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April 20, 2018

Say when

Seen at Joe’s, some idiot on twitter is all “we are coming for your guns.” Sure thing, sprout. In a response to someone basically telling to come and take them, he asks:

If we elect a new congress and we pass laws making gun ownership illegal for people like you, and the government comes to take your guns, what will you do?

What will you do? Be specific.

Well, sparky, shooting the people who advocated for those laws isn’t out of the question.

Easing firearm export restrictions

Trump is reportedly looking into it.

They forgot the most important one

10 Reasons To Own An AR-15

The reason: Because I can.

New place for gun videos


The impact of the firearms industry on the economy.

The PSH is strong with this one

Woman Calls Police Over Man Wearing Pro-Gun T-Shirt At Park. Is reporting a non-crime a crime?

A stopped watch

Is right twice per day*: Chuck Schumer wants to legalize marijuana.

* Unless it’s set to military time.

Gun Porn

Oh, bother.

Walther Toggle-Locked Semiauto Shotgun

April 19, 2018

Bump stock stuff

Final Comments On Bump Stock Device Rulemaking, Federal Register Number 2018-06292

Slidefire is apparently concerned as their website says:

ALL SALES FINAL On Sunday, May 20, 2018 at midnight CDT, Slide Fire will cease taking orders for its products and shut down its website. Orders placed prior to May 20th, 2018 will all be processed and shipped. We thank you for your support.

Gun Porn

Cool photo of a blast

Retro ARs

April 16, 2018

But narrative!

The evil gun lobby buying off politicians: Florida’s state lawmakers haven’t gotten a dime from the NRA since 2005

But Russia colluded with the NRA:

This document (also known as a letter) prompted headlines that ranged from The NRA received donations from Russian nationals to NRA discloses additional contributions from Russian donors. All of which probably sounded pretty damning to anyone who didnt read past a headline. Those who did, on the other hand, would soon learn that Russian nationals meant 23 Russian-linked individuals some of them Americans citizens living in Russia who had contributed around $2,300 total, mostly in membership dues, over three years time. Approximately $525 of that sum came from two individuals who made contributions to the NRA.


The hot brass dance

Seen on facebook:

Nobody wants to take your guns

Except a long list of people.

Rest in Peace, Gunny

R. Lee Ermey has passed away. I met him once at the NRA convention and he seemed like a great guy. I loved his TV shows and, of course, Full Metal Jacket.

We must ban pens

Flight diverted after man armed with a pen tries to take a hostage. Soon, these will be assault style pens. I have a couple and they’re great.

Virtue signaling more important than business

Dick’s is going to destroy it’s remaining inventory of “assault style rifles”, whatever those are.

Gun Porn

Review LifeCard by TrailBlazer Firearms

Mauser/Enfield Hybrid Rifle

April 12, 2018

Zuck you

So, I caught part of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony or whatever at the Senate. That was embarrassing both for the senators and Zuck. For instance, when a senator asked why facebook bought instagram the answer should have been “because I can” or “none of your business”. He acquiesced to many of their bizarre calls for regulation and so forth. And was apologetic in tone. I guess he forgot they work for him.

And the senators clearly had no idea what they were talking about or how facebook worked. And this made me laugh:


9th circuit nominee

Trump has nominated someone who is anti-gun and anti-free speech. Sad.

Good news for Tennessee

One of our byzantine blue laws will go away. Soon, you can buy wine and liquor on Sundays.

I’m helping

Twitter changes gun emoji to water gun.

Gun Porn


April 11, 2018

Where Great Britain Used To Be

The mayor of London is now looking at knife control. No, really.

This is pathetic:

As is this:

Is it more sad that this is policy or that the police seems proud of themselves for taking away a God damned butter-knife?

The future is stupid.


I think the 17th amendment has been the most damaging thing for this country. Go read.

What’s going on in Pennsylvania?

Philly police arrest a 12 year old walking around with an AR-15.

And a school system in the state is giving teachers tiny baseball bats to deal with school shootings.

Controlling the money

Apparently, Bloomberg’s cronies are telling banks not to business with the gun business. Bank of America caved.

Stop touching it

Well, OK:

S.C. congressman pulled a gun at a meeting about gun laws today, explaining “I’m not going to be a Gabby Giffords”

Sure, the PSH from the Moms Demand crowd is overblown. But, dude, leave the gun where it is unless you need it.

Only by disregarding SCOTUS precedent

A district judge has ruled the second amendment doesn’t apply to “assault weapons”

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Aide to gun controller De Blasio caught with a gun that had been fired. And was missing a serial number.

And some lunatic advocates hanging gun owners.

It’s a start

To deal with mass killings, punish the failures of government.