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Oh, hey

Things are slowly getting back to something resembling normal. The kids are holding up much better than I am. Fortunately, we have support from family and friends that helped get us through the initial shock and the weeks since. It’s been rough.

The thing I focus on now is simplifying life, the house, and, well, as much as I can. It keeps me focused and provides a needed distraction. Organizing the basement, office and garage has taken up a lot of my time. As has consolidating and closing accounts and so on.

While I wouldn’t consider us to have been under quarantine necessarily, I did pretty much eliminate any unnecessary travel for us. As the world is returning to normal (at least where I live), I may have to re-evaluate. Hope all of you are coping with the current situation well.

Oh, and this is a gun blog. To keep myself further occupied, I started a new project:

That’s a Ruger PC Charger in 9mm. It takes Glock magazines. Pros: Sturdy construction; I like the ergonomics; It runs pretty much just like my 10/22.

Cons: No rail or slots on the top of the barrel, which means any BUIS would be short.

I put on a Sig Folding Knuckle to accept an SB pistol brace. The screws that came with the knuckle were junk. The heads came right off while tightening. A trip to Home Depot fixed that. I like the brace quite a lot.

Magpul sling because I have Magpul slings on all of my rifles.

The optic is a Vortex SPARC

, at the recommendation of another blogger sort. Seems to be a decent sight but it has the same flaw EOTechs have: it shuts off automatically. Not a fan of that one feature. Would rather it stayed on until I turned it off.

The muzzle device is Southern Precision Tooling’s Hu Du because I have those on all of my rifles. And they are awesome.


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, it’s bore sighted and hope to get it to the range soon.

14 Responses to “Oh, hey”

  1. MalRoadkill Says:

    I like the sig romeo 5 and its Holosun breathren because while turn off automatically, the only do so from lack of movement. Moving the rifle turns it back on.

  2. SPQR Says:

    You are making more progress on projects than I am.

  3. HL Says:

    Nifty project!

  4. Heath J Says:

    Love the Glock mag compatibility.

    Agree with Makroadkill on the Romeo and Holosun, they’re both good optics. I like the Holosun.

  5. Guy J. Sagi Says:

    I’m with SPQR, you’re making a lot more progress on projects than I am.

  6. wizardpc Says:

    I love that MS4 sling, too.

  7. Asm826 Says:

    Good to see you on-line!

    I like the concept and the fact it takes Glock magazines, haven’t decided if I want it as a pistol or would prefer a carbine. Either one would be a great way to convert 9mm ammo to empty brass.

  8. Mike Says:

    My project after the loss of my first wife was to become a distinguished rifleman. I had a few leg points when she passed but I kinda took on getting that medal as it forced me to concentrate on something besides my loss. Took me another year but I think to this day that focusing on that kept me from disappearing into a bottle.
    I like the PCC concept, I could see my current lovely bride using it to better effect than her bedside M&P 9mm.
    Good luck and God bless going forward.

  9. Wild, wild west Says:

    Good to see you back, Unk.

    And, congratulations on legging out, Mike. If it was easy, everybody would do it.

    DR #2136

  10. Scott Says:

    Light colored background and bright light make for much better pictures. It’s hard to see details on this one, but looks like a fun build.

  11. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    Ok. Now I want one.

  12. treefroggy Says:

    Hu Du the voodoo that you do so well ??

  13. Sid Says:

    Looks great.

  14. Juddgement Says:

    Welcome back. Thanks for the gun Pron. I haven’t been able to get to the range in months from all this crap…

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