26, 2016

S&W out of the U.S. Armys Modular Handgun System

They’ve filed an 8K with the SEC to let investors know they are no longer in running for replacing the Army’s handgun:

We and our partner in the pursuit of the U.S. Armys Modular Handgun System, or MHS, solicitation to replace the M9 standard Army sidearm have been notified by the Department of the Army that our proposal was not selected to advance to the next phase of the competition. The MHS program has never been included in our financial guidance. We are assessing our options in response to the notification and remain focused on achieving our long-term strategy of organically and inorganically expanding our product offerings in the consumer market for shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiasts.

So, that leaves Glock and Sig?

Only the police should have guns

That’s a whole lot of weapons that have been lost or stolen.

Flashlights on guns

A thing I’ve noted a few times is now a thing someone in the press is talking about:

How many people have been injured or killed in accidental shootings by police officers using gun-mounted flashlights isnt known.

The statistic is not tracked, but deaths or injuries appear to be rare. The Denver Post reported in 2014 it had found four cases since 2005 where someone was hurt when an officer mistakenly pulled the trigger instead of flipping on the flashlight.

If you have a gun mounted flashlight, that’s smart. But it should be used as a gun and not as a flashlight. Have a regular flashlight for that.

Gun Porn

Gettin’ Siggy wit it

Dardick revolver and ‘tround’

Molot VEPR 12 Shotgun

September 24, 2016


I’ve had the revolver bug for a while. Never managed to commit because I don’t really want to take on another caliber. But the 9mm revolvers never particularly appealed to me. In a bit of an impulse purchase, I came across a decent deal on a Ruger GP100 Match Champion:



Basically, Ruger took their GP100 and trimmed some weight and polished up the internals. It’s billed as a custom revolver. I’ve yet to get it to the range but plan on doing so tomorrow.

I may regret not getting the adjustable sight model, but we’ll see.

Any upgrades I absolutely must do? And what ammo should I run?

One nation, under surveillance

Oliver Stone: Obama has managed to put together the most intensive surveillance state in the history of the world

Hope and change.

TN workplace shooting

Some guy met with his supervisors. Left. Came back with a gun and shot the two before shooting himself. The news is that he had a carry permit.

Well, that seems like a big deal

Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal.

Well, that makes this odd: Obama Says He Didnt Know Hillary Clinton Was Using Private Email Address

September 23, 2016

Quick, to your safe space

The sheer pants-shitting hysteria in this piece on what Americans carry in their pocket is amusing. Here’s what I presume is a grown up adult person afraid of inanimate objects.

Via Tam, with completely loses its shit at the sight of a lockback pocket knife of the variety usually given to Texans on their eighth birthday.

Technical data as speech

A court has ruled that national security interests trump speech and that 3D printed gun plans are subject to arms export laws.

Accidental gun deaths in TN

The health department revised their report from 130 to 5. Seems like a pretty big screw up. Here’s the historical trend:

1999: 47
2000: 44
2001: 49
2002: 46
2003: 37
2004: 38
2005: 36
2006: 30
2007: 22
2008: 17
2009: 29
2010: 31
2011: 31
2012: 24
2013: 19
2014: 5

Second amendment sanctuary cities


A city councilman wants Spokane Valley to declare itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary City and symbolically proclaim the citys support for its citizens right to keep and bear arms.

Caleb Collier says his idea is a response to Washington Attorney General Bob Fergusons recent announcement that hell ask state legislators to ban the sale of semi-automatic rifles.

At last weeks Spokane Valley City Council meeting, Collier asked that the Second Amendment Sanctuary proclamation be added to the councils upcoming agenda.

Via Joe, who has thoughts on the issue.

One would think the whole country would be a second amendment sanctuary.

Felon exemption for antique firearms

The law is pretty clear, certain antique firearms (mostly front stuffers) are not classified as firearms under the law. Since they are not legally firearms, there’s no prohibition of felons owning them. One guy researched this before hunting. He was arrested anyway:

Weeks, his wife and his father researched the law banning felons from possessing guns and found an exception for antique guns and their replicas. He was dressed in camouflage gear and an orange safety vest with a replica of a 1918 .50 caliber muzzleloader rifle in his pickup truck when he was arrested in 2012 by a Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer.

He was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm and sentenced to three years’ probation.

His conviction was overturned. I think he should sue everyone involve.

Headline win


Gun Porn

Chinese Type 56 Milled AK

A gun that shoots a 4.25mm round

September 22, 2016

Aww, how cute

A piece entitled How to smash the gun lobby offers no real way to actually accomplish that. It’s full of silliness but mostly displays that the author doesn’t understand guns, gun culture or the “gun lobby”. You see, anti-gun people produce nothing. They sell no worthwhile product. There’s not anti-gun range. No anti-gun show. This person really fails to grasp any of it.

Keep calm and carry one

A motorist was “allowed” to travel peaceably through a crowd of Black Lives Matter rioters. Because he had a gun.

However, I don’t think having your window rolled down and holding your handgun out the window is a real good idea.


So, twitter suspended Glenn’s account for silly reasons. I’ve only ever heard of twitter suspending non lefties. I’m sure they censor lefties too but I never hear of it.

Gun Porn

Tam has hands on with the new sooper seekrit Ruger Mark IV. I dig the break open design. I’ve never disassembled the other Ruger 22s but I’ve heard that it’s not fun and you tend to lose zero.

September 21, 2016

Civil rights battle

Wherein a gay activist group and the Second Amendment Foundation challenge DC’s requirement that, for a carry permit, one must demonstrate “good reason to fear injury”.

Because they’re smarter than you think

Why millennials are skeptical of gun control:

In spite of the prevailing attitude toward millennials in the media, where it seems we are often portrayed as somewhat unmotivated and unwilling to engage on important issues, millennials are incredibly passionate, motivated, empirically minded and data-driven. And when it comes to gun control, we have a mountain of evidence over the last half-century to show that government efforts to restrict gun ownership are utterly ineffective at achieving their stated claims: a safer society through the reduction of violent crime.

And it’s important to keep in mind the internet. Millennials have, for the most part, had it for most of their lives. And, unlike old school media, the pro gun side pretty much dominates the internet.

Gun Porn

North Korean Type 73 LMG. Been seeing a lot of Nork guns on the intertubes lately.

September 20, 2016

9mm Penetration


Super owners

About that ridiculous “study” on gun owners and how many guns they own, just check out The Gun Feed. Needless to say, it’s crap.

On culture

Recently, I went to a receiving of friends for an acquaintance. At the service, they had a slideshow of pictures of the recently departed, which is pretty typical at this particular funeral home. However, toward the end of said slideshow, there were pictures of family members that were obviously taking “selfies” with the soon to be departed. It struck me as poor taste. The notion of two children posing with their soon to be dead mother using all of the same techniques you see on facebook each day for taking a selfie was unsettling.

Self defense tip: Leave

Why anyone would hang out when shots are being fired is beyond me. I guess the 15 minutes of social media fame or some such. Get out of there, moron.

Tannerite in weekend bombings?

That’s what some are speculating. Joe tells why it may be the case. It’s been the target of would be nannies for a while. I think most people don’t realize just how easy it is to make explody things.

Do the right thing. Get suspended for it.

12 year old finds a knife at school. Reports it. Gets suspended.

Zero intelligence.

Chicks and guns

Not helping*:

FOX 11 Investigates was told off-camera by a representative of Badger Gun Sales that he won’t sell a handgun to a woman without her first getting trained. He recommends to his female clients they check out Well Armed Woman, a gun training group solely for women.

So, men, you presume, are already trained? This is unhelpful, sexist nonsense.

* Presuming the journalist is not fibbing.

Gun Porn

M1C Sniper Garand

Bubbas Molested Mosin

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