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The NRA is not the bogeyman

Bloomberg and Bernie accuse each other of being shills for the NRA. Yeah

, the NRA is not the bad guy they think they are. And people don’t think that either.

2 Responses to “The NRA is not the bogeyman”

  1. JTC Says:

    “NRA is not the bad guy…”

    No. I used to say it like any other union that starts out pure and righteous in defense of the members’ rights. Then it’s so big and untenable that the struggle for money/power lead inevitbly to corruption, gridlock and ultimately bankrupcty.

    But the NRA is really a political party if you think about it; consider how many of your issues would likely be at the center of an NRA party platform…not at all limitied to guns but connected to rights and the Constitution, and what isn’t? Get DT in there as prez and shake out all the crooked ass posers and MNRAGA.
    “The NRA Party…Join The Fight Now!”

  2. Sigivald Says:

    … accusing … MIKE BLOOMBERG of being an NRA shill?

    Sanders really must be senile.

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