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June 22, 2015

What I learned from the SC church shooting

Seems that if you take down a confederate flag at the state capitol, that will fix everything. Except it’s not at the state capitol nor is it a confederate flag.

And, also, a lone gun man who can’t find other racists to join his race war party is because of institutional racism.

Only the police should have guns

Don’t shoot a gun like that. Ever.

But California has all those good gun laws

So, why are they putting a gun shot detection system in a school?

The best lobbying money can’t buy

Bloomberg owns a NC state gun group.

Karl Rove on repealing the second amendment

He said it. But, it seems to me, to be more of him making a point and not advocating that view.

Mass shootings: How does the US rank?

Not nearly as high as Obama says

Being Evil

So, Google Chrome is listening to you. Of course, my Amazon Echo is too. But I agreed to that.

Gun Porn

Buy a gun owned by James Brady.

Stock gun photo fails

Double barrel flintlock.

June 21, 2015

Popin’ ain’t easy

Pope says weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christian

Brady v. Lucky Gunner

We know The Brady Campaign to Stay Funded lost their frivolous suit against Lucky Gunner. Now, it seems the judge was none too pleased with their shenanigans. He also awarded Lucky Gunner about $112K in legal fees. Which Lucky Gunner is going to donate to a pro-gun group. And you can vote on which group they give the money to right here. Good for them. I voted for The Second Amendment Foundation.

On the church shooting

Loophole is code for laws we don’t like. Hillary blames free speech, because she’s a democrat.

And the shooter couldn’t find any other racists to hang out with.

They say if you carry a gun, someone will just take it from you and use it against you

A Nashville mother wrestled a gun away from some home invaders and fires at them. Sadly, the scumbags managed to run off.

Let me guess, it hurt like dammit?

A Colorado Springs man told investigators he shot himself in the foot Wednesday night because he wanted to know what it felt like, according to police.

Lawful Purpose and Self Defense Act

The text of the bill is here. It removes executive authority for banning imports of legal guns. And removes the authority to re-classify ammo as armor piercing. And more.

Mass driving

Clearly, we must ban cars:

A man has killed at least three people and injured 34 in a murderous rampage after driving his car at 90mph straight into crowds of lunchtime shoppers in Austria before getting out and stabbing passers-by.

You don’t need a car that can do 90mph!

Uber bans guns

Here’s their policy. How would they know?

Quote of the day

Tam, on the Army once again saying they’re looking at a new handgun:

Oh, look! Lucy’s holding the football again.


Gun Porn


Nazi-Occupation Stomperud Krag Rifle


June 18, 2015

Mass shooting in a SC church

A historic black church. By media accounts of witnesses, it appears to be white racist. Of course, most things that come out after a mass shooting tend to be wrong.

And, like clockwork, the usual happens. Obama calls for more gun control. And he parrots the lie that this doesn’t happen in other advanced nations. Shockingly, the shooter broke state law, and federal law being an illegal user of drugs and all. And none of Obama’s gun control proposals would have stopped the shooting.

They’ve got to act fast before the blood gets cold. And it looks like the left may finally realize their dream of some crazed, racist right winger shooting some people.

Rand Paul on the tax code

Blow Up the Tax Code and Start Over. Let me fix it for you: Blow Up the Tax Code and Start Over.

Gun Porn

The PL-14: Kalashnikov Unveils Futuristic New Pistol for Russian Army

June 17, 2015

Transferable MG42

For sale on gunbroker for the low, low price of $25k.

Gun sales

After record gun sales during the Obama administration, it stands to reason that the rush to buy would subside. Now, they have and now the false cries from the left that the gun biz is in serious financial trouble. It’s not. The Chicago Tribune didn’t get the memo describing that narrative:

The most wanted gun in America is what The New York Times dubbed the AR-15-style semiautomatic in February 2013. Even though assault weapons guns originally designed for combat use and rapid fire constitute only about 1 percent of all 300 million firearms in America, lately theyve been flying off the shelves. Demand has outpaced production.

And, of course, Colt is not in trouble for making bad products or civilian sales being down. It’s due to poor management.

Sling bow

This looks pretty neat (though I doubt the guy’s comments about a machine gun):

Found them for sale here. Anyone tried one?

Blocking ads

Via Glenn, comes mention of Apple blocking ads:

Consumers will like this feature, and it won’t cost Apple anything; the company makes its money off of it’s outstanding hardware, not ads. Meanwhile, it will hurt one of their main rivals in the primordial battle for dominance between Silicon Valley’s tech giants: Google. Which does make money off of ads. For Apple, what’s not to like about this development?

I’ve joked a few times that Microsoft should take the Apple business model and block Itunes, other browsers, and google ads. But they’re about 5 years late on that now.


The Brady Campaign To Cling To Relevancy, once again, exploited a family of a victim of gun violence in a lawsuit. And, once again, lost.

Gun Porn

Underwater guns

The Many Faces of the Dutch M95 Carbine

June 16, 2015

All the news that’s printed to fit

So, Bloomberg is going to start his own editorial operation that will promote on gun control propaganda. I guess they’re out of ideas.

In some states, possibly

Time: Guns Were Much More Strictly Regulated in the 1920s and 1930s than They Are Today

It’s silliness of course. I mean, do they want us to go back to gun laws in the 1920s? I do.

Here’s a good idea

If you’re a convicted felon, make sure you put a selfie with a gun on facebook:

The evidence against Farrah also includes photos he posted on Facebook that show weapons, large amouts (sic) of cash, and a bagged substance that looks like marijuana.

Putting evidence of your criminal activity up is a good idea too.

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