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The reason is on your TeeVee

The year gun control died.
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5 Responses to “The reason is on your TeeVee”

  1. Glenn Leger Says:

    Off topic, but I’m glad to see you coming back, hope things are getting better for you.

  2. Huck Says:

    Welcome back Uncle!

    With these dippy mayors and city council clowns threatening to disband/defund (one and the same) their PDs, folks are going to see that gun control is not going to help them in any way. IMHO, sales of guns and ammo is going to skyrocket a lot higher than it’s ever been.

  3. Mike Says:

    HEY!! You’re back!! Really glad to see it. My family and I have been keep you and yours in our prayers regularly.

    Glad to see you posting again.


  4. Dave Says:

    Oh, I’m sure that they’ll figure out a way to negatively tie us and our gun rights in to the riots. They let it continue to happen, and ran cover for it.
    It’ll somehow be a justification for gun control. I expect those kind of opinion columns to come out right around the same time the ones decrying the lack of businesses serving the areas the rioters messed up.

  5. Kevin Baker Says:

    Like a zombie, it’ll be back.

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