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June 23, 2016

Who watches the watch list?

Seems air marshals are required to put at least one person on the watch list per month. So, innocent people are placed on there to meet a quota.

When you’ve lost Gawker

The Democrats Are Boldly Fighting For a Bad, Stupid Bill

Well, that’s stupid

Oh, Europe, I’d leave you too: Europe’s growing army of robot workers could be classed as “electronic persons” and their owners liable to paying social security for them if the European Union adopts a draft plan to address the realities of a new industrial revolution.

June 22, 2016

If you read one thing today

It should be this piece on how Google controls and censors information. Enlightening.

Protesters arrested outside NRA HQ

When you explain to anti-gunners that people intent on breaking the law will just break the law, they prove your point by breaking the law:

Nearly 20 protestors were arrested outside of the National Rifle Association headquarters in Virginia Tuesday after a staged demonstration calling for the ban of assault weapons. The demonstration came over a week after a shooting at an Orlando nightclub left 49 dead.

Members from the group CODEPINK, as well as other activists, slept at the Fairfax location overnight to honor those killed and injured when gunman Omar Mateen opened fire inside of the Pulse nightclub last week.

And for their next tantrum, they’ll hold their breath until they turn blue

House democrats stage a sit in to protest their failure to infringe on constitutionally protected freedoms:

“Lawmakers are grouped in the well of the chamber, in front of the speaker’s dais and in chairs in the front row,” NPR’s Sue Davis reports. “Some members are literally sitting on the floor of the House.”

When the House was gaveled back into session a little after noon, Rep. Ted Poe, a Republican from Texas who was speaker pro tempore at the time, was shouted down by members.

“No bill, no break,” they chanted. The House is scheduled to break on Sunday, and Democrats are demanding a vote on two bills before they go: one that bars anyone on the no-fly list from buying a firearm and another that broadens background checks for firearm purchases.

I hope they had enough pacifiers and blankets to share.

Suddenly, guns are the problem

An infographic

Be careful when you leave America

Also, don’t go in dressed like an American!

Well, they are just democrats with bylines

Shocker: Exploiting Orlando: Nets Advance Anti-Gun Agenda By 8 to 1

Well, “bipartisan” usually means we all get shafted

A bipartisan bill to ban those on the no fly list from buying guns. No due process and presumed guilty.


Gun Porn

the First of the Beretta Pistols

June 21, 2016

World’s Largest Nerf Gun

Cool. Destroys watermelon:

I’ve had this conversation before

Reason: What Will Gun Controllers Do When Americans Ignore an Assault Weapons Ban?

The way I’ve had this conversation goes like this:

Gun Control Loon: We’re going to take your assault weapons.

Me: No, you’re not. Your move.

Our opponents are ignorant

The hobbyist exemption.

“assault weapon” ban rejected

Because it’s unwinnable.

Exploding targets

Looks like my local newspaper is going after exploding targets such as Tannerite.

We must ban chopsticks

Man kills his dad with a chopstick. Good thing he didn’t use an assault chopstick.

Petty little tyrant

Dianne Feinstein says that you have to prove you’re innocent:

You can just fuck right off.

Well, didn’t see that coming

Illegal immigrant tries to kill Trump

Gotta get them trained in compliance early

Well, OK:

A south-east Queensland kindergarten has embraced children’s interest in toy guns by issuing them with their own licence.

Graft is more important than safety

Drunk driving up after city bans Uber and Lyft.

Gun Porn

A couple of new (to me) polymer, striker-fired guns:

Glock, err, Schmeisser SLP-9

M&P, err, Girsan MC-28

June 20, 2016


All the gun control bills failed to pass in the senate.

Got my first carry gun back

Way back, I purchased a handgun. When I got my carry permit, this was the gun that I first carried. And I carried it for a long time. Then, one day, I needed money for graduate school. So, I sold it. And I sold it to my dad. Anyway, I had an AR-15 he wanted so I managed to get it back:


It’s very early Sig Sauer P229 in 9mm. I’ve missed that gun. More notably, I missed those sights.

So, hivemind, what I dot sights do you recommend for M&P pistols that are not XS big dots.


I know this is a common practice in certain shooting events but it probably isn’t too smart:



A reader saw that Wal Mart.

Well played

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

So, a reporter went out to do the “see how easy it is to buy an AR-15″ story. And discovered that those gun laws he’s advocating are already there. It gets better because the gun store refused to sell it to him due to his admitted history of alcohol abuse, and a charge for domestic battery involving his wife. I would think the latter would have prevented him the purchase anyway.

Supreme court denies cert in assault weapons ban case

Connecticut’s Shew v. Malloy

So, let’s see if I got this right

The government was alerted to the Orlando shooter and investigated him. Was on a terrorist watch list maintained by the government. And a gun shop reported him as suspicious to the government.

So, at least 3 .gov failures to catch or deter the guy. But it’s the NRA’s fault.

Watch lists

Who watches them?

And here’s an interesting story about someone on the watch list who should not be.

Quote of the day

Kevin: If you want a conversation about guns, first learn our language, then we can talk.


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