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October 10, 2017

But suppressors are just for turbomurder

Making the case for us: Spokane Police will add suppressors to rifles, citing concerns about hearing damage

Tell me about it.

The most busted name in news

CNN tries to explain how bump stocks work with animation. Hilarity ensues. Hint: It requires an actual bump stock.

October 09, 2017

Top 6 ways to poorly simulate automatic fire. Number one will blow your mind.

So, I did this post about it. And am republishing it again because a few things have happened. First, youtube deleted one of the videos. Second, Jerry Miculek happened. Third, I’m on vacation and want to rehash content. And fourth, the number turned out to be 6. So, here it is:

6) The bump stock. They’re all the rage on the internet right now:

5) The rubber band. The evils of common office supplies:

4) A bump board. Evil, evil carpentry materials:

3) Shoestrings. No video I can show because that has actually been ruled illegal by ATF. And I wouldn’t want to incriminate some poor guy. But here’s a legal one registered with ATF:

2) Using your fingers. Look, ma, no evil stocks, framing materials or office supplies needed:

1) Be Jerry Miculek:

And the click baity title is still a joke.

Like you and me, only better

Charlie Rangel (D-Ranged) should be deprived of guns protection. He deserves it.

News you can use

Learn your NFA terms.

Gun Porn

Sometimes it takes two

October 06, 2017

And another thing

I’m guessing the cast majority of the public and lawmakers think that it is illegal to own machine guns. This guy had the means and could have purchased a legal to own, pre-86 machine gun. If he’d done that, I think congress would be looking at what it would do about transferables.

Yes and no

The media doesn’t understand guns — and doesn’t want to

On the one hand, the press seems to understand and differentiate what automatic and semi-automatic rifles are these days.

On the other, CBS says the shooter used “automatic rounds

& Stimpy

DC will not appeal the Wrenn case to the supreme court. DC has released a statement basically saying they were stupid to challenge gun cases in the past.

This is good news for DC. And likely bad news for Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and more.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Some has-been wants to shoot all NRA members.

Well, come do it.



Sorry about that

A lot of important things happened in the gun world yesterday. And I had other things to do. I’ll add my $0.02 in a bit.

Gun Porn

Colts M231 Port Firing Weapon

October 04, 2017

And another thing

When in Reno a few years back, I checked into a hotel. I had with me an AK, a couple of AR-15s, and a few handguns. I had 1,000 rounds of ammo for the AK. Another 500 for the AR and I planned on buying pistol ammo at the local gun store. And it was obvious they were guns because they were in gun cases. And no one on the hotel staff cared one whit. Went straight to my room with no problem.

Suddenly, people think taking guns in to a hotel should be illegal or regulated or something. Why? People do travel to go shooting. I have. I will again.


I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise

A lot of good stuff there. Essentially, she actually went out and read what pro gun people have been saying on the internet for years. And found out it was true. The internet has really changed the gun debate.

Quote of the day


When women are underrepresented, its a crisis. When men are underrepresented its progress.

So, it’s a day that ends in “Y”

The internet is mostly riddled with “the dumbs

This will be interesting

Trump: ‘We’ll Be Talking About the Gun Laws’

The NRA and a lot of gun rights people put a lot of faith in Trump. Here’s hoping he doesn’t let them down.

Win gun stuff on the internet

Right here

Gun Porn

That looks like fun.

Kurdish Zagros and Şer Anti-Materiel Rifles

October 03, 2017

You don’t say

The Paper of Making Up The Record on the Republican tax plan:

The plan would not benefit lower-income households that do not pay federal income taxes.

Well, it is a federal income tax proposal, genius.

The Ghost Gunner

For all your 80% lower receiver needs:

Appears to do Glocks as well.

You can order one here.


A man was arrested with two machine guns and 900 rounds of ammo in his car. The police make it sound like he was up to no good.

My shocked face

No, really. Someone in the press actually mostly gets it mostly right on machine guns.

Your handgun wouldn’t have made a difference

But some medical equipment and training may have. Like the professor, I keep a trauma kit in my vehicle. And a tourniquet. And water. And some food. And a first aid kit.

You should too.

They do it every time

It’s no big deal. The politico notes, in a shaming tone, that the NRA has gone dark after the shooting. They always do. It’s their opponents that quickly make it political. And NRA waits for the facts to come in.

Yes. Next question.

Can You Still Hear A Suppressed Rifle From 500 Yards Away?

I’ll miss it

Robb Allen hangs up the blog. But he’s still around elsewhere.

But of course

Paul Ryan is no friend to gun owers:

No plans to bring gun silencer bill to House floor, Ryan says

Because of Las Vegas. Or something.

Gun Porn

The Mythical Long Slide P7M13. It’s from 2009 but it’s new to me.

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