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Gun bloggers and social media at SHOT

From comments to that last post, comes SHOT welcoming gun bloggers and internet media types for the instant coverage. Then, someone from GunsAmerica chimes in and is not happy about it.

Update: I do think that there is some validity to his concerns. There are tons of gun blogs. So many I can’t keep up with them. How can a gun maker tell if someone with a badge that says ‘gunblogger’ actually has a substantial readership? And it’s not unheard of for people to start gun blogs for the free stuff.

Update 2: But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a dumb thing to say.

62 Responses to “Gun bloggers and social media at SHOT”

  1. j t bolt Says:

    GunsAmerica? Never HEARD of em.

  2. Calm Gun Says:

    Again, the only metric that matters is the knowledge that the community is growing. More people are becoming interested in firearms, more people are speaking up about it and that is positive because it matches the rise in sales. Frankly, if we have a million new blogs this year, so be it. More people exposed to things like the SHOT show will grow our community which is a positive thing.

    People who scream about rights and then want to keep people out of the party are like people who write about rights and then mingle with the Brady folks. Don’t trust them. At all.

  3. SPQR Says:

    I think the capper would be a post by GunsAmerica about how great a blog TTAG is…

  4. Skip Says:

    I’m just a lurker who shows up at the back of the room.
    I’ve watched Kevin shoot my 686 all six in one big fireball, talked to Gura and let him shoot my .308, watched Molly kick everyones ass on steel, own a buncha guns, shoot weekly, on the board of one club and a member of two others.
    I read all of you bloggers every day plus other non gunnies.
    I am always in the market. And a guy like that will never get my bucks or a tip from me.
    Happy Birthday Girl with a Gun! Killer post.

  5. dustydog Says:

    Makes sense to me. I can certainly see why they would go crazy stupid on anybody promoting efficient communication.

    If politics go well, we might get rid of the FFL requirement and get person-to-person intra-state and inter-state sales of firearms back. If that happens, GunsAmerica will lose money, as people choose free platforms.

  6. dannytheman Says:

    I blog for me, not looking to go to any show. Others, I sense, do it for the perks, which is fine. I only get 70 to 120 hits a day. I don’t want or take ads, I don’t want free perks. My blog is about my thoughts and is done to only serve me.

  7. A girl and her gun Says:

    Thanks Skip:)

  8. johnnyreb™ Says:

    Paul really stuck his junk in the fan with that comment. I really wanted to leave a comment, but it kept devolving into a rant. He should take lessons from Breda on how to be gracious. I, for one am very grateful for her help in pointing out how to get into the NRA Con’s press room. Meeting some of the people that i’ve been reading all these years was the highlight of my visit.

    As a ‘nobody’ whose hobby blog turned into a link dump, i’m not only offended by his remarks, but will be removing his link. Yeah, the link that my very small audience has used before …

    Free stuff? The only thing i’ve ever got for free, was some unlimited ammo to shoot last memorial day. And at the end of the day, i returned all of the unused ammo. Once again, the highlight of that adventure was meeting all of the wonderful bloggers.

    Paul can embrace ‘teh suck’ …

  9. Thirdpower Says:

    And he just keeps digging.

  10. HiddenHills Says:


    I guess I’ll can cross “blogging” off of my bucket list. I doubt if I would ever have the metrics to be “credible”. Heck, I am struggling hard to even reach “troglodyte” (hmmmm….maybe I’ll be a “trogger” !).

    But, after observing the meetings at the “church of the gun blog”, I do know how to better spend what little disposable income I have, and how to focus those expenditures on vendors who appreciate my contributions.

    Kudos to the small guys who eventually garner attention and support. Well earned.

  11. Calm Gun Says:

    He is the commander of the Maginot Line and stands there assured of his position even as troops pour around behind him and make him look like an imbecile of a commander.

    In short, he’s a boob.

  12. Bob H Says:

    Free Stuff? I wonder if is taken?

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