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April 18, 2019

Is the NRA in trouble?

Looks like internal squabbling is causing some issues. And there’s potential the state of New York could shut them down.

A civil rights victory


A federal court on Thursday cleared the way for an Illinois rape victim to have a gun in her public housing apartment to protect herself from further domestic violence, the latest judicial victory for Second Amendment advocates.

News you can use

How sound suppressed firearms relate to other sounds.

And how many bump stocks?

FOIA Request Confirms Zero Standard Capacity Magazines Turned In to NJ State Police

Goose egg

So, the Mueller Report has been released. You can download it here. About the only thing in it I found interesting was that one of the Russian trolls was supporting Bernie Sanders. Otherwise, nothing particularly new or noteworthy. A big “meh”.

Gun Porn

Mini nugget in 22LR

April 16, 2019

No Kaboom for you

I’m actually kind of impressed at this:

March NICS data

I guess those tax returns helped.

Not sure what to make of it

The NRA is suing it’s marketing firm.

Life in the future

Here’s a picture of a black hole.

Sometimes, the future isn’t stupid.

No matter the progress, it will never be enough

America Has Never Been Less Racist

But your caliber sucks


We can get that terminal performance of a 9mm projectile pretty much up on par with that of a .40, up on par with that of a .45. Dont get sidetracked by the caliber. Buy the best projectile you possibly can and shoot the caliber that you are good with. And then the thing that overrides all of them, it has to work. Its got to be reliable.

They know they’ll lose

NYC has gotten rid of some dumb gun regulation because they don’t want SCOTUS to hear the case.

Going back to Cali

During the week long stay, Californians bought over a million magazines.

Gun Porn

Pointy stabby

April 08, 2019

Supreme court rejects bump stock stay

And here’s what you need to know about that if you own one.

Coal powered cars

EVs are carbon intensive.

Don’t go moloning any labe


It’s soon going to become more likely with red flag laws and bump stock shenanigans.


From 130 years ago


Californians Flood Gun Stores When Magazine Ban Is Lifted For One Week

Sadly, lifting the ban ended Friday.

Win gun stuff on the internet

Right here

April 05, 2019

Well played

Magpul Begins Shipping All Magazines to California Customers

So they can lie

Why doesn’t the FBI videotape their interviews?

The party of smaller government

My state senator wants to ban phone calls while driving. Idiot.

Ted Cruz caves on red flag laws.

Gun Porn

Well, that’s fugly.

April 03, 2019

I agree with this assessment

Greatest innovation to happen to the modern AR-15 and its variants?

Red dots are great but not to great on a carrying handle.

The Army’s new subgun

The B&T APC9K. I’m surprised Sig wasn’t in the running with some sort of subbie that took mags compatible with the P320.


Terrorism wins in New Zealand.

Gun Porn

CMMG Mk57 Banshee in 5.7x28mm

April 02, 2019


Police report only one bump stock has been turned in.