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December 23, 2019

Happy holidays

Merry Christmas to all of you. Light blogging for the next week or so. Thanks for reading.


Virginia officials: We’re enforcing new gun laws, like it or not. Police: Umm – who exactly is ‘we’?

Another arbitrary ATF ruling

ATF gave approval for the gimmicky Franklin Armory Reformation. Now, they say “we take it back” in one of the strangest rulings I’ve read.

Speaking of impeachment

Boy, what a clown show that was. The democrats looked like incompetent boobs. The republicans fared a little better. And it was all for, apparently, nothing. Pelosi is holding the impeachment, which is a dumb move. Do what we say or won’t give you something you don’t want!

While all this is going on, congress is supposedly working on a $1.4T CR.

Trump has appointed 187 judges, meaning 1 in 4 federal judges were appointed by him.

He’s even flipping the ninth circuit.

Schrodinger’s Impeachment

Trump has been impeached. Or has he?

Update: Apparently, wordpress doesn’t like the o with 2 dots over it.

Update 2: More here.

Gettin’ Squibby With It

What happens when you fire 300 blk through a 5.56 barrel? Apparently, this:


They have all that gun control:

Chicago police are questioning a person of interest after 13 people were wounded, four of them critically, during a shooting inside a memorial gathering early Sunday in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side, authorities said.

I thought that was the point

You know, spreading the good news and all: Pope says Christians should never seek to convert unbelievers, anyone who proselytizes “is not a disciple of Jesus”

Commie pope rarely disappoints.


It used to be that socialist, communist and Nazi were considered bad things to be. Under the guise of “democratic socialism”, the word “socialism” seems to have lost that taint. Anyway, glad to see it’s becoming a dirty word again.

Once again

The XD is just not a very good gun.

Gun Porn


December 18, 2019

“But gun ownership is on decline” they lied

Forget the 300M usually bandied about. The number is now 423M.

Thanks, Obama.


Sig has some surplus M17s and they’re selling them. This would be the first time a private citizen could buy a new military gun in a long time.

An interesting read

Inside Wayne LaPierres Battle for the N.R.A.

Gun Porn

A sniper revolver

December 17, 2019

News you can use

For later reference:

He’s wrong

The attorney general in PA has ruled that 80% receivers are firearms. This is a dumb ruling and violation of law.


The 9 worst holsters

Who watches the watchmen?

I do. I really enjoyed the first season of HBO’s Watchmen. Do recommend. If you haven’t seen it, do it. If you have seen it, read this analysis of the show.

How long before the first BS study?

Congress allocated money so federal agencies could study gun violence. It’s a two decade first. Back before that, the government did this and the federal agencies were publishing obviously anti-gun studies. I suspect that will resume.

I’m going to sue them for not providing me a unicorn

The BBC: Toronto shooting victims file $114m lawsuit against Smith & Wesson

This is dumb on many of the usual levels that these suits are dumb (you know, you don’t sue the automaker for an accident). But it’s also dumb for a different reason: the technology doesn’t exist in any reliable form.

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Beretta BM59

December 16, 2019

Have We Reached Peak PSH?*

A group in NY (of course) is calling on Hasbro to stop making assault Nerf guns.

* Pants-shitting hysterics.

Yes, Virginia, there’s fuckery afoot

So, the Democrats have taken a substantial majority in VA. And, like they always do, set out to make people they don’t like illegal. And they are pushing lots of anti-gun bills. In response, over 90 counties have passed second amendment sanctuary bills.

One not terribly bright politician, when asked about said sanctuaries not enforcing the law, responded by suggesting the governor could send in the National Guard.

This is the sort of insanity that gets people killed.

A feature, not a bug

Seems Trump is having agencies that monitor land go work where the actual land is and not in DC offices. So, the bureaucrats are warning they will quit. Good. Let’s do this to all departments.

The party of smaller government

Of course: Republicans agree to massive spending bill, despite record deficits

Why, it’s like fiscally conservative is just what they are during elections.

Gun Porn

The Greatest Rifle of All Time

December 12, 2019

I can relate

VA is for haters

A politician discussing deploying the National Guard to enforce gun control. What could possibly go wrong?

They can’t get training at the anti-gun show?

Judge Discovers Gun Safety Groups Dont Offer Gun Safety Classes

Gun “safety” groups care nothing about safety. They care about banning guns. Full stop.