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March 22, 2017

Time away

Off on a little break. Camping. A big storm came in and almost took out the car. 

Now for some R&R. 

Back in a few days. 

March 16, 2017

Renewing your carry permit in DC

You may remember Emily Miller and her quest to obtain a permit to carry a firearm in DC. She got it. Well, now it’s time to renew and DC has made that process about as onerous as the original permit process. From her facebook page:

It’s been two years since I got a gun carry permit in DC. It expires and I have to apply to renew it. To do that, I have to pay for a four hour safety class and two hours range course – from one of the Washington Metropolitan Police Dept. certified civilian instructors. I also have to prove my life is still in danger. Oh and pay $70 in fees. And then the police chief decides if he will renew my permit. The The Council of the District of Columbia came up with this law, and it just is not constitutional!!

Not just one but two . . .


Mistaking ammo for blanks

Last year, a woman was killed during a training demonstration by the police. Turns out the reason for this was that the officer involved mistook wadcutter ammunition for blanks.

Well, that seems pointless

A two inch barrel AR-15:

Not certain what the point is other than BECAUSE I FUCKING CAN. But seeing the bullet sticking out of the end of the barrel is one of the strangest loaded chamber indicators I’ve come across. And it looks to me like dude wasn’t wearing ears. I thought a 10 inch barrel was too loud. I can’t imagine what that would sound like next to my head.

One step forward one step back

I think it’s cool that Trump is proposing eliminating funding for froufrou largesse from the budget. But adding that right back to military and defense isn’t really a net gain for the people.

Gun Porn

Warner Precision. That is sexy.

March 15, 2017

Suppressors from Where Great Britain Used To Be

In the UK, you can pretty much buy suppressors like buying gun in the US. Seriously, you can just hop right on the internet and order them for air guns and shotguns. There are a few restrictions for firearms suppressors, such as having a certificate to own a firearm.

Well, a Tennessee man decided to purchase some and take them back home:

A Murfreesboro man is being convicted by a federal jury for smuggling gun silencers into the United States that he purchased while traveling in England. Nashville prosecutors say 50-year-old Paul Gratton purchased six silencers from a firearms dealer in Sheffield.

Gratton shipped some of the firearm parts to the U.S, while he carried the other parts in a checked bag on his flight back to Tennessee. Authorities revealed that none of the silencers had serial numbers. However law enforcement was able to retain the silencers from Gratton’s home after receiving a search warrant.

I often use the line “Where Great Britain Used To Be” to make fun of England’s ridiculous nanny state laws. But they have better laws when it comes to suppressors than the supposedly “gun crazy” United States.

For marketing the hearing protection act, we should start doing like the Brits do and call silencers “sound moderators”. Sounds so much less intimidating, no?

Worth watching

I’d seen this before but I guess I didn’t bookmark it. But Tom Givens explains the wobble zone.

The M&P 2.0’s new slide top

Here’s the patent for it. If I read that correctly, it’s designed to keep insertion of the magazine from moving the slide forward, which is what a gun should do. I have a few of the M&P, err, 1.0s. And I have two that never do that. And one that reliably will do it if you slam the magazine in hard.

Then why do they call them silencers?

Gabby Giffords brings the dumb:

She seems confused as to what a fact is. And, for your safety, we should remove mufflers from cars and make everyone drive with ear plugs.

A good start

Trump announces review of emissions rules, with an eye toward eliminating some.

The most transparent administration in history

Spent almost $40M defending denying Freedom of Information Act requests.

Gun Porn

Starting a Wilson 2K round test.

March 14, 2017

Rapid Additively Manufactured Ballistics Ordnance: RAMBO

The US Army has developed a grenade launcher. And a grenade. Both made by 3D printers:

Researchers at the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) successfully fired the first grenade created with a 3-D printer from a grenade launcher that was produced the same way. This demonstration shows that additive manufacturing (commonly known as 3-D printing) has a potential future in weapon prototype development, which could allow engineers to provide munitions to Soldiers more quickly.

And they get points for the name.

There is definitely a dearth of good holster makers for my guns

And the ones that there are take a long time to get. Tam on why quality holsters cost more.

I think I’m on week four waiting on my JMCK AIWB holster for a Sig P229. I figure if I’m going to try this AIWB thing, I’d start with a DA/SA gun. As Todd intended. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve read he did.

As with most things gun, the adage sticks: Buy once, cry once.

Where Great Britain Used To Be

A bit of common sense broke out: An 83-year-old farmer who shot a convicted burglar on his land has been cleared of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Capitalism interprets regulations as damage and routes around it

Or just opens up a new market: California legal

Keep your finger off the trigger

It’s fortunate that it takes breaking two of the rules of firearms safety to really foul up your day:

He didn’t even break his stride in his speech. Just kept right on going.


MArooned is 10

Happy birthday. He’s no longer MArooned. And he boogered up the barrel of his Bushhamster.

Or at least not carry them

Some people should not own guns. The irony of the shirt.

I had a similar experience once but his shirt was more of the sheepdog/spartan/warrior something or other. It ended when he decided to argue with security personnel at a casino who were serious about their no guns policy.

Apex Trigger for Sig 320s

Reduces weight by 2 pounds. I’m guessing the aftermarket parts for the 320s are going to expand with the Army’s adoption of them.

Gun Porn

NJT’s 1911. He’s not feeling well.

Sunday Smith

March 13, 2017

Underwear blogging

Seven years ago, I mentioned that I was switching to ExOfficio underoos. Before that, I would buy the Hanes or whatever brand of boxer briefs at the local merchant and within a month, the elastic in the legs would wear out on them. I’ve now been wearing and blogging aboutwearing and blogging abou ExOfficios for seven years. And just this past weekend, I threw the first pair away. After 7 years, the elastic in the legs on them finally wore out. Elastic around waist is still good. I figured I got my money’s worth. You can buy them here.

Your gun does not suck

Tam on Glock v. M&P:

If one really sings to you, buy it, but you’re kidding yourself if you think there are vast differences in performance waiting to be unlocked in one versus another.

Yup. I concur.

Life in the future


The internet, in the end, was not designed to give people the information they need. It gives people the information they want.

Internet echo chambers all the way down.

The future is stupid.

News you can use

Barrel Length, Twist Rate and Subsonic Bullet Myths


Dave Kopel: Second Amendment may be restored on Army Corps of Engineers land

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Et tu, Snoop?

Not necessarily violent, but definitely criminal: Former anti-gun mayor pleads to dealing meth.

Gun Porn

Sig X Carry and M&P 2.0

Kimber K6s

Jefferson Davis and His Kerr Revolver

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