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August 10, 2015

yea though i walk through the valley of the shadow of derp


I learned from my derp.

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August 07, 2015

On the debate, after action

Donald Trump: He was Trump. Loudmouthed and attacking. Went after the moderators. The moderators were more interested in asking “gotcha” questions than moderating. But that was for all candidates. Some good one liners. And if anyone thinks he gave money to Clinton to get her to his wedding, well, I’ve got this bridge.

Jeb Bush: Meh. Nothing to exciting and nothing too awful. I’m still scratching my head over his position on Common Core.

Scott Walker: Even keeled but not terribly exciting.

Mike Huckabee: He came off well. Had some good, obviously scripted, lines. But he did not come across as Mike Huckabee.

Ben Carson: I thought his comments on race were fantastic. He’s obviously been doing his research.

Ted Cruz: He was a little disappointing. By most accounts, he is the smartest man in the room. He seemed stodgy and interested in tossing lines to the base. He hit a home-run but, based on what others have said about him, I expected a double.

Marco Rubio: My opinion of him has improved. He was very straightforward and you could hear passion in his voice. One of the few guys I felt was actually saying what he believed.

Rand Paul: Right out the gate, he went after Trump. Gutsy move and one that, had the moderators let go on, would have bumped his exposure. He got the least amount of speaking time, even though he twice asserting himself in a discussion. He’d have probably been under 4 minutes had he not done that. And I like that he went after Christie on spying. Also, the only candidate to bring up guns.

Chris Christie: His loudmouth shtick was overcome by the other loudmouth. He came across as an authoritarian, big government, law and order guy. And he lied.

John Kasich: He had some of the oddest arm movements I’ve seen. I was trying to decide if he doing Tai Chi or something. Seemed solid but also meh.

The details of TN troops being allowed to carry

It doesn’t look too great. Many restrictions.

Is that the tolerance . . .

or the diversity.

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August 06, 2015

On the debate

I’ll be watching it and rooting for my guy. And to see if Trump brings the clown show or something else. On the one hand, this isn’t Trump’s thing. He’s not used to these sorts of events and doesn’t speak like a politician or use their buzzwords. On the other, he’s unencumbered by having to speak like a politician. And, on the third hand, he’s generally brief and to the point. With the odd time restrictions of the debate, this might favor him.

Troops can carry guns in TN

Tennessee’s Adjutant Genera, Maj. Gen. Max Haston, issued an order today stating the troops with TN carry permits can carry on duty.

Headline win

And, also, an anti-gun politician has been indicted.

It’s what they do

If they’re anti-gun, they have to lie.

What Brady Campaign?

Journalism: You’d never know we heard of them or their role in these shenanigans.

Do this. Don’t do that.

Can’t you read the sign.

Use of force continuum

Man pulls out phone to record. Cop draws sidearm.

Watching the watchmen

DOJ investigates self. Says self is cool.

August 05, 2015

Astroturf is expensive

Is CSGV in economic trouble? Also, evidence of astroturf.

Social Security Gun Grab

The NRA ILA fact checks the politifact story on the claim.

Another theater shooting

Well, a pepper-spraying anyway. Shot dead by police.

Deal Alert

M&P9 with night sights for under $400

And then, there were 10

The Republicans who will be attending tomorrow’s GOP debate. Huckabee? Gah. But, hey, Rand made it.

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August 04, 2015

And what did she learn?

In FL:

A father teaching his 12-year-old daughter about gun safety accidentally shot her in the arm Sunday night, police said.

I guess he started by teaching her the don’ts?

Hate the player

Not the game. Or something.

Well, that happened quietly

ATF says 40mm practice ammo as destructive devices.

Ted Cruz cooks bacon with machine gun

Except that, you know, I didn’t see any full auto fire out of the “machine gun”. Still, more of this in candidates please:


Planned Parenthood and the NRA rate more positively than, well, anyone else.

More gun derp

Sebastian confesses his sins like I did.

Gun Porn


JFK’s Garand

August 03, 2015

Gettin’ wiggy with it

Those that saw me at the NRA convention noticed and made fun of my long hair. But, I had a plan. I was donating it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, which makes wigs for cancer patients. So, here I am before the festivities (with some help from Junior):




And the final result.


Junior is also going to donate but she wants to have long hair after, so she’s growing it a bit longer. I told her I’d race her.

Embrace the derp

Tam: I know I’ve occasionally gone back and looked at my old stuff with a new eye, and been a bit surprised.

Yup. At some point or another, I’ve:

Carried a Glock with a Clipdraw.

Had an AR with a scope mounted on a carry handle.

Tricked out a WASR. All it needed was the Ultimak rail. Everything else was derpy.

Had an AR in 9mm. I had a good reason: Indoor range.

And I learned from it all.

The science is settled

Mass shootings not increasing.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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