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June 29, 2016

Well, if they could do math

They wouldn’t be journalists.

Burying the lede

So, there’s a Kel-Tec RDB in 6.5 Grendel?

TN pro gun laws going into effect 7/1

The NRA has a list.

Shooting an Arby’s burger with a Deagle

Well, they worked for Deadpool:

And this is what I fear

The jihadists who attacked Turkey’s airport acted “like special forces”. They were coordinated but I’m not really relying on a news outlet to make appropriate comparisons to special forces. And they were organized.

Obviously, there are some tea-partying, Republican NRA members to blame for this.

Meanwhile. “journalism” is trying to find a pattern to recent terror attacks. Hmm, I’ll give you clue. Jihadists. And remember when we secured areas before entry into airports. Yeah, now they’re blowing up people at those entries.

Schools are becoming the problem

A kid supposedly says something racist. The school calls the cops. That’s kind of a school or parental issue. Not a criminal one.

A little disappointing

The NRA’s first campaign ad is Benghazi:

Yeah, I know Benghazi was a cluster of epic proportions. But you’re the NRA. Stick to guns.

Gun Porn

Nighthawk Kestrel

Monocore Suppressor Design

June 27, 2016

Supreme court gun case

Rules those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence can be prohibited from owning guns.

Customer service

While at the NRA annual meeting, I checked out the Apex Tactical booth. Paul said he’d send me some goodies. Sure enough, a bit later I received in the mail a Duty/Carry Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger & Kit for the M&P shield and a Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit with a flat-faced trigger for a M&P full size.

I installed the Shield kit with no problem, though it took a bit of time and patience. However, installing the full-sized parts, I managed to launch the sear spring plunger into the abyss. I called Apex and they’re sending me a replacement. Sweet. Soon, I can assemble these parts back into RACEGUN:


What could possibly go wrong?

A helmet that’s also a flamethrower:

Oh, internet

HIT MAN: A Technical Manual For Independent Contractors. I’ve actually read that book. I think it might be the earliest documented case of derp. And, it turns out, the book was a fraud, the publisher commissioned to a housewife to write. It wound up in a lawsuit after someone killed someone and the killer had a copy of this book.

Ronald McDonald shot at Sonic

Well, OK. Also, his parents are kind of assholes for naming him that.

Someone needs to fact check the talking points

A bit back Obama referred to a Glock with “a lot of clips in it”.

Now, noted gun expert James Carville:

I was in the Marine Corps. I have guns. I grew up rural. Why do I need a 40-clip magazine?

A marine would know that’s not how it works.

Gun salesman of the century

Just under 53K guns sold per day under Obama. But gun ownership is on the decline, they tell me. And if Obama really wants fewer guns on the street, he should resign.

Assault weapon v. assault rifle

One exists and the other is made up construct created by gun grabbers to make common guns sound scary. While I appreciate the effort at attempting to explain this to the media, my guess is they won’t listen. And if they do, they won’t care. Because narrative.

Only the police should have guns

Bay Area police have lost 944 guns since 2010

Gun Porn

Photos Of OSS Suppressors Allegedly Failing DOD Tests

Range pics

June 24, 2016

Where Great Britain Used To Be

Make Britain great again!

I could seriously not care less about Brexit. But, hey, the jokes compel me.

Because everybody has a SWAT team

There Are Now More Bureaucrats With Guns Than U.S. Marines

#GunCog: I like it

A new term for behavior common in gun control advocates.

But she’s just a regular person and a mom

Quite the correction issued by NPR about Moms Demand Shannon Watts. It’s like she’s a paid lobbyist or something.

“extra missiles back here”

Reporter shoots gun for the first time:


Gun Porn

Triple barreled bullpup.

June 23, 2016

Like you and me, only better

Charlie Rangel says the law-abiding residents shouldn’t own guns. But, you know, he says that he and his fellow congressweasels “deserve” and “need” armed guard to protect them.

The poor snowflakes got out of their safe space

Guilty of wrong think: Professors investigated for presenting opposing viewpoints

Ghost Gunner 2

A new model from Defense Distributed to make AR lowers. FOR THE AR-15
No prior CNC experience required

Grass eater

So, she’s afraid that a bicycle tire popped, thinking it was a gun. So, we must ban guns.

Because it is spam

People claim that google is classifying Trump emails as spam. And it’s because of me. Well, me and people like me. See, I started getting unsolicited emails from the Trump campaign. Probably because some group, forum, industry thing has sold my information. And I marked it as spam. I’m sure others did too. And google, I would think, would pick up on a significant number of people marking unwanted email as spam.

“Put down your gun so I can shoot you”

That encapsulates it all rather nicely. More from Scott Adams.

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