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March 06, 2018

Assault weapons ban stuff

The History of the ‘Assault Weapon’ Hoax. Part 1: The Crime that Started it All

And it’s on purpose: ‘Assault Weapon’ Banners Assert False Distinctions Because the Real Ones Are Silly


Does your AR-15 need a forward assist?

IIRC, it was an after thought by the Army.

Gun Porn

Wilson Combat Custom Glock 19

My Father’s Gun.

March 01, 2018

I chuckled a little

Walmart will no longer sell rifles to those under 21. Dick’s Sporting Goods will no longer sell “assault rifles” which is kind of surprising because if they were selling “assault rifles” that would have been illegal.

FedEx didn’t abandon the NRA but issued some silly statement supporting gun control. So, I kind of laughed today when FedEx delivered my bump stock.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Students Participating in Gun Control Walkout Are Arrested After They Throw Rocks, Damage Cars


A bill to ban bump stocks.

Will they ban 3D printing too?

Today, in very bad gun handling

Let’s wave some guns around while teaching people about the second amendment.

And this CNN reporter shooting an AR-15 is sad:

Fast Fire Device for Glocks

Nifty. Not certain how it works.

Get you kilt on the streetz

6 ‘Absolute Truths’ Preached by Gun Snobs. I laughed a bit.

But narrative!

The Florida shooter used ten round magazines because 30 rounders wouldn’t fit in his bag.

And his gun apparently jammed:

The weapon and bullets were not high quality and were breaking apart,

Anyone know the brand?

George Takei is apparently an idiot

So, George, where is the NRA’s gun store? Where can I get a NRA brand pistol?

The Trumpening

He says to take guns first then due process.

Then he says background checks won’t pass if national reciprocity is attached. Sorry, but I want something in return.

After, he says respect the second amendment.

And he wants to administratively ban bump stocks. Again, I want something in return.

Trump appears to just make mouth noises to cater to whoever he’s talking to. But others say he’s playing 3D chess. Meh.

Gun Porn

That’s a big gun:

February 27, 2018

Sadly, they control the future of information. Unless something changes.

A reader emails:

Go to google’s site, and enter “AR10”, and click the “Shopping” link. You’ll get numerous results as you’d expect, probably because Google as not figured out that an AR10 is an evil assault rife.

Now try it with “AR15”: “Your search did not match any shopping results”

They won’t even say that it violates their policy. They just make the information disappear.

Here are the links: AR-15 v. AR-10

Hit them in the wallet

So, Delta decided to yank benefits for NRA members. As such, the Georgia LG is blocking their tax exemption for jet fuel. To the tune of $50M.

A few things on the NRA bennies. Not a lot of members are aware of them. I never new I got a lot of those discounts. I did, however, use their life insurance. It was a good rate and reasonable coverage. But I never knew I got car rental and plane discounts.

And what were these companies thinking? Do they think the 17 year old kids and twitter bots harassing them will ever be customers? And do they think the NRA’s 5M members will continue use their services? Most will. Until NRA sends a notice out in America’s First Freedom and Shooting Illustrated. But then, I’m guessing they’ll lose some business.

But I see otherwise in the news!

Schools are safer than they were in the 90s, and school shootings are not more common than they used to be, researchers say

But that’s not the narrative.

Haven’t heard this one in a while

A supposed history professor trots out the old “the second amendment doesn’t say what it clearly says” bit. That bit of creation science thinking (developing your conclusion then working backward) has been debunked rather a lot.

The Trumpening


President Donald Trump told a gathering of state governors on Monday that “we have to have action” in the wake of the latest US mass shooting and urged governors not to be “afraid” of challenging the National Rifle Association.

I think he needs to think before speaking.

And they should

Dems fear overreach as left presses assault weapon ban

Also, they went on a step further and pushed a bill that bans semi-autos that take magazines.

In an election year.

Help a friend

Chris is struggling with cancer. He runs the Anarchangel blog. If you want to donate, you may go here.

Why won’t you dumb, cousin-humping rednecks vote for us?

Glenn with some truth:

But since the point of gun control is to humiliate and grind down flyover people and demonstrate that the Ruling Class is ultimately the, well, Ruling Class not to control crime the appearance of submission is probably enough. Plus, a seldom enforced and often ignored law is ideal if you want to be able to target troublesome individuals later.


News you can use

What About 20 Gauge for Home Defense?

Gun Porn

Let it snow

February 26, 2018

Enforce the laws on the books

The Grassley Cruz bill does that. Though it should be done already.


Why the AR-15 shouldn’t be banned. That would appeal to more moderate folks than my personal line of you don’t get a say.

The opposite of a shopping list

Here’s the List of Companies That Have Cut Ties with the NRA

A resurgence of the gun control movement


Now, I do believe that social media has greatly enhanced the ability of a small number of determined activists to intimidate traditional companies who dont really get social media. But in 2008, they did not have even a small number of determined activists.

If you really want to annoy the other side, join the NRA. They’re running special discounts.

That didn’t go as planned

Florida gun show sees record attendance. Good.

I just ordered a bump stock because Donald Trump says I shouldn’t have one. Sure, that issue is a political loser for us. And it won’t break my heart provided we get something in return. But I’m the uppity sort that buys things people want to ban.

That ended well

How to talk to your kids about gun control.

I doubt it will play out how they think

What Will Gun Controllers Do When Americans Ignore an Assault Weapons Ban?