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Keep calm and wash your hands

I’m disappointed at the lack of zombies.

Everyone is freaking the fuck out over an enhanced cold. We did the online ordering of groceries for pick up. They called to say they were several hours behind because of the crowd.

Everyone, calm the hell down. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. And if you can

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, stay home. You very probably already have a few weeks of food in your house. Use that.

We’ve been through worse (swine flu and regular flu). Granted, this is only the early stages and that does not mean it will not be worse. But so far, it’s not.

Do not misunderstand, this is a serious thing and act accordingly. But it’s not time to panic.

Anyhoo, I’ll be out of pocket for a bit. You guys be safe.

Laughs in been prepping for years.

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23 Responses to “Keep calm and wash your hands”

  1. Tim Says:

    Plus, I have been told, anecdotally, that the intertubes is chock-full-O’ really nice pr0n. Can’t say I’ve ever looked, myself, but may have to check it out.

  2. Phelps Says:

    Swine Flu and Regular Flu are not worse. This is more communicable and a significantly higher mortality rate. It’s not black plague, but it’s not Just the Flu Brah.

    That said, it reminded me to get some gamma lids for when I crack into my buckets. Otherwise I was already set.

  3. Paul Says:

    Get a grip folks. They did a study on the ones infected on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship (Fox News.) Because of the quarantine everyone was tested and watched. All cases, mild or severe, were noted. None missed!! Lots of older people on those ships!

    So what was the upshot??? .5 PERCENT DEATH RATE!! Yes that is 1/2 of one percent death rate!!

    Yes we treat it as a huge crisis… but it isn’t.

    Git a grip.

  4. B Says:

    Sadly, many folks don’t have “A few weeks of food”… many only have 2-3 days.

    Folks like you and I move that average to 5 days…which is actually the real national average.

  5. HL Says:

    Happy Baktun, everyone!

  6. Eric Wilner Says:

    We’re reasonably well set for supplies, though if we’d managed to get ourselves moved in August instead of the end of December we would have had more storage set up (including a decent-sized freezer) and more supplies laid in. As long as the utilities continue to operate, we can hunker down for a couple of months or so and eat reasonably well; in reality, I expect we’ll be able to get additional shelf-stable supplies delivered on an ongoing basis.
    Alas, none of the grocery stores currently deliver out here, so no fresh foods unless someone ventures into town for a pickup. (By summer, we should be getting fresh produce from the victory garden, but by that time I hope things in the outside world will be back to normal.)
    Anyway, we’re being extra-careful to keep the virus away from my aging father; with his age and medical issues, this particular bug is Very Bad News.

  7. Huck Says:

    Folks here in SW Wyoming have been going bonkers about… Rubbing Alcohol. The shelves are bare because people have been buying it by the case and hoarding it. I wonder what those folks are going to think when this bug blows over and they have 7 cases of rubbing alcohol?

    I only want one ‘lil bottle because I use it to remove sticky stuff from windows mirrors and counter tops.

  8. Eric Wilner Says:

    Huck: I bought a case (16 quart bottles) of 99% isopropyl alcohol on Amazon. Not sure how much I’ll want as disinfectant, but I normally go through a couple of quarts a year cleaning circuit boards, and once things blow over I expect to be building a fair number of circuit boards the next few years.
    For those who don’t use so much flux remover, well, you can add rubbing alcohol to your windshield wiper fluid in winter as antifreeze. Or use it to pickle biological specimens.

  9. RandyGC Says:

    Proving once again the wisdom of “If you’re prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, then CHICOM Flu is just a walk in the park”.

  10. Paul Says:

    Honestly all you have to do is WEAR A MASK and you can drive anywhere. Buy anything. Do anything.

    This whole Coronapocalypse is ridiculous.

  11. Old NFO Says:

    Sigh… The MSM got their wish, they have pushed the ENTIRE country into panic mode. I’m just sitting out here in my little corner of Texas and shaking my head.

  12. Dave Says:

    MSM,well it’s what they want. It helps ratings, and it gives them another thing that scratches their TDS itch.

  13. Crawler Says:

    I ran across this today (paraphrasing):

    “The people who have been advocating for years to limit the quantities of ammunition Americans should have on hand are the same ones now hoarding 500 rolls of toilet paper.”

  14. LKP Says:

    Here in Powell, Food City has closed it’s fresh food bar for the foreseeable future. I went to Academy Sports to buy some 9mm and the ammunition section looked like a grocery store before a snow storm. Fortunately, I have an ample supply, I just wanted to top off my stock.

  15. Patrick Says:

    I was doing my regularly scheduled Costco run last Thursday when the MD Governor closed all schools until the end of the month. Store got hella busy in a few minutes, with two lines almost 100 deep each.

    There was no panic or stress. Everyone was polite and calm, and nobody was hoarding anything. People said they were not expecting a lock-down order but were gathering last-minute stuff just in case. The biggest fear was being stuck home with bored kids.

    A definite ‘meh’ for the start of the Zombie Apocalypse.

  16. mikee Says:

    I’m married to a pediatrician, who gets sneezed on by snotty kids and their parents every day all day at work. Her nurses are buying up cheap airling tickets to go on vacations, because compared to their clinic workplace, anywhere else on earth is relatively germ free.

  17. Paul Says:

    Gonna go fishing today. Sure like those gas prices!!! And my IRA? Yea it went down but since I only get a little bit out of it each month they will keep my stocks and when the market goes back up… so will it.

    Sure wish I had $100,000 to buy stock when it hits bottom.. could make that $500,000 in a year when it goes up. Oh well…

    Fish and go to the gun range.. live is grand!

  18. tincankilla Says:

    the problem isn’t the bug, necessarily. we’re almost all going to get it and – frankly – i think my wife and I already had it (currently week 7 with her diagnosed with walking pnuemonia).

    The problem is you old farts getting unplugged from a ventilator when we reach surge capacity and some dumb 25 year old who went out drinking shows up demanding care.

  19. Jim Says:

    Apparently the big box grocers and the yuppie stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole foods are where the run on food is taking place. I went to our local Food Lion yesterday to pick up a few things, and the store was fully stocked on every aisle except paper products. Store was busy but not crowded, and did not see a single cart that looked like anyone was panic buying. Lines at the cashier were normal.

  20. Unlicensed Bozo Says:

    Per Lack of Zombies.

    Just wait. When they close the highways and people (homeless, crackheads) can’t get drugs, watch out. They’ll come out of the wood work.

  21. Will Says:


    Seems a lot of drugs (legal and illegal) use precursors made in China. Mexico and other Southern countries aren’t getting the ones needed to make or modify the illegal ones they ship here. So, there is a severe lack of drugs for the gangs to sell, and I suspect this will only get worse.

  22. Ron W Says:

    Yep, do the standard precautions–as always.

    And…ENHANCE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. This is mostly omitted by officialdom and media since they limit themselves to only medical experts who are not trained in health. Get outside, especially when it’s sunny, stay well hydrated, eat healthy and SUPPLEMENT daily with Vitamin C (1000-2000 mg), Vitamin D (5000 I.U.’s) Magnesium (3-400 mg, a typically deficient mineral) Zinc 50 mg, Iodine, also deficient often as Kelp tablets or capsules.

  23. Ron W Says:

    @Will, speaking of Me’ico, according to the media maps showing Corinavirus hotspots, Me’ico looks pretty clear. However, TB and Whooping Cough come from there and have been, but the media or officialdom don’t seem to care. That would be “xenophobic”.

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