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Ruger LCP 22LR

A look over at LuckyGunner. I’m sort of torn on this one. Given its size relative to the LCP 380, I’d weigh the caliber a bit. On the other, in 22LR, I don’t have to invest in another caliber. On the third hand

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, the capacity is noce.

One Response to “Ruger LCP 22LR”

  1. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    I wish someone would make a straight-walled .25 automag cartridge. Some of the new .22 magnums that are being made specifically for snub nose revolvers are surprisingly good. Perhaps not .380, but probably .32 acp good. But 22 mag is rimmed and rimfire, neither of which is particularly good for an automatic.

    If you had a hotter straight-walled center-fire .25, you could build a gun the size and weight of locked-breech .380 but with a double stack mag. So you have twice the ammo capacity, more comfortable to shoot (and therefore faster to shoot), and ok terminal performance.

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