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August 26, 2014

I’m as gun nut as you get and if you don’t believe me I’ll shoot you

But let’s stop handing small kids full auto guns:

A 9-year-old girl accidentally killed an Arizona shooting instructor as he was showing her how to use an automatic Uzi, authorities said Tuesday.


Vacca was standing next to the girl at the Last Stop outdoor shooting range in White Hills when she pulled the trigger and the recoil sent the gun over her head, investigators said.

I’ve taught many a kid to shoot. No way I’d hand them a gun with a happy switch. If they got to that point, you crouch behind them and make certain you have control of the gun too.

Or you could teach them to keep their booger hooks off the bang switches

NYPD brass tells cops to stop carrying Kahrs off duty because their officers suck at gun safety and handling err because it has a light trigger pull.


A database to “detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.”

America, fuck no.


So, here’s some operating operators operating operationally all decked out in ninja gear pointing their wiz-bang tactical ARs at a guy. Carrying an umbrella.

Second amendment grounds

Ban on guns in parking lots where alcohol is sold struck down.

It’s funny when bigots call you a bigot


The descriptive language doesn’t leave much doubt about whom they’re so afraid of, does it? Let’s just say that very few of those killers are likely to be big Toby Keith fans.

In Cali

Phones must have kill switches.

Hey, let’s take a website idea and make one for guns is like kickstarter for guns. Odd that so many successful websites seem gun unfriendly. One would think they’d figure it out by now.

Gun Porn

Yep, the old guns still shoot

U22 Neos

Transferable FG-42 at RIA

August 25, 2014

Quote of the Day

Mad Saint Jack on the book face:

Maybe we should militarize our military bases


But gun control works

In China, homemade semi-automatics where guns are banned.

Not applicable to AKs

How to use an AR-15 forward grip

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Moms Demand Action supporters advocate SWATting and also destruction of property.

A right delayed is a right denied

In Cali, some arbitrary number of days waiting period was struck down. If it can be 10, why not 1,000?


Chicago crime rate drops as concealed carry applications surge : City sees fewer homicides, robberies, burglaries, car thefts as Illinois residents take arms

Steel target testing

From Joe. BTW, thanks for all the suggestions and tips on my steel target bleg. Probably pick some up soon. When it’s not 11,000 degrees outside.

Gun Porn

Thumb-Safety Glock. Yeah, they made at least one.


And here’s a GSG Mp40 with a fun switch:

August 24, 2014

Let the games begin

So, Moms Demand Action is operating in The City (My The City):

Their main mission involves seeking mandatory background checks, clip-size regulations and nixing open-carry gun laws.

Supporters and members of a national organization called “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” met in Blount County Saturday for a cookout which coincided with nearly two dozen others nationwide.

The organization’s presence in East Tennessee is fairly new. Knoxville resident Ken Libby said he became an ambassador for the organization last November to help spread support and membership in the area. David Twiggs, of Lenoir City, said while chapters of the organization already existed in West and Middle Tennessee, there wasn’t a presence in the eastern part of the state until Libby became involved.

Saturday’s hamburger and hotdog cookout — dubbed “Grilling for Gun Sense” — took place at Pearson Springs Park in Maryville. It was just the group’s third get-together and drew about a dozen people, Libby said. The cookouts were intended to help reach voters and educate them on the organization’s goals.

Of course, no one knew of the cookout in advance because we know how that would have gone. Anyway, I now have a local group to discredit ad embarrass. And, of course, they lie:

Libby explained that Moms Demand Action was instrumental in getting several nation-wide retailers, including Starbuck’s and Target, to stop allowing customers to openly carry guns into their businesses.

Except that never actually happened.

Silencer Science

Another listicle


21 AUG Some Sheriffs may not enforce the SAFE Act

The law is an ass

Rick Perry can’t carry concealed weapons after indictment

Reports the NY Post:

A felony indictment for abuse of power will hit Texas Governor Rick Perry, an avowed gun enthusiast, where it hurts – by curtailing some of his rights to bear firearms.

Perry, a possible candidate in the 2016 Republican presidential race, has sought the spotlight since his indictment last week, holding news conferences to denounce the charges as politically motivated and turning his booking into a campaign-style event where he spoke to cheering supporters.

Under state law, Perry, a staunch supporter of gun rights who said he shot a coyote to death with a pistol while jogging in Austin in 2010, is no longer allowed a license to carry a concealed handgun because of the indictment.

He’s not a convicted felon. Just someone that someone else decided to be indicted. Of course, the charges against him are utter bullshit. But that doesn’t matter.


Bullet shaped gun cleaning kit:


Via John.

Charges dropped against man who took advice from Noted Gun Expert Joe Biden


A prosecutor says he’ll dismiss a firearms charge against a man who contends he was following the advice of Vice President Joe Biden when he fired a shotgun in the air to chase off intruders.

Jeffrey C. Barton had been scheduled for trial next week on the misdemeanor, The Columbian reported.

Barton will instead face a charge of obstructing a police officer, Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik said Tuesday.

Barton, 53, acknowledges firing the gun in July 2013 to chase away three men who appeared to be breaking into his vehicles in Vancouver.

He planned the so-called “Biden defense,” based on a statement the vice president made in February 2013 that people don’t need automatic weapons because shooting a shotgun in the air would scare off intruders.

Golik doubts a jury would be persuaded beyond a reasonable doubt that Barton violated the law.

“A person, even in a no-shooting zone, still has the right to defend their person or their property,” Golik said. “In this case, based on the facts, there is a reasonable argument that Mr. Barton may have been defending his person and property when he fired in the air.”

I’d rather Biden have been called to testify.

What constitutes a major weapons bust in Canada


Story here.

The most busted name in news

Don Lemon says guns are automatic because he says they are. Or something:

Not surprising

DC to appeal carry case

Going after Bloomy

The NRA will target Bloomberg with ad campaign:

The National Rifle Association this week is launching an ad campaign targeting former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has pledged to spend up to $50 million to boost candidates who back gun control initiatives this year.

“Michael Bloomberg has declared war on the NRA and our five million members. We will not sit back and let him use his billions of dollars to impose his radical anti-freedom agenda on the American people,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

“Liberals call this ‘flyover country’ — it’s an insult,” the narrator says in a television ad titled “Insult” as the camera pans over rolling plains. “But nobody insults your life like this guy — Michael Bloomberg: Billionaire, elitist, hypocrite.”

Obama orders review of police militarization

Reports CNN:

As debates swirl about the “militarization of police,” President Barack Obama has ordered a review of programs enabling state and local law enforcement to buy military equipment, a senior administration official said Saturday.

The decision follows public criticism of the recent use of such assets — including armored vehicles, high-tech weaponry and stun grenades — in Ferguson, Missouri, where police have faced off with protesters ever since the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown.

Ferguson stuff

No cracked eye socket.

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