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March 03, 2015

Court denies stay in Mance

Reports David Hardy

How many water balloons does it take to stop a bullet?

I, terrorist

The 72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

Hmm, something is missing.

Pretty cool idea

Ms. Clean the magazine shaped AR-15 cleaning kit.


Let’s hip fire a 20mm gun:

Can you glue your AK closed?

Well, OK

Constitutional scholar

Obama “Very Interested” In Raising Taxes Through Executive Action

And what about the states that have it?

The WaPo is clutching its pearls because constitutional carry is on the rise. Do the states that already have it show an increase in crime?

Gun Porn

M1907/12 Schwarzlose HMG

Teenager with metal detector finds IRA weapons

March 02, 2015

Live free or there

In Massachusetts:

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts rules that a stun gun is a “dangerous and unusual” weapons, and thus not protected by the Second Amendment, so banning them is fine.

Given that police are issued tasers, I’d say that qualifies as “in common use”

Non gun deaths

Murders not involving a gun are A-OK

The second amendment is necessary now

Well, yeah. While there may not be an existential threat, we’re better off having the 2A in case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.


Federal Court Tosses Challenge To Gun Safety Law Requiring New Firearms Mark Bullets

You spelled control wrong.

Also: Messages seeking comment from the plaintiffs’ attorney, sent at 9:20 pm his time on a Friday, to comment on a court decision announced midday Thursday, were not immediately returned.


Over at TFB is a write up on a dry fire option for your computer. Looks pretty neat. But pricey.

Also, there is HomeLESS, which is free. Anyone try it?

In Russia

Pre-schoolers get education on weapons

Rule 5

Do not try to catch a dropped gun

Gun Porn

I built an AR-15 in my kitchen

March 01, 2015

Safe Draw passive safety for Glock

Here’s their site. I don’t see a need for one but if you’re fond of heavy first trigger pulls, I guess it might work for you:

Civil rights victory

Judge tosses possession case against felon.

More is better

Preparedness: Magazines.

Personally, I like the PMags from Magpul.

In local news

A local restaurant that made national headlines for welcoming gun owners has closed. The owner cites taxes, permits and general bureaucracy.

As a small business owner myself, I can attest to the expense, hassle and general pain in the ass that permits, licensing and taxes on my bottom line and on my time. Time and money better spent running the business.

Gun control fails in Vermont

Sad, sad pandas

Never really heard of Limbaugh chiming in on guns

Until now:

[Obama] wants to take guns out of everybody’s hands and if he can’t do that, he’s going to take the bullets that go in the guns out of everybody’s hands.

Jesus wept


How about a Chrome extension that verifies that “you must be at least this smart to hit a publish button”?

Putting teeth in Heller’s promise

By superman himself, Alan Gura.

Who was that masked man?

Cooper nailed it. ISIS fighters wear masks too.

It’s about control

Not just guns. This time, it’s drone control:

Right from the beginning of the article, DHS and FAA held a “conference was open to civilians, but explicitly closed to the press. One attendee described it as an eye-opener.” When one of those attendees (who runs a small drone shop) posted a picture and notes from the conference, DHS asked him to take it down (he complied).
Then we get to the meat of the issue – that a drone manufacturer unilaterally chose to add all of DC to their drones’ internal “no-fly” map. First, of course, that their drones have a “no-fly” map in the first place, and secondly, that “DJI is preparing an update that will increase the number of airport no fly zones from 710 to 10,000,

My nephews are into the hobby so I’ve been made aware of the various government attempts at regulating it. More disheartening is that, at the age of 13, my nephews are realizing that non-elected busybody bureaucrats can directly impact their lives.

But they have all that gun control

Mass shooting in South Korea. Make that two.

Good thing they have all that strict gun control there:

When news of frequent shooting incidents comes out of the United States, Koreans let out a small sigh of relief for living in a place where gun ownership is strictly illegal.

Military service for Korean men is mandatory, but that is probably the only time a regular civilian will have a chance to hold a gun.

Speaking of moms demand

Shannon Watts’ daughter attends a school that allows concealed carry


The ILA notes that Moms Demand may be lying about their numbers. Even when lying, they don’t have the numbers NRA does.


Brady and MAIG and VPC weren’t much better, but through repetition we trained the public to know what they are. Gun Banning groups. I don’t wanna have to retrain everyone again.

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