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November 19, 2015

Security Theater

TSA confiscates a kid’s Buzz Lightyear toy because it kinda, sorta looks like a gun.

Gun Porn

School shooting rifle

Gewehr 71 with Experimental Magazine

November 18, 2015


First, a freak out over a Jeep rack someone thought was a “large assault rifle”, now Minnesota Rep. Kim Norton, on twitter, confuses rear windshield wiper with a rifle.

These people get elected, folks.

What could possibly go wrong?

Court rules: Private citizens in Tennessee can make traffic stops and arrests for speeding and other traffic violations

Catching a dropped gun

A while back, some smart cracker wrote about never trying to catch a dropped gun. And his editors called it Rule 5. Well, maybe not: What happens when you drop a loaded Taurus?

Guess it depends on the gun.

OK, I laughed



Post Paris attack, gun sales and carry permits surge.

Wasn’t Ted Kennedy on that list?

So, the NY Daily News gets full on hysterical blaming the NRA for not letting a law pass so that people on a terror watch list are prohibited from buying guns. Given the issues with the watch list, that sounds reasonable to most people. The sheer hysteria in the tone of the article is amusing. It means they’re losing, they know it, and they’re trying anything.

Gun Porn

H undh K P30SK

1847 Walker Revolver

November 17, 2015

Too big to jail

A common theme put forward by a few of the presidential candidates at the last Republican debate was that, gosh darnit, you just couldn’t deport all those people who were breaking the law because it was impractical or impossible. Because there’s so many of them. The numbers tossed out were 3, 9, and 11 million, IIRC.

You see, it’s not possible or practical to enforce the law as it is written, so they should ignore it or let it slide or change the law. I welcome this precedent. How about 3, 9 or 11 million of us stop paying taxes? How about 3, 9 or 11 million of us ignore NFA laws? How about 3, 9 or 11 million of us start smoking marijuana? Or whatever anyone’s pet issue.

In two of three of my examples, I’m guessing the reaction wouldn’t be “gosh, that’s impossible”.

Shooting someone wearing TATP explosive

News you can use:

If you are in a shooting situation where your target is in close proximity to TATP explosives you should either make certain you dont hit the containers or you are prepared to accept the consequences of a detonation.

Practicing head shots will be part of the next range session.

Speaking of PSH

Woman confuses Jeep rack for “large assault rifle”

Hillary to receive gun control award

In other news, the Brady Campaign is still around giving awards.

How does a suppressor affect muzzle velocity?

Mostly, not much.

Life in the future

Remember when they started giving every kid a trophy? Those children are in college now.

So, barely is a synonym for completely

Some PSH over at Bloomberg’s fake grassroots effort on bumpfire stocks:

AR-15 Lovers Are Getting Fully Automatic Thrills with Barely Legal Gadgets

Bump fire devices let black rifles fire hundreds of rounds per minute. They’ve become hot accessories for the growing tactical weapons set.

That truly is a dizzying piece.

Sumdood and the Dindunuffins

The islamic extremist version

Even more important than climate change

Obama says gun control to be top issue of final year. I guess he hasn’t won enough gun salesman of the year awards.

News you can use

Sound Suppressor Buyer’s Guide

Security theater

TSA fails to detect a gun in a man’s bag. I think I’d have kept my mouth shut.

XKCD on flashlights

Heh. I need to get one that sets things on fire.

Landlord bans guns, sue landlord

I guess private property claims are avoided by the fact the housing is subsidized:

A disabled former lobsterman who shot an intruder after buying a gun to defend himself sued his landlord Monday over a policy that prohibits him from keeping a gun in his subsidized apartment.

Harvey Lembo, who uses a motorized wheelchair, was warned by his property management company that tenants are prohibited from having firearms after he shot an alleged burglar in the shoulder after five break-ins.

Gun Porn

RSC 1917


November 16, 2015

Post Paris

Combined with ISIS announcing it will target cities in the US, I’ll be putting the AR back in the truck.

Holsters with sweat guards

Todd is not a fan. I can see the appeal to deter sweat and, also, if you have rather pointy rear sights. But does the potential hindrance outweigh the convenience? I dunno. But I’m not quite the shooter Todd is.

Immigrants and guns

UK citizen is suing the Honolulu police department for depriving him of his right to arms:

A United Kingdom citizen who is a legal permanent resident of the United States alleges in a lawsuit that the Honolulu Police Department discriminates against non-U.S. citizens by making it difficult for them to obtain firearm permits.

Hawaii has some of the strongest gun laws in the nation. Hawaii is the only state that requires firearms to be registered at a statewide level, which is done through county police departments. Hawaii’s permit allows someone to purchase a firearm, transport it to limited places such as a shooting range or gunsmith, or use it for hunting.

Hawaii only granted permits to U.S. citizens until a federal judge in Honolulu last year ruled that’s unconstitutional.

The department is trying to get around that ruling by verbally requiring those with green cards to obtain additional clearance from their countries of citizenship, said the lawsuit filed last week in federal court in Honolulu.

The press blinks

At the WaPo: Why arent Hillary Clintons exaggerations of her life story bigger news?

Because she’s a democrat.

Is anyone at Vox capable of that?

Vox bans mansplaining. Well, the term mansplaining is sexist.

Security theater

You don’t say: A lot of what passes for security at airports is more theatrical than real

SAF getting to work

Suing anti-gun politicians. Good.

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