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March 09, 2020

Did not expect that

A 94 year old TN man, who was a guard at a concentration camp

, is being deported for war crimes.


GOA filed a red flag protection order against Chuck Schumer.

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I learned a thing or two

Stuff You Should Know About Buckshot

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Gun Porn

Vietnam War Presentation AK

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March 05, 2020

Seen on the internet

I feel sorry for Liz. This is the second time she’s had to leave a race.

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Surprising no one

Gun sales up. 63% in Virginia. In light of noted gun expert Joe Biden’s comments about going after guns

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, I expect more.


Red flag laws are dumb

Anyone can disarm anyone they like. Here’s the tale of one.

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Fancy Glocks

Or Glock compatible handguns. A lot of people seem to be getting into the business of making fancy Glocks. Except Glock.

Stop touching it

A live streamed negligent discharge.

For when you want to play The A Team

Ruger mini 14 folding stock.

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A Taurus.
March 04, 2020


Bloomberg is out. I’d imagine he’s feeling pretty small right now. He spent nearly a half a billion dollars to get trounced by an absolute idiot and a communist.

March 03, 2020

Like you and me, only better

Bloomberg responds to his hypocrisy on guns.


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, and here he is admitting that he bought congressional seats.

He’s spent a ton of money to have zero delegates.

Speaking of noted gun expert Joe Biden

He wants to appoint Bobby Francis as a gun control czar.

This guy. Remember when he said “hell, yeah we’re gonna take your AR-15? Bobby Francis has done nothing but lose over and over. Only as a democrat can you continually fail and get promoted.

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Bump stock at SCOTUS

The court denied cert for one case. Gorsuch seemed game for more:

To make matters worse, the law before us carries the possibility of criminal sanctions. And, as the government itself may have recognized in offering its disclaimer, whatever else one thinks about Chevron, it has no role to play when liberty is at stake. Under our Constitution, “[o]nly the people’s elected representatives in the legislature are authorized to ‘make an act a crime.'”

I’d tell that to the millions of bureaucrats who make up laws every day.

Noted gun expert Joe Biden

Says that half the country has died in gun violence since 2007.

There are more AR-15s in the world today than ever

Yet schools are safer.

Violent crime continues to drop.

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Carry without a permit

The TN governor wants it for the state.

A local lefty blogger quips: What is wrong with him and those who support these kinds of efforts?

This attitude fascinates me. What sort of person doesn’t first presume that people are free to do something?


There are only a few guns that one can build from the ground up using non OEM parts, notably the AR-15, 1911, Glock and 10/22s. I predict the Sig P320 will be next. Particularly in light of the fact there’s now a SIRT for them.

And I’m back

Had a minor surgical thing done and am recovering nicely. More to come.

February 27, 2020

Light blogging

Minor medical condition taken care of. Nothing to worry about. But requires a lot of couch time. Back later.

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February 25, 2020

Why do they hate diversity?

White liberals don’t much care for the pro gun movement’s outreach to minorities.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Harvey Weinstein, who said he would destroy the NRA, has been convicted of rape.

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The NRA is not the bogeyman

Bloomberg and Bernie accuse each other of being shills for the NRA. Yeah

, the NRA is not the bad guy they think they are. And people don’t think that either.

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February 24, 2020

You can’t stop their signal

On Android phones is an feature called Google Discover. Essentially

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, you swipe left and it shows news items that you might be interested in. It does this via input from you and location data and whatever metadata they have on you. If an article about something you’re interested in pops up, you can tell the app that you like stories like that. Conversely, if you are not interested in a subject, you can tell it to ignore articles about that subject. And it will.

Typically, the app will give options to ignore either the topic or the website. I have now told it to ignore items about Bernie Sanders five times, yet articles about him show up every time.

As mentioned above, it will give your the option of ignoring the website linked or the topic. Unless, in my case, the topic is Greta Thunderscold. Whenever the little wanna-be-dictator shows up, the only option is to block the website. Not the mentally-ill child with some serious issues.

We have one here

A bill in Alabama to create a database of carry permit holders.

As far as I can tell

, the one in Tennessee’s only purpose is so that politicians and pro-gun groups can solicit people, who might be friendly to their cause, for money and votes. Every election, I’ll get something from politicians telling me how pro gun they are.


The Complete List of Everything Banned by Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Hadn’t seen those before

4 reasons why North Korea’s AK variant is just dumb

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