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April 17, 2017

Trump to speak at NRA convention

The first sitting President to speak since 1983. He’s doing that instead of the White House Correspondent’s dinner.

He talked a good game on guns while running but, I agree, we need to see more action. But he has done a few things that didn’t get much notice.

If you like gun control so much, move to Chicago

28 people shot in less than 18 hours in Chicago

That community needs some organizing.

The Orlando Night Club Shooting Report

The police basically didn’t do anything for three hours while 13 people died.


Careful when you leave America: Christie commutes sentence of Marine convicted on gun charge

And stun guns could soon be legalized there.

Seems reasonable to me

The Gazette:

Downey argued that legislators, in passing in 2010 a law on gun permits, didnt allow the Iowa Department of Public Safety to ask questions beyond the basic ones on identity.

But the state argued the legislation established just the floor of basic questions that had to be asked on the form, allowing authorities to seek more information.

The justices, after dissecting the less-than-clear language of the law, sided with Downey that it allows the Public Safety Department to only ask the basics.

I mean, the legislature didn’t pass a law instructing them to ask a bunch of questions to get a gun permit.

Gun Porn

.600 Nitro revolver

Erle Stanley Gardners Colt Single Action Army

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

To you and yours. And now, I have 12 pounds of meat to tend to.

April 13, 2017

Where Great Britain Used To Be

And options for self defense there. Hardly any, really. That is one difference between a citizen and a subject.

Teach kids gun safety. Even if you’re anti-gun.

A teen was playing with a gun live on instagram. And wound up killing himself.

The cartridge of the century

Surprisingly, not 9mm.

Taking on the circular logic from the 4th

Why the Second Amendment protects the AR-15:

Thus, we arrive at the 4th Circuit decision that even though AR-15 rifles are commonplace, they may be banned because they are like M-16s and useful in military service. As the dissenting judges noted, this curious logic would have made it possible to ban the muskets and rifles used by citizen militia during the Revolutionary War. But why stop there? Handguns are standard-issue military weapons. Shotguns and bolt-action rifles have been employed by the U.S. military. At one time or place, virtually every weapon has been used by the military, including knives and tomahawks. The irresistible conclusion is that the Second Amendment protects nothing.

The Second Amendment has never been recondite, it is only the judges who have been obtuse. An intelligible interpretation of the Second Amendment emerges the instant one reconciles the prefatory and operative clauses. In other words, the militia described in the prefatory clause is a militia composed of a people with a right to keep and bear arms. What type of arms? In 1939, the Supreme Court spoke explicitly to this. At the time the Second Amendment was adopted, men summoned to militia duty were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time. The Amendment not only protects weapons that might be useful in a military context, arguably it only protects those weapons useful in military service. Thus, the 4th Circuit Court was exactly and completely wrong.

First Glock. Now FN

FN is protesting the selection of the Sig P320 by Immigration and Customs. The protests are here and here.

What caliber for under water?

The CAV-X “supercavitating” bullet:

A new breed of bullets could be used for underwater firefights.

The CAV-X supercavitating bullets, made by DSG Technology, are designed to deliver lethality at much farther distances underwater.

For special operations teams, such as the Navy SEALs and combat divers who operate around water, this sort of ammunition could be handy

Gun Porn

A Shotgun With AR Parts Compatibility

April 12, 2017

SCCY moving to The City (My The City)

SCCY, maker of inexpensive handguns, is moving to my town and bringing 350 jobs with it:

A gun manufacturer is investing $22.5 million to build a brand new facility in Blount County that will create more than 350 new jobs.

Governor Bill Haslam announced the move Wednesday afternoon. The company, SSCY (sic) Insudstries (sicer), will be operating its primary manufacturing facility and corporate offices in the county.

No triple sic for you.

I don’t even

A “third arm” for the Army’s M4s:

This seems like a solution in search of a problem.

News you can use

If you touch a pistol brace to your shoulder are you in trouble?

Probably not. But it is ATF so I’d probably not video myself doing it. It was interesting to me that at the Nashville NRA Sig booth, all of the brace equipped guns were legally SBRs. I suppose just in case.

The party of smaller government

The Hypocritical Logic Behind Republican Plans to Ban Online Porn (Unless You Pay $20)

Assault vehicles

In Sweden, a call to ban cars because of terrorism. Ugh. What is wrong with people?

Gun Porn


Some of Ians Gun Collection

April 11, 2017


One dead and four injured in an explosion at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

Bleg: Can’t edit wordpress theme

So, something in the blog is all borked and I cannot edit the website theme. This is a pain in the tail and also it means that I can’t drop manage my ads.

I’m fairly certain the issue is caused by the permissions being set incorrectly (you know, that whole 577 thing). Anyone have any idea how to unfuck it?


CMP to get 86,000 Garands?

The Firearm Blog thinks that some Garands will be coming in from the Philippines.

San Diego introduced to economics

Yeah, that minimum wage hike? Cost about 4,000 jobs.

But of course

Michael Mann Adjusts the Climate Turning Point Out to 2020

Doesn’t he have a critic to sue?

Gun Porn

A bullpup AK looking thing. Not 100% certain since it’s in Russian.

April 10, 2017

The IRS at work

91% Of Taxpayers Whose Bank Accounts Were Seized By The IRS Had Acquired The Cash Legally

100,000 Taxpayers Compromised In Hack Of FAFSA Tool At IRS

The IRS is right behind ATF in the list of .gov agencies I would abolish.

Well, that’s not good publicity

Oh dear:

A National Rifle Association employee accidentally shot himself while doing firearms training at the organization’s headquarters, according to police.

The 46-year-old man’s pistol accidentally discharged Thursday afternoon as he holstered the gun in Fairfax County, Virginia, police said.

Gorsuch confirmed

And we’ll soon see his position on taking gun cases.

People control

That’s what it’s always been about:

Gun banners only pass gun control laws that apply to the innocent.

It’s only for innocent people, like you and me.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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