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March 10, 2017


Because I read on the internet that revolvers don’t malfunction.

More constitutional carry

A bill has been sent to the governor.

Remington and Colt layoffs

This doesn’t seem to jibe with February being the third best month for NICS checks but Massad Ayoob says the two gun makers are laying people off.

Gun Salesman of the year 2.0?

February 2017 was the third highest month for NICS checks.

Well, OK

Someone tried to sneak a gun onto a plane by disassembling it and putting parts in bicycle tires. Why not just check it in your checked bag?

The internet of things


There’s a whole group of people would rather poorly video something simple because, err, well, I dunno. And, also, long pocasts. I would add to that list slideshows. If there was a search engine that excluded slideshows from search engine results, they’d make lots of internet money.

And while I’m ragging on the internet in general, here’s something else that bugs me. You know how the big thing to do was to take picture of something then put black boxes at the top and/or bottom of them with text to make some joke. You know, like this. Well, now people do that with videos. And they both bug me.

Get off my lawn.

The future is stupid.

Gun Porn

Wrap up gun thingies.

March 09, 2017

Echoes playing Simon says

My son thought it’d be a good idea to put all of the Amazon Echoes in one room:

When you say the wake word, only one will respond. They communicate with each other, apparently. But using “Simon says” to activate the others was pretty clever, I thought. Never could get all five to go. Only got up to number four.

It’s Russians all the way down

There’s a conspiracy theory about the NRA meeting with the Russians. Of course, NRA has a record of working with folks in other countries on the right to arms.

And here I thought the whole “the Russians did it” narrative was dying.

The TSA at work

Now with more groping.

The party of smaller government

Treasury Secretary asks congress to raise the debt ceiling.

Gun Porn

Exploded Maxim 9

March 08, 2017

What you do instead of something

NY banned toy guns a bit back. Because their politicians have apparently run out of productive or useful things to do having solved all of the state’s problems. But I digress.

Anyhoo, the state AG went after 7 out of state retailers who sold toy guns to New Yorkers on The 7 retailers who likely thought they were selling toys to fellow Americans were probably pretty shocked by this. But this is apparently such a menace that it warrants the .gov be involved.

If I sold anything remotely dangerous or gun shaped, I’d never do business in NY.

On the Sig P320

Seen at Joe’s: What handgun the Army has chosen for standard issue should have exactly zero impact on what handgun a civilian should consider for self defense use.

I get the point but the one thing I may disagree on is, like the AR-15, it will become popular. Parts will eventually be plentiful. And aftermarket stuff for them will soon go gangbusters.

Chuck Schumer (D-Ranged) proposes stupid gun bill

He wants to amend the Undetectable Firearms Act to mandate all 3D printed guns have at least one primary component made from metal. As Jacob points out, it’s unenforceable. Additionally, let’s say I come up with a 3D printed gun plan and post it on the internet. Did I just break the law? And were my first amendment right violated if so?

What has happened to Texas?

Homes were evacuated because someone found a box and a half of ammo. This didn’t happen Where Great Britain Used To Be, where this sort of hysterical overreaction is entirely believable and, even, predictable. This happened in San Antonio. And warranted evacuating 6 households and calling a bomb squad.

All those involved should be embarrassed.

Interesting topic

What sort of compromises do you make for concealed carry?

I very rarely carry a spare magazine. This is because I spend a lot of time driving and I find that the magazines ride up a little too high to make carrying one all day comfortable. I do keep a spare in a carrier in the truck that I could strap on in very little time. I’ve also gotten interested in AIWB carry. But, again due to driving, it’s not comfortable all day when you’re tooling down the back 40.

Gun Porn

Vintage racegun?

Shooting the breeze

Chiappa 9mm Kalashnikov Pistol

March 07, 2017

Release of CIA hacking tools

Right here, from wikileaks. Via Schneier, with some commentary.

So, basically the .gov can hack in to any of your devices, including TeeVees, and listen to you. And, apparently, they have software that makes their hacks look like the Russians did the hacking.

The bypassed encryption on several messaging apps as well.

The CIA has a covert base in Germany. I’m sure Merkel is happy about it.

And the government paid to have software left intentionally unsafe.

Also, hacking into cars. Well, that’d be a good way to get rid of someone and make it look like an accident.


That’s right, in NJ


Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie announced that his administration has formally adopted the police rules introduced in 2016 which more clearly define the state’s “justifiable need” standard for issuance of concealed carry permits. For years, the state’s unreasonable standard has been used to reject the overwhelming majority of applications for concealed carry permits. While citizens in 43 states are able to exercise a basic, fundamental right under permissive carry laws, New Jersey issues virtually no permits.

I’m not familiar enough with the legal machinations of NJ to know if this is a big deal or not. But I like seeing Christie take a step toward looking out for gun rights.

Democrats are OK with ID and background checks for voting.

Just kidding. They want to use those supposedly onerous burdens to voting, add an additional fee, and apply it to gun permits. You gotta have money to get a gun in CT.

Will we have two gun salesman of the century?

Obama was first. But if you read the press you’d think liberals were arming themselves in droves because of Trump. Which they may be. Good for them. But I’ve seen this story now about four different times.

Legalized theft

So, a former sheriff, and stalwart defender of civil asset forfeiture, is being investigated for using the property for personal and professional expenses.

Life in the future

A seafood company was convicted of animal cruelty for killing lobsters. In Australia, boiling them alive is A-OK but don’t butcher them with knives and saws while they’re still alive. And if you read the rest on various animal cruelty laws around the world, you’ll realize just how arbitrary such laws are. And octopus is an “honorary vertebrate” in Europe because reasons.

The future is stupid.

Gun Porn

The smile maker.

March 06, 2017

Another mayor against guns arrested

The list of mayors belonging to Bloomberg’s anti-gun group going to jail keeps growing:

Adding to a long list of mayors supporting Michael Bloombergs citizen disarmament agenda who have been arrested for criminal activities, former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva was taken into custody at San Francisco International Airport Sunday, KCRA News and other outlets are reporting.

According to jail records, Silva was booked into San Joaquin County Jail on felony charges of money laundering, embezzlement by a public officer, grand theft and embezzlement worth more than $400, the report notes. His bail is set at $1 million.

I’ve always liked Thomas

And this is another reason why: Clarence Thomas Condemns Civil Asset Forfeiture, Points to ‘Egregious and Well-Chronicled Abuses’

Quote of the day

Sebastian: You Know What Makes Guns Get Left in Cars? Gun Free Zones

A fool and their money

The fraud of gun buybacks.

Well, which is it?

SAME NY Times Reporter Said Trump Team Was Wiretapped In Jan., But Said TRUMP Lacked Evidence In March

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