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May 01, 2019

What a wuss

This is the saddest display of dribble I’ve seen today: Kamala Harris owns a handgun. That’s disqualifying for a 2020 Democrat in my book.

Clearly Mr. Funt has some mental deficiencies.

A hat trick of civil rights victories

Dave Workman notes three court cases that went for the good guys.

Speaking of socialism

MSNBC reporter makes the case for the second amendment:

More from the NRA AM


And an insightful piece by an attendee.


Seen elsewhere:

In Florida

Teachers can carry

Gun Porn

First, rounds in magazines backward and now this.

April 30, 2019

Sent in by a reader

This made me chuckle:


They have pretty stupid law and said law was being challenged to the Supreme Court. Fearful that they will lose, NYC tried to change the rules and asked the court if they could off. The court said no.

Toxic Masculinity

Good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun. That’s how it always ends, folks. Don’t forget it.

Registration by confiscation

If you turned in your bump stock in Washington state, you’re going to be on a list.

NRA stuff

While I was out, there were apparently some big doings that transpired at the NRA AM. Seems there was a vote to oust LaPierre and North wound up quitting. Sebastian and John have quite a bit of coverage of the issue.

Where Great Britain Used to Be

Record level of knife crime.

Win some ammo

Right here



Gun Porn

A bit spendy but the John Wick collection is pretty rockin’.

Five nifty things from the NRA AM.

And we’re back

Been busy with kids and family. The good news is that Junior won the 400 in track. And she’s the only freshman on varsity. Proud of her.

April 24, 2019

Why I don’t place much stock in Carry Permit tests

Shooting the test blind. I know of at least two cases of blind people getting permits. One was local that Tam wrote about and I can’t find a link to. And this guy.

Too sling or not to sling

Well, do ya?

I like a good conspiracy theory

Did the Vegas shooter really use bump stocks?

I concur

Thoughts on reforming the NRA. It’s a large organization and any reformation will be tedious and lengthy.

I’m still a life member and will still support them because the politics of reality exist and the politics of purity don’t often accomplish much.

Gun Porn

Looks like a Glock got it on with an XD.

April 22, 2019

Complaint filed against the NRA

Bloomberg’s minions have filed a complaint with the IRS over their tax status. John Richardson has the details. More from Sebastian:

All I can say is NRA better have its act cleaned up by the time the next hostile administration is in the White House.

Help a friend out

Oleg Volk‘s cat is in serious condition. There’s a fundraiser if you’d like to help.

Life in the future

Snopes fact-checks the Babylon Bee.

The future is stupid.

Well, when you anger your customers . . .

Dick’s loses $150M in sales.

Speaking of Douche Nuke ’em


Where Great Britain Used to Be

That’s just pathetic.

Douche Nuke ’em

He’d be eaten alive.

Gun Porn

11 new pocket pistols. That last one is a head-scratcher.

Used three kinds of generics. I liked the Levitra Pills more, although the others acted quite well. Perhaps it all depends on the characteristics of each organism.