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February 08, 2016

Gun Porn

Homemade Glock receivers. Interesting.

Integrally Suppressed YHM 10/22 Barrel

Ruger SR-556E

February 05, 2016

He who controls the bureaucracy

OSHA is going after ammo manufacturers. Seems they want them labeled because ammo is a “chemical container”. Much more at the link.

So, profiling isn’t bad?

Police advised that certain bumper stickers might mean you’re an armed extremist.



And it happened again

Another open carrier robbed of his gun.

This is the third case I know of. Statistically insignificant but worth noting.

The butthurt locker

Moms Demand is upset that the governor of Virginia compromised. Well, that’s what they say they want, right?

Gun Porn

AMTACs Over the Barrel Suppressors


February 04, 2016

Strict Scrutiny

A major win in MD. A court has ruled that the lower court must use strict scrutiny in a case dealing with a ban on “assault weapons” and regular capacity magazines. Says the court:

Likewise, the record in this case shows unequivocally that LCMs are commonly kept by American citizens, as there are more than 75 million such magazines in circulation in the United States. In fact, these magazines are so common that they are standard.

Well, they are regular capacity in most cases. And only 75 million? I find that to be a bit low.

When are Latinos not Latinos?

When they’re republicans, of course. And, also, probably because they don’t pander based on race.

In Iowa, 60% of the Republican caucus went to minorities. 0% of Democrat votes went to minorities.

Well, that’s awkward

The mosque that Obama visited has been under FBI surveillance since 2010.

Crossing the line

In TN, careful where you keep your gun when you have it in the car. This, of course, is easily mitigated by having a permit.

Financial Institution Customer Protection Act

I hadn’t heard of it. But the NRA says that it will prevent the feds from shutting down bank accounts of companies they don’t like. I like it. Of course, Dear Reader has threatened to veto it.

The TSA at work

So, the administration wants background checks for selling a gun to your dad. But they have no such requirement for employees of the TSA:

TSA still cannot verify their employees criminal histories and immigration statuses, according to disclosures made by the Department of Homeland Security inspector general.

Gun Porn

The Politically Correct VP9

February 03, 2016

Chicks and guns

CNN Money:

Women are buying handguns in record numbers — especially weapons that are small enough to conceal.

But they are frustrated by the lack of firearm accessories catering to them. So some are starting companies of their own to tailor products to women.

And they don’t mean making them in pink. Here’s the company website.

Mostly 3D printed 9mm semi-auto handgun

The Shuty MP-1:

Feel the bern

So, living wage, eh?

the Sanders campaign pays its interns only $12 an hour.


Rand Paul is dropping from the presidential race. His campaign never really took off, maybe because of the sideshow acts. He was who I was behind. Seems to me that he could have done well in New Hampshire. I’d have thought he’d have stayed in until at least after that and find his departure before that and the next debate unusual. I guess he’s made some sort of deal. Even though his staff is saying he’s not endorsing anyone. Or he’s worried about running for his senate seat.

Gun Porn


I always said the KRISS was in the wrong caliber.

February 02, 2016


I bet it happens here too:

A retired media boss at a major German state broadcaster has admitted his network and others take orders from the government on what and what not to report.

Thoughts on last night’s caucus

Cruz won. I was surprised. I figured it’d go to the clown show. Rubio did better than I thought.

The other establishment guys couldn’t even beat my guy. And they spent a ton of money. Jeb Bush beat me by fewer points than Cruz beat Trump.

60% of the Republican caucus went to minorities. 0% of Democrat votes went to minorities. Racists.

Hillary was up this time last year by all the points. And she barely squeaked out a win against a socialist. And even that win is questionable, since some votes were lost or whatever. And, of course, her beating the odds and winning 6 coin tosses. At least the Democrats are rigging their own elections now.

Clinton and gun control

The gun control isn’t helping her campaign. So, she should do more of it.

Fighting against a crowd

Some thoughts from Oleg. Obviously, first thing is to get out and, also, not get trapped in. Beyond that, I think the 17 round gun and shooting the biggest/loudest/scariest antagonist right in the face for effect may deter others. Or it may not. But go down fighting.

Questionable ideas for guns

I missed one. Apparently, someone who doesn’t know a thing about guns and their functionality thinks it would be a good idea for police to keep a blank in the chamber. Ugh.

Gun Porn

Russian Winchester 1895

Ruger Silent SR

February 01, 2016

Using OSHA to ban guns in workplaces?

Well, this seems like it would be quite the stretch:

Proponents of President Barack Obamas executive orders in the area of gun control point to OSHAs General Duty Clause as a possible basis for a national no guns at work policy.

The General Duty Clause requires employers to maintain a safe workplace, including the implementation of policies that may be necessary to further that goal. Proponents argue that this significant increase in workplace violence coupled with the expansion of concealed carry laws would be the basis for this regulatory change. Moreover, because a General Duty Clause already exists within the OSHA statute, there would not be a need for congressional approval.

So, more BS. And it can be done without an act of the legislature, in theory. That is exactly what is wrong with government.

Pull the other one

So, a police officer negligently shot someone. And, of course, blames his gun and his training:

Defense attorneys have argued the gun was faulty, saying in opening statements that Liangs finger was alongside the trigger not on it following police protocol.

But Detective Marc Acevedo told jurors Liangs gun was on the high end of the NYPDs acceptable range for trigger-pull the force required to fire the weapon. The Glock needs 11/₂ pounds of pressure to fire, out of a range of 9 to 12 pounds.

Will this gun fire if someone simply places their finger alongside this weapon? prosecutor Joseph Alexis asked. No, the detective replied.

It was a Glock. His finger was on that trigger or I’ll eat my hat.

Only the police should have guns

Good thing she got that magazine out of the way:

Facebook ends private gun sales

At facebook, users are not the customer. They are the product. Still, it seems like you wouldn’t want to upset your herd:

Facebook will rely on users to report content that violates the new policy, Watts told Fast Company.

Strikes me as odd to upset a decent portion of users. So, this doesn’t surprise me:

The White House on Monday refused to say whether Facebook’s recent decision to ban users from facilitating the sale of guns, parts and ammunition was the result of pressure from the Obama administration.


Use internet exploder or you can’t get your gun permit.

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