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Not bad for a nobody

So, that post I linked to earlier about someone from GunsAmerica whining that bloggers are not media and shouldn’t get press creds (my post here) generated more comments than all posts on the first several pages of the SHOT Show Blog combined. And, hell, my post generated nearly as many comments. All in a couple of hours.

So, who are these nobodies again?

There’s a reason for that. All the industry and media people already know the stuff they blog about. There are dozens of industry emails and newsletters I get that tell me and other bloggers/media sorts that stuff. What’s going there now is new eyeballs who are not industry and media. And they have something to say. And isn’t that what it’s about?

19 Responses to “Not bad for a nobody”

  1. Thirdpower Says:

    It was the ‘nobodies’ who overshadowed the Brady Campaign’s ‘vigil’ the other day.

    Where was Paul Helinski?

  2. ExurbanKevin Says:

    A bunch of nobodies can add up to quite a big somebody.

  3. BalloonGoesUp Says:

    @Kevin, Would you rather fight 1 giant or 100 Umpa Lumpas?

  4. ExurbanKevin Says:

    I’m not a mover or a shaker, but I left a comment here (one of the shakier and/or movier blogs out there 🙂 ) about a post on a friends blog (not mover nor shaker) and all of a sudden there’s a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on in the gunblog world.

    This is how blogging works. Good content, links and good commenters are *everything*.

  5. Calm Gun Says:

    Excellent point @thirdpower.

  6. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “Yeah! You blogger guys aren’t media! You’re uh . . . you’re um . . . you’re like farmers or something like that! You’re kind of an independent, almost agricultural thing, or something like that, but you’re not media! Unless, of course, you have official, government-issued credentials, like my commie compadre bloggers who are good Marxists should get. Then you’d be media.”

  7. PawPaw Says:

    Interesting. I noticed that Field and Stream has a blog, as does the Wall Street Journal and several other very mainstream media. Tell Bourjaily and Petzal that they’re not journalists.

    Journalism is changing and the traditional media is having a problem with that. Too bad. It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between someone who is a “real journalist” and someone who just throws poo at the wall to see what sticks.

  8. Michael Bane Says:

    The truth is we all start small. Like Uncle, I remember when you could count the gun blogs on one hand (and one of them was mine). We were gadflies then, and the flood of new bloggers are gadflies still. Heck, the new guys provide a great counterbalance against, well, people like me.

    Besides, where else could I find a pool of ideas to steal from? LOL!

    Michael B

  9. Michael Hawkins Says:

    A lot of comments you say? I remember how I once made a comment on a TSA related post on this blog …

  10. mikee Says:

    Ahhh, good times remembering that comment thread, M.Hawkins. I contributed my silly bit to that one, once I finally figured out what was going on.

  11. HiddenHills Says:

    I bet TSA agents are glad they are not Onslow County jailers…..

  12. TIM Says:

    Personaly I dont know how you guys that run the blogs keep up.So much reading so much typing my head would explode.But Old school jounalists better get used to the new way of doing things becuase it is only getting bigger every day.

  13. Letalis Maximus, Esq. Says:

    I’m a nobody who BUYS a lot of guns. And if I BUY one that is a piece of unreliable crap, I plan to write about it wherever I can. And THAT is what the industry and established media don’t like.

  14. Steven Den Beste Says:

    “Would you rather fight 1 giant or 100 Umpa Lumpas?”

    Depends on how much ammo I have.

  15. Dewage Says:

    Had an interesting conversation with a journalist on a short hop into O’Hare. At one point I asked him if he thought bloggers were journalists. “Ahh, not really,” he said thoughtfully. “I really think you need to be part of a larger organization to be considered a journalist.”

    “Ah, that’s interesting,” I said. “That implies that Freedom of the Press is a collective right.”

    — He immediately gagged, went bug-eyed, stared off into the seat in front of him and finally said, “I’d have to think about that…” When they say that, you’ve pierced their rationalizations and they need to come up with a new one.

    Freedom of the Press is an Individual Right. Just like all of them.

  16. Sardondi Says:

    Another reason the “nobodies” have flourished, even in the face of the Establishment’s total opposition, is that the “somebodies” have lost the trust of the vast majority of the huge American middle class. The somebodies, the mainstream media, long ago stopped being mere gatherers and reporters of events. First they became analysts and opinion-givers, showing the poor benighted stupid Americans how to think. Finally by 2007 the mainstream media just stopped pretending and became part of the Obama Campaign. And now the media has finally joined the Obama Administration as the Ministry of Propaganda. It’s a wonder the very rocks don’t cry out at the sheer hypocrisy and cynicism of the media.

    American citizens are tired of the lies of the Somebodies. We don’t mind a point of view, but we insist you admit you have one, instead of keeping up the pretense of objectivity. And don’t think we won’t catch a lie or a half-truth. We have gone over to the “nobodies” in such droves becasue we can trust them to cover stories the MSM won’t; to make clear what perspective they have; and to not mislead us.

    What the Somebodies won’t or can’t realize is that the nobodies now have much more power, and a larger audience among actual voters than the media.

  17. almostfree Says:

    Dewage, I said. That implies that Freedom of the Press is a collective right.

    That is brilliant! Hope you don’t mind me using that one.

  18. Skip Says:

    It was the nobody bloggers who revealed Danny Rather to be the fraud he always was.

  19. Conservadad Says:

    Hey, somebody ought to write a book about all those little guys overshadowing the MSM, they could call it something like “An Army of Davids”! Hello Glenn and thanks!

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