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June 18, 2018

Speaking of New Jersey

But of course: NJ governor sees guns, not shooter’s early prison release, as the problem

The Hillary Blame Game

This time, it’s the gun lobby that cost her the election. Odd how it’s always someone else’s fault.

And I wish she’d do the world a favor and just go away.

Lock your doors

Tennessee State Troopers keep getting their guns stolen.

The more we learn about the Parkland shooting

The more we learn that it was not prevented by government who should have.

The Trumpening

Trump issued 3 executive orders that make it easier to fire bad federal employees. Bonus points for swipes at unions.

And Trump is serious about prison reform. Good.


22 injured, suspect killed in Trenton arts festival shooting

This could not have happened since New Jersey has all the gun control. Heck, they recently just passed even more.

Moms Demand Something or Another was there.

This shooting doesn’t fit the narrative and will not be covered.

And these are the people tech companies use to monitor speech

The SPLC has to $3M to a guy they labeled an anti-Muslim extremist. He also happens to be Muslim.

Five Years

That’s how old the IRS scandal turned today. Nothing of significance has been done other than Lerner quitting.

Gun Porn


Franchi LAW12

June 13, 2018


The Second Amendment Foundation is at it again:

A circuit court judge in Lake County, Illinois has granted an injunction against the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, blocking the village from enforcing a ban on so-called assault weapons, and handing a victory to the Second Amendment Foundation.

That’s very good news.


New Jersey is not ground zero in the gun control debate. It’s a lost cause barring any sea-change in the electorate. But they’re passing more dumb laws that won’t accomplish anything other than jailing the otherwise law-abiding.

Like you and me, only better

TN recently passed a law that allows county commissioners to carry guns at commission meetings. But not you regular people.

This is how you government

Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through May; Still Run $532.2B Deficit

In other news, simplifying and lowering taxes generates record revenue.

But who will build the roads?

That’s a common attempt at a come back when someone is arguing with a libertarian. Seems they think that no one would want to build roads on their own and charge for their usage. Just like the free market wouldn’t figure out that planes flying in the same path is a bad idea. I’m digressing again.

Apparently, Domino’s pizza will repair potholes because they’re ruining their pizzas.

News some of you may use

Ruger’s recalled the MARK IV. Apparently, it can get all shooty when you don’t want it to.

The Trumpening

It’s estimated that the cost of tax compliance in the US is $24.4 billion (20 for individuals and 4.4 for businesses). And hundreds of millions of hours of time. Think of what would be done if that time and money was put into something productive. But I digress.

Since the tax code was recently simplified, the tax preparers aren’t doing so well:

The tax overhaul is expected to sharply reduce the number of Americans who tend to have more complicated returns because they itemize their deductions. Thats because the law doubles the standard deduction to $12,000 for single filers and $24,000 for couples, while also eliminating or limiting deductions. Employees can no longer deduct unreimbursed work expenses, such as union dues, travel expenses, and home offices. Deductions for state and local taxes are capped at $10,000.

Now, if we could reduce the tax code . . .

A new MRDS from Aimpoint

The ACRO looks different. And it looks sturdy. I have an RMR and it’s tough as nails but doesn’t look it.

Gun Porn

A Look Back at the Smith & Wesson Model 19

June 12, 2018

Assault snake

From The City (My The City):

Kennon Trey Fitzgerald, 22, was charged with public intoxication after police said they responded to a report of a man threatening people with a snake at Maryville Billiards on E. Broadway Avenue in Maryville.

Well, OK.

Being evil

Google expanding list of gun terms not allowed in adwords, including grips, scopes, and sights.

Someone finally did it

A chainsaw attachment for the AR:


THE STAGES OF 1911 OWNERSHIP. I just put mine in the safe because I still like shooting it on occasion.

This is why off body carry isn’t so great

Sure, sometimes it’s necessary but bear with me.

Basically, good guy with a gun ran off a knife attacker. But this is where it’s not good:

Police said Hill approached Reardon, who was sitting in a pickup truck in front of Supercuts hair salon, and pulled a knife on him, cutting Reardon on the hands and legs.

After I started blocking his cuts with the knife, I called her, because she was walking away; called her back, Reardon said of alerting his wife to the attack. At the time when I called her, I reached in between my glove box and my console, between my seats, reached down and got my weapon and brandished it for him. He was like, Dont shoot me. I was like, ‘Then get out of here.’

It ended OK but would have been better and quicker if he had his heater on him. And you do know how to draw from a car right? In case you don’t, go watch.

Gun Porn

Bullpup Stocks for Hi-Points. Ok. But why?

5 Curious Guns

June 11, 2018

Higher education

A Masters Degree in Laying Sod. I put it in a lot of sod and landscaping. I’m pretty sure my guy doesn’t have a Masters Degree.

The Trumpening

Good: Trump Endorses Marijuana Federalism Bill

Always be hoarding

Lots of good stuff here:

If I see a sale on Glock magazines, its almost impossible to not reflexively throw one in the basket. You know, just in case. My hindbrain remembers when those things were scarce, and it doesnt intend to get caught short again.

I typically buy in bulk when someone has them on sale. I’ve gotten 10 P-Mags for $89 before. And if I’m in a gun shop, I’ll buy a P-Mag, if nothing else, at least so the guys behind the counter know that I will spend money. I don’t know how many is enough* but I don’t like spending range time reloading. For my collection of M&P9s, I have 31 magazines. For my AR-15s, I have roughly 75 P-Mags (I keep finding them in range bags and stuff). But those are the business guns. The fun guns, like the 22LRs, I have about 5 per gun.

* Yeah, I do. It’s more.

Probably because, even in this incoherent rant, you’re still asking men for permission

And you’re a bigot: Why can’t we hate men?

Shut up, sugar tits.

A more sensible woman weighs in.

And not one reference to 1911s or AKs?

15 reasons no one takes your opinion about firearms seriously

Places with more enlightened gun laws

Masked gunman shoots victim point-blank on residential Yorkshire street as violent crime spree spreads

38 shot 9 fatally in weekend gun violence across Chicago