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March 23, 2015

Having solved all of the country’s problems

Dems go after detergent packaging.

Challenging the Hughes Amendment

While I agree with the sentiment, it’s a little too soon, I think, to start thinking anyone will overturn a machine gun ban.


Be careful out there:


Army says to no longer use some ammo in shoot houses.

Gun Porn


Smith & Wesson 325PD

Luger With a 20″ Barrel

March 20, 2015


This is actually published by The House Judiciary Committee?

Da fuck?

I’d like them out of all businesses

Gun Business Has a Simple Message for Gov’t: ‘Get Their Grubby Hands Off Our Industry’. They’re pushing to ease suppressor restrictions.

No, there are two of us


as the ONLY gun person in the entire United States to have NOT been summoned to Smyrna and given 150-10,000 rounds with the G43

He has some thoughts on the gun.

I’ll just leave this here

This site is fascinating, and not in a good way. And regularly offensive. And sometimes NSFW.

Kids and guns

Family court to father: No guns in the house until child is 18.

A few things: What other civil right can a family court restrict?

At 18, having presumably had no exposure to guns, will the kids be better or worse off should they encounter one?

And this:

Kurt appealed, arguing, in relevant part, that the no-guns order was unjustified and violated the Second Amendment. Andrea appealed, arguing in part that one of the custody factors, “the mental and physical health of all individuals involved, favors her because while there was no expert testimony of Kurt’s mental health, [his gun collection, among other things,] indicates that he has mental health issues and is a risk to M.A.R.R. We are not persuaded.”

Someone argued that gun ownership = mental health issues. Ok, then.

Shotgun shots

Metal shot glasses that look like shells

March 19, 2015

Wrong side of history

That made me laugh.

New Army M4

The M4A1+. Shorter version, they want a modern civilian AR with a BZZZZZZZ switch.

Massad Ayoob reviews the Glock 43

Employee Incentive

Carry a gun at work, and this company wants to give a $50 per month bonus. Awesome.

NFA laws are dumb, again . . . still

A few interesting bits on my tale of an incapacitated person and their NFA weapons. Commenters Alien and Patrick offer some insight.

Sebastian offers more info and concurs that the family can’t take them. And more here.

And TriggerFinger weighs in:

The recommendation to remove his firearms comes from a doctor. The doctor can shove his opinion up his ass unless he has discussed the matter with the patient and the patient agrees.

And I get that. Trouble is, for this guy, it’s coloring books for Christmas. The patient’s response would likely be to gurgle and poop his pants. It’s pretty terrible, actually.

However, as more details unfolded on the situation, seems the family thought his AR-15 was a machine gun and it was not. I only found that out today. So, it was not applicable in this situation. But it was a good discussion and a good thing to know, given that I own a suppressor.

Inside the FBI’s gun vault

Pretty cool:

Gun Porn

The best all around gun I’ve ever had.

Mosin Airgun

March 18, 2015

NFA laws are dumb, part whatever

So, an acquaintance of a friend of someone who works in the medical field told me the tale of someone recently incapacitated in a car accident. That person also has a few NFA weapons and the medical people are saying that the family should probably get the guns out of his house for safety reasons. And they’re probably right in this case, since it’s a pretty bad scene. I told them that if they went to his gun safe and grabbed his suppressors, or whatever, and took them home, they were probably breaking the law. What say you?

Should you clean suppressors?

It depends. Apparently, a few high pressure, high velocity rounds through it will do the trick. So, 22LRs might needs a cleaning. I recommend a vibrator and some rubberbands.

No aspect of your life they don’t want to regulate

EPA looking at backyard grill and lawn mower regulations

Scott Walker fires staffer

For stating the obvious

Where gun ownership is restricted

Mass shooting in Stockton, CA.

19 killed in Tunisia

Surprised it took this long

3D printed suppressor

News you can use

Shooter Self-Care: The Range Emergency Medical Plan

“They schooled me”

Why he was wrong about gun owners. They can be taught:


They fail. I, too, am a fan of Kydex. Caleb recommends some holsters.

I’m a fan of Raven Concealment Phantoms and have one for each carry gun.


The local news:

The House Civil Justice Subcommittee is rapidly becoming the place gun legislation goes to die.

This one lets you keep a gun in your trunk at a school. So, when the wife says “hey, I’m running late. Can you grab the kids?” And I do, I’m breaking the law. They note other bills that have died.

NRA says:

Multiple Pro-Gun Bills Progressing Through Legislature

These bills are removing municipalities’ discretion on guns in parks. And allowing you to sue if you’re fired from your job for a gun in the car.

Gun Porn

Surprising no one The Glock 43, single stack 9mm, is here.

Taurus Curve, even the case curves.

Tactical Lever Gun

March 17, 2015

Speaking of scraping the bottom of the barrel

Anti-gun group sets up fake gun store to shame buyers:

Lamest thing I’ve seen.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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