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July 19, 2015

The latest Obama gun ban attempt

Looking at restricting the right to arms of those on social security:

So as the individuals – not all of whom are elderly by the way – suffer from a disease for which there is no known cure, the Obama Administration is looking for ways to rob them of even more of their dignity.

The first and second amendment

In California, it’s illegal to advertise with pictures of handguns.

Gun Porn

A game changer? Ruger precision rifle.

Tennessee National Guard Reviewing Security Policies

And Haslam is looking at expediting carry permits for members. I think he should order armed guards to be at each location, like other states have done.

Reactions to Chattanooga Shooting

More people carrying.

Also, around the country, citizens stand guard at gun-free recruitment centers. For instance, in GA and in OH. The local facebook gun group in The City (My The City) organized the same thing. Haven’t seen any press coverage of it. But that’s because our local newspaper is horrible. I’m rather surprised some real journalistic outfit hasn’t seen fit to do a real one here.

July 16, 2015

There’s no timer in a gun fight, and other bullshit

Self-Defense Myths That Just Wont Die. Seriously, one of the best defense oriented posts on the internet I’ve ever read. Despite the trolling title, I concur with it.

Why I worry about the future

A grown adult, professional, educated man is scared of a fire extinguisher. I shit you not. The one time in my life I had to use one, I was glad I had it. And after I successfully used it I was all like “that was cool”. Some folks can’t handle responsibility. If I put a gun in his hands, would he shit his pants? He needs an assault extinguisher.

Sudden Jihad Syndrome

Driving to one of my developments today, I heard news a shooter at large in Chattanooga, which is about 1.25 hours away. So, I’m thinking it’s either some nutjob with mental problems. But, as I later learned, both locations were at military recruiting joints. So, I wondered if it was sudden Jihad syndrome or some Jade Helm whacko. Looks like the former. Also, though I cannot confirmed it, internet chatter says ISIS tweeted this before the fact. So, is the JV team now playing away games?

.gov alerts military personnel to be on the look out. But says no guns there.

But the sign worked. There are no bullet holes in the sign.

The police loophole

Is where a few criminals get their guns.

A strategic battleground in the culture war

Right here. Make no mistake, if we win there, we’ve very likely won. And it will be with the help of the media.

Elmer Keith’s ka-boom

Neat video


SAFE is working as shootings rise 50% in Syracuse.

First amendment victory for the second amendment

Turns out, you can wear your NRA hat to the polls. You should be able to wear whatever you please to the polls and anyone enforcing a law to the contrary should be flogged.

We must ban dildos

Domestic assault with a three-dimensional devices designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs

July 15, 2015

Why are anti-gun anti-violence activists so violent?

Baltimore anti-violence groups suspended after a police raid turned up guns and drugs.

Pistol Powerhouse

Young woman in Tennessee who works with young shooters.

At Amazon

It’s Prime Day, with a lot of deals.

Well, that’s curious

A $200 privacy device has been killed, and no one knows why

Well, OK

The DildAR

Black Fly Day

10% of on Bug-A-Salts.

Gun Porn

How times have changed: 1984 issue of Firepower magazine.

July 14, 2015


You know, if they want me to believe they’re not coming to take my guns they should probably stop expressing a desire to come and take my guns.

Permitless carry

Kansas man thwarts a robbery after new law.

Out of battery

I see what you did there.

Wait, what?

I mentioned before how the present is surreal. So, hold on: ISIS has a singer song writer. No, not that Isis, the militant fanatical one.

Rand Paul’s Tax Plan

You had me at get the IRS out of people’s lives.

It’s like a Tupperware party but for defense

A group of women have Mary Kay type gatherings to peddle non lethal self defense tools.

News you can use

People often forget but the reality is you are on your own. You are who you can count on. Act accordingly.

Gun Porn

Suppressed SMG

July 13, 2015

Only the rights and liberties she approves of


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