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April 19, 2016

Gun Porn

Lego BFG from Doom!

April 18, 2016

Excessive booger-hooking of the bang-switch


At a water pistol fight, a man “accidentally” shot a teenager:

And when he went to holster it he was spinning it on his finger, he pulled the trigger and accidentally shot her near the collarbone

Egad. Don’t do that.

Brady Bunch claims threats and doxxing

Can’t provide any examples.

Life in the future

I legit laughed out loud. You can tell I’m SRS because I spelled it out. No flying cars, hoverboards, or renewable energy. But stuff like that.

And I went to my first gay wedding this weekend.

I think everyone should

Should Photographers Carry a Gun on the Job? Of course, I also think everyone should carry a camera.


Beretta has opened their Tennessee plant.

Do you want Trump? Because this is how you get Trump

Black students blame America for black girl who attacked white guy with dreadlocks. No examples of the alleged racism given.


Why we win

No one smiles like that at the anti-gun range. I mean, if they had those.

Well, this is cool

Dropping a hot ball of nickel into nitrogen cooled gun powder:

Like a poll tax

A $1,000 gun tax could be a role model for other US states.

The politburo


It’s what socialist ideologies do

Bill Nye, the science guy, is open to criminal charges and jail time for climate change dissenters. If you disagree with them, you are a threat.

Gun Porn

CZ Model S Prototype

Sorry about that

Spring finally happened. I had things to do and blogging wasn’t one of them.

April 14, 2016

The party of smaller government gets vetoed

Gov. Haslam vetoes designating Bible as official state book

Why we win

Our enemies are kinda stupid:

Rep. Deb Lavender, D-Kirkwood, might have accidentally strengthened a concealed carry law Wednesday afternoon, when she ran out of time to withdraw an amendment she offered that would open the state capitol to concealed carry for members of the public.

Several House Republicans laughed and clapped when Lavender ran out of time while closing the amendment, believing she intended to withdraw the amendment before her time ran out. Members quickly took to social media to rub in the victory.


Probably because FB isn’t motivated to shut down groups

A hacker can find gun sales on facebook better than facebook can.

Do you want Trump? Because this is how you get Trump

A student was harassed and written by campus police up for carrying a holster on campus. Here’s the video:

So, a precious snowflake reported that they were spooked over a holster. Ugh.

In privacy news

You don’t have any.

Court rules warrantless collection of cellphone location data constitutional

Microsoft Sues Justice Department Over Secret Customer Data Searches

Welcome to the fish bowl.

This should go well

Disregarding the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms act, a judge has ruled a case against the gun makers may proceed because of the Newtown shooting. And it’s stupid:

Judge Barbara Bellis ruled Thursday that a federal law protecting gun-makers from lawsuits does not prevent lawyers for the families of Sandy Hook victims from arguing that the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is a military weapon and should not have been sold to civilians.

A lawyer for the families had argued there is an exception in federal law that allows litigation against companies that know, or should know, that their weapons are likely to be used in a way that risks injury to others.

Good. I hope that is the argument. They will lose.

I do like to say that but . . .

That’s more in the “because I fucking can” vein.

Gun Porn

I’m all out. So, here’s a rerun: a Morrissey.

April 13, 2016

Let’s violate all four rules of gun safety at once

A handy guide on how not to see if your laser is working:

Good lord.

Eventually, they’ll just take every thing during a stop

In NY:

Anyone involved in a car crash in New York may soon have to submit not just blood-alcohol content but a cellphone to police at the scene, or else risk losing his or her license.

A new law proposed by state senator Terrence Murphy and assemblyman Felix Ortiz would give police permission to search any phone or portable device at the scene of an accident. Cellebrite, an Israeli company that helps law enforcement crack smartphones, is marketing a device its calling a textalyzer that would analyze a drivers phone.

You mean they take gun safety seriously?

Samantha Bee, who has never been funny, apparently has a show now. And in the show she’s shocked to learn that something that’s not for sale can’t be bought. She attempted to purchase an Eddie Eagle costume and thought that was somehow comparable to a gun sale. She’s an idiot.

And Sebastian is stealing a meme from me that I stole from him.

Send in the clowns?

Bono: send Amy Schumer and Chris Rock to fight Islamic State.

I concur with the former. I am curious, though, what qualifies Bono to be taken remotely seriously on this issue. It’s clear he’s not that bright.

I’ve been thinking about a wheelgun

Snubby ballistics

And this surprises you?

Two thirds of US corporations don’t pay federal income taxes. That’s because they have entire tax departments and consultants that work to make sure that happens.

Gun Porn

That is, indeed, a hell of a lot of work.

CAA Roni Pistol Adapter

Rock Island Armory 9mm 1911 2,000 round field strip and inspection

April 12, 2016

Good for Christie

Maybe he’s eyeing the VP slot

He’s loosening restrictions on gun laws and streamlining the permitting process :

Gov. Christie’s administration announced measures Friday to ease some New Jersey state gun restrictions, including an expansion of the standard for getting a permit to carry a gun.

The Republican governor, who previously endorsed loosening the state’s gun laws, said in a statement Friday that the changes would “deliver relief and assurance to New Jerseyans exercising their Second Amendment rights.”

The changes, which follow recommendations issued by a study commission Christie formed last year, include a regulatory amendment that adds “serious threats” to the circumstances considered a special danger to a person’s life. This expands the standard of “justifiable need” that applicants have to meet to get a permit to carry a gun in New Jersey.

The amendment also says that a permit to carry can be issued based on danger to the applicant’s life that cannot be avoided by other “reasonable” means rather than by “any” means.

It’s a start.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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