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December 09, 2014

Tilting at windmills

Families of the victims of Sandy Hook are filing a suit against Bushmaster because it makes them fell better or something. I mean, Bushmaster is as responsible as the maker of the automobile the psychopath drove to the school.

Kids and BB guns

Apparently, it’s an NRA conspiracy to make sure kids learn gun safety. Or something. Also, in Michigan, you can’t possess a BB gun if you’re under 18?

Because narrative

AP misrepresenting stand your ground laws. I’m shocked. I remember listening to the talking head yammer on about SYG in the Trayvon Martin case. Someone pointed out that SYG was never brought up at the trial by anyone at anytime. The talking head said “I believe it was” and believed it even though they could provide zero evidence of it.

This has my interest

The Liberty Mystic X Suppressor. It’s for many calibers. If I got one in 9mm, I could use it on, basically, all my guns.

Banning toy guns

Some idiot is calling for that. And threatening to boycott companies he’d probably never buy anything from anyway.

Gun Porn

Revolver edition

L Frame revolvers

Charter Arms’ .44 Special Bulldog presentation to NRA Museum

Charter Arms Pitbull in .45 ACP. This could solve my new caliber problem.

December 08, 2014

They have questions

So, last weekend, my dad gave a little piece of rolled up foil. In it was the first tooth I lost as a kid. Today, more than a week later, my son, out of the blue, says “So, how did Papa get your tooth from the tooth fairy?”

I told him to call Papa.

Russian Roulette is stupid

Even more so with a semi-auto. Thanks stock photos.

Things I didn’t know I needed

.50 Caliber Shot Glass:


Remington 700 Recall hits close to home

So, they’re guns may accidentally fire when you hit the safety or operate the bolt. But they’re replacing the triggers. My nephew recently grabbed one and, as family “gun expert”, I’ll deal with it.

Larry Weeks is retiring

Of all the people in the gun business I’ve ever met, the hands-down absolute nicest and most go-to guy is Larry Weeks. He’s just an fantastic person. Super nice, helpful and involved. He’s even nice when you’re ribbing him. Any time I’ve asked him his opinion on something, he gets back with me with some well thought out ideas. And he let me shoot his STI and the gun blogger rendezvous. He’s retiring from Brownells. I wish him the best in all things and he’s promised to keep in touch.

Thanks for everything, Larry.

RIP Ammo Recalled

It’s 45ACP is not good for Glocks

Win gun stuff

Gun contests on the internet.

Probably because he’s committing a felony in his movies?

Marky-Mark wants a pardon

Amazon and the SB-15

It keeps showing up and disappearing:


My link to it the other day now comes back empty.

How many magazines is enough?

More. At last count, I had 60 for the ARs. And 12 for the M&P. Mostly because I don’t like to spend valuable range time reloading magazines. I need to snag some more M&P mags. Let me know if you see any deals on them.

Moms demand, Kroger yawns

Despite Watts’ best efforts, Kroger still posted increased sales. Gun control is a loser.


That’s how many people China has. So, they’re finally the largest economy. We’re number 3 with 320M or so. Because communism works.


So, will the Honey Badger give a fuck?

I mean, I don’t care for furries but . . .

Someone gassed their convention. Dry run?

Business with the police should be done outside

I wonder how long before someone comes forward and says they didn’t actually agree to the voluntary check of their homes for guns?

Hope for national reciprocity

I wouldn’t bet on it. But it is possible.

I’d like something chambered in Sacred Cow

This week in caliber wars: there is no appreciable difference in the effectiveness of the 9 mm and the .45 ACP cartridges

Gun Porn

Smith & Wesson Model 21-4 Thunder Ranch Special

Reproduction Nordenfelt Gun

His and hers

December 06, 2014

Sig discontinuing SB-15 stand alones

Osage County Guns:

We’ve just received notice from Sig Sauer that as of the first of next year, they’ll be discontinuing sales of the stand-alone pistol braces (PSB’s) without the buffer tube kit, both the current PSB models and the newer SBX models.

So, you have to get the full kit. I just snagged two at Amazon because reasons.

December 04, 2014

Even more “journalism”

Those layers of editorial oversight say that the M&P is mostly plastic while displaying an airsoft gun.

Defying I-594

On video. You know, you don’t even have to through the dramatics of a sale. Just videotape yourselves handing a gun back and forth. At least, that’s my understanding of the law.

Even more “journalism”

Crowd surrounds man’s car. Man bumps an idiot. Crowd gets irate. Man brandishes gun. Driver was released. But a look at how the press reported it.

Stocking Stuffers

From Brownells

Also, a 20mm Vulcan bottle opener. Via Kevin.

Chicks and guns

At CNN, A Girl’s Gun Club.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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