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July 30, 2019

Pants shitting hysterics

So, the man whose job I want, Gordon Ramsay, is under fire for shooting a goat. This apparently caused “outrage” by those who are always outraged any way. I watched the episode. New Zealand doesn’t have archaic suppressor laws and the rifle he used was equipped with one. Cool. However, he did not have any eye protection. Uncool.

July 29, 2019

Well played

So, the house held the AG in contempt. They also held Obama’s AG in contempt and he didn’t get a slap on the wrist. So, citing that, the DOJ will not prosecute Barr.

That’s funny


Because they know they will lose

New York City Still Trying to Avoid A SCOTUS Fight Over Gun Law

Quote of the day

Two types of people:

If they could make us live like them, many would. If we could make them live like us, most wouldnt.

That which they don’t want to ban, they want to make mandatory.


In places with strict gun control:

9 Killed, 39 Wounded In Weekend Shootings Across Chicago

Three dead, suspect killed in shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival in California

Shooting at Brooklyn block party leaves 1 dead, 11 injured

Gun Porn

Vintage FN FAL ad

July 25, 2019

Some men you just can’t reach

91% Democrats see violence next in war of words

Kevin: Civil War

As Billy Beck said years ago: All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war.

Increasingly, I find that to be more and more true.

Related: Player 2 has entered the game.


Murder record in Mexico.

Three people gunned down in a London drive by.

Where they have all those gun laws.

I disagree


There is only hot and pain. It had long been a source of great perplexion to me, Why do people deliberately cause themselves pain for no apparently benefit?

I have several nice scotch bonnets that I’m making a jerk sauce out of. I am a pepper snob and if it’s hot just to be hot, no thanks. If it’s flavorful and hot, it’s good.

As for spicy food causing dementia, I don’t know. But I can’t recall any of my Mexican friends or Korean friends having such issues.

Gun Porn

Don’t really see the point: Non NFA Maxim 9

Daisy Airgun Museum

Still working on it

A few more things to tidy up but I anticipate being back soon.

July 24, 2019

And we’re back

Decided to secure the site while I was at it. Still working some of that out.

Blogging to resume at some point.

July 23, 2019

Technical difficulties

All posts from yesterday have disappeared. I’m working to resolve some technical issues. BRB.

July 16, 2019

Gone fishing

Vacation. See you in a week or so.

July 11, 2019

This is pretty cool

Garmin has a gizmo out that monitors your trap shooting.

News some of you can use

A guide to silencers with some decibel level testing.

Gun Porn

CROWN ROYAL WHISKY AR-15. Yup, really.

July 10, 2019

Bump stock lawsuit

They hold that an AR-15 is illegal because bump stocks allow them to be readily restored to fire full auto. Thanks, Trump.

Good but I hope it lasts

The VA legislature shot down the governor’s special session on gun control.

Johns Hopkins for guns

Seems they spent a ton of money lobbying the legislature for an armed police force.

Gun Porn

Big Horn Armorys 500 Auto Max Rifle

July 09, 2019

Some day, gunnies will learn to stop asking ATF for clarification

Adam Kraut:

Late yesterday, I received an email from an individual containing a letter from ATF which was a response to a correspondence requesting the correct method to measure a firearm with a stabilizing brace and folding adaptor. It was explained that the correspondence was sent in the form of an email over a year ago and that the person had received a response via email shortly after it was sent. This letter was unsolicited and came over a year after the original request and response.

Read the whole thing.

Life in the future

A court has ruled that Trump banning twitter users is a violation of the first amendment.

Good on them

In Washington, sheriffs are refusing to enforce the state’s new gun laws.

Gun Porn

Is that an air gun?

July 08, 2019

Everything you hear about a mass shooting in the first 24 hours is usually wrong

Google tweaked algorithm after rise in US shootings

It seems a lot of bad information post shooting is being found by using Google. So, they tweaked it a bit.

More NRA troubles

Over at BattleSwarm:

The more we find out about how the NRA has been run, the worse it seems. The crisis started out looking like a case of lax management, but the deeper you dig the more it looks like a case of systematic looting.

Shocking exactly no one

Turns out, gun owners in New Zealand aren’t turning them in.

Life in the future

Venezuelas transgender community fears hormone shortages

The future is stupid.

After several weeks of taking Viagra, I got used to it and took the drug only on the weekends. Noticing the changes, my girlfriend started to ask me why I'm so active on weekends. I had to honestly confess everything. She was not upset but supported me. So thanks to Viagra, I made sure that I'm loved just like the way I am.