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February 25, 2019

How reliable is a Hi Point?

Well, this certainly should surprise the internet.

Gun Porn

I didn’t know the Glock 46 was a thing.

February 22, 2019

Now that’s funny right there

The 404 error page from Donald Trump’s website.

February 20, 2019

Only 35%?

Record Number of Americans Call Government Our Biggest Problem

Little reason not to

Why you should carry a big gun. Obviously, it depends on your style of dress and other factors but I carry a full-sized with ALL THE BULLETS every day.

A self-destructing drone

Made by Kalashnikov.

A video:


Over at Volokh:

Supreme Court Rules that Excessive Fines Clause Applies to States and Constrains Civil Asset Forfeiture
The decision in Timbs v. Indiana is a significant step forward for property rights and civil liberties, though a key issue remains to be resolved by lower courts.

Gun Porn

An AR pattern rifle in 7.62×39

February 19, 2019

Big Truck

I drive a big ass truck. Because I have to. This one, actually. It’s for work. I’ve never understood the appeal of big trucks unless you have to have one for a specific reason. And guys and gals who take their big ass trucks and make them bigger and asser make no sense to me. But it’s a free country (haha). They’re not particularly pleasant to ride in because they are loud, bumpy, and big ass. Not a lot of parking lots (I’m looking at you Chick Fil A) have spaces that are conducive to big ass trucks. Especially if you have 16 inches of heavy duty tow ball hitch hanging the back. I’m taking up 1.25 parking spaces generally.

I haul around 100 diesel tank, tools, and, regularly enough, the occasional piece of heavy equipment. If they had a small car that could haul such things, I’d be in. A few things about big ass trucks:

They don’t come to a stop as well as your car. So avoid pulling out in front of them, especially if they’re hauling a 9,000 pound machine on a 2,000 pound trailer.

When you see a big ass truck coming the opposite direction, get over to your right. I’ve had at least three dumbdicks take out my mirrors while I’m as far over the right as I can get and they’re hugging the yellow line.

We back into a lot of parking spaces because it’s easier to get out.

If you’re riding our tails too close, we can’t see you.

I say all of this because this song came on the radio today and for no other real reason:

The state of gun control

Sebastian isn’t that hopeful. I would also offer that the trend away from actual grassroots websites with SEO driven firearms content and social media is a factor. And with social media, they increasingly can manipulate the message.

Of course

Dems Oppose Bill Alerting ICE To Illegal Immigrants Trying To Buy Guns

Bump stock ban struck down

In Cincinnati. Seems the state’s preemption law is why.

Gun Porn

No idea what it is.

February 18, 2019


Background checks stop nothing. Spread that one far and wide. It’s good.

We should

Remember LA county asking contractors about ties to the NRA? Sebastian thinks we should file a civil rights lawsuit against them.


Guy Sagi:

SIG Sauers M18, the compact variant of the U.S. Armys M17 duty sidearm, successfully completed a recent Lot Acceptance Test in which 12,000 roundsmore than double the historical highwater mark of 5,000were run through three different guns with zero stoppages. The required Material Reliability Testing deems up to 12 stoppages within its acceptable limits.

A good guy with a gun

Stops a bad guy with one.

News you can use

How to Practice Your Drawstroke.

Gun Control Bills

A bill passed a committee with 5 Republican votes. This is a start. Meanwhile, the Democrats have come out with a plan for more gun control.

Gun Porn

The Green Meanie

February 13, 2019

Gun confiscation

More than 1,700 red flag orders of protection in 2017. The NRA is walking a fine line here regarding second amendment rights and due process. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a winning issue for anybody.


Well, one of many problems actually:

The problem with socialism is that you can vote your way into it but you need to shoot your way out of it.

Politicizing the ATF

From David Codrea:

During the briefing, the Chief Counsels Office provided a written brief and a PowerPoint presentation, which discussed automatically and single function of a trigger. The brief and PowerPoint presentation, based on the intent of Congress and the statutory text, detailed how even the Akins Accelerator was not a machinegun. However, Acting Director Sullivan decided, against the advice of the Chief Counsels Office, to declare the Akins Accelerator a machinegun.

It was political.

Are you now or have you ever been an advocate for civil rights?

LA is demanding that potential contractors disclose any ties they have with the NRA.

Aww, that’s cute

He thinks he gets a say in what I “need”:

The fact is that these high-capacity magazines allow someone to fire off more than 10 rounds in a row, Deutch added. You dont need that if youre a hunter, you dont need that for any purpose. You dont need that for sporting purposes.

You can fuck right off.

Gun Porn

Transparent G36

February 12, 2019

Trump defends 2nd amendment: “Come and take it”

Here’s the story. So, what about bumpstocks?

The TSA at work

Not only do they violate peoples’ rights every day, they use your tax dollars to make cutesy little twitter videos:

Ok, some of that stuff might be dangerous but it’s not going to take down a plane.

Looks like a big nothing burger

The Russian spy who wasn’t. This thing seemed more designed to get attention and publicity than anything else.

Gun Porn

Benelli Inertia System