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August 17, 2014



Though, seriously, you should stick with carrying one long gun. Unless you can dual wield ARs!

Too bad I won’t buy their products

Because bailout. But Dodge is making cars people want to own again.

But gun control will work

Kid makes a revolving cylinder shotgun:


Gun sales up in St. Louis.

Six Flags Kicks Out Veteran

For wearing a shirt with guns on it. Be careful when you’re not in America.

Kel-Tec and Pro-Mag getting sued

The gun writer:

The properly installed forward grip slid off the gun rail while the user was ksgpumping the gun, resulting in the user shooting off part of his hand,

Does Kel-Tec or Pro-Mag recommend the use of their products in this manner?

Cops mistake power drill for uzi

Shoot the woman

Another illegal mayor

Another corrupt anti-gun mayor


They fixed it now but this was supposedly a photo of ammunition. The press has a hard time with identifying ammo.

Disturbing Photo Series Explores Targets Used For Military Training Across The World


The lawyer who shot himself proving his case

Gun Porn

Pocket rifle

Almost a DMR

Weight, weight. I never had a chance to love you

Slow Motion: Frommer Stop

Huffpo Journalist thinks that ear plugs may be rubber bullets

August 14, 2014

The top 5 random things that I want to talk about

1) listicles

The word has been added to the dictionary. It’s an article that is comprised of a list of some number of some adjectives describing some noun for some stupid fucking reason. Also, they often contain vulgarities. So fuck you err, you’ve been warned. These are the bread and butter of several websites, like cracked or buzzfeed, who decide to come up with a random list of shit they want to talk about and they scour google images for 5 minutes to steal someone else’s images and take other content and add vulgarities. So, in that tradition, here’s the image I ganked:


Yeah, baby, Listicerrific.

The basic order seems to be some listicle site steals images from 4chan. Then the listicle’s site has it’s images stolen from someplace else. Then they wind up on the message board you still read or facebook. And everyone feels all hip.

2) Crossfit

Oh, and the image usually comes first. It’s as though this internet writing is formulaic or something. So, here you go:


Yeah, we know. You talk about it all the time. It’s like the Scientology of exercise with the recruiting and the yammering. We get it. But stop fucking talking about it all the time. I introduced two of my friends that do crossfit to eachother hoping they’d talk amongst themselves and leave me alone. But no. They both started talking to me about it. Fuck!

You like to win at exercise. Good for you. But I can find more fruitful things to do at 5:30 in the AM than hitting a tractor tire with a sledgehammer.

3) Not Robin Williams.

4) Phalaris

This guy was a major dick. It wasn’t enough that he was a tyrant. Oh crap, forgot the pic. I’ll get better:


Where was I? Oh yeah, he was a major fucking dick. It wasn’t enough to be a tyrant. He had to kill his subjects in a spectacularly cruel way. So, he had someone build the Brazen Bull. It was a large, hollow bull made of bronze. And it had a door. A person who pissed off Phalaris would be placed into the bull and a fire would be lit under it. And the person would be cooked a live. And the way the bull was designed, the screams of the condemned would echo through the bronze and sound like the bellowing of an angry bull. It wasn’t enough that Phalaris would execute the criminal, he’d usually throw the accused’s family in there with him. Because he was a dick.

He even threw the guy that designed and built it in there so he could experience it from the inside and adjust it so it made more terrifying sounds. He let the inventor out. And, for his trouble, the inventor was thrown off a cliff instead of getting the riches he was promised. Because Phalaris was major dick even to other major dicks.

The only happy part of the story is that Phalaris, after being overthrown, was tossed in there and cooked alive.

5) Ferguson


I got the picture in first that time. I’m getting the hang of it.

The press is giving him the Martin treatment. All the photos of the guy that was shot in the press are nice but you can see the gang sign photos elsewhere.

The trouble with posting the pic first is that you have to talk about the pic and not what you want to say. So, let’s do that.

For some unknown reason, the cops shot a young and unarmed black man. The cops say he went for a gun. Witnesses say he had his hands up. Who do you believe? If you’re like me, you’re not sure either side is being 100% truthful. Cops overreact often when there’s a black man involved.

But citizens shouldn’t react to that by rioting and looting. And the police shouldn’t react to the rioting and looting by turning Ferguson into what Fallujah looked like a few years ago. And some bedwetter at the WaPo wonders why libertarians are silent on this whole police militarization thing. We’re not, you willfully ignorant fuck. We’ve been going on about it for years. But, since Ferguson, here’s a few examples.

Hey I did a listicle. I feel dirty.

Oh, and penguins used to be 5 feet tall.

August 13, 2014

Amanda Marcotte is an idiot

And, like Kanye West, I somehow know who the fuck she is.

The US is shameful because women are buying guns to defend themselves.

You don’t matter. And you’re not special. And you’re not unique

Wynton Hall:

A startling new political science study concludes that corporate interests and mega wealthy individuals control U.S. policy to such a degree that “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”


The solution, say the scholars, is a reinvigorated and engaged electorate.

Well, the corporations are safe then. Even if we could get the electorate more excited about their lives than the lives of the Kardashians, if voting made a difference, it’d be illegal.

Meanwhile, outside America

Man calls 911 says he was stabbed. Police show up. Search his gun safe. Arrest him on trivialities of the gun laws. Some banana republic? Yes, it’s New Jersey.

Between this and the PA mom arrested with a gun permit, let me say this: Fuck Chris Christie. You might have to roll him in flour and look for the wet spot first.

Where the fuck have you been?

Democrat hack Josh Marshall is suddenly butt hurt over police militarization. Probably because he understands election cycles.

Money can’t buy you love

Bloomberg pumped a bunch of money into a sheriff’s race in Milwaukee. It didn’t work. And Bloomberg is clearly racist.

Food storage resources

A list. I’ve only recently started storing food for the long term. I figure the fam is up to about 4 months. We’ll get a years worth soon.

Smart phone kill switches

Required in California. Do not take a cue from the automakers and make all cars compliant. Or there will be a black market for phones.

Where Great Britain Used To Be

An AR that is “legal” there:

Still have to jump through a lot of hoops.

At Home Depot

DIY Sten

Nothing new but . . .

The ABA is anti-gun. Probably because there are laws preventing ambulance chasers from going after gun companies. Such as this one, in which the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Ownership was dismissed in its suit against armslist.


Yes, “FOIA Denial Officer” Is a Real Job Title in the “Most Transparent Administration in History”

Be prepared

Ebola is probably not a thing. But if it is, get ready now. I’ve already ordered a few boxes of N95 masks.

Free printable gun targets

Another site with some

We must ban assault knives

In Cali, four people stabbed to death.

Win gun stuff

Gun contests on the internet

Gun Porn

Briefcase edition. For anyone who carries a briefcase, I ask why?

STI. I love them. But have yet to own one. Mostly because that’s a lot of bling for a gun that’s just a polymer framed 1911. And the one thing 1911 guys say is that polymer sucks. And polymer guys say the 1911 sucks. So, what do you do? But I did love shooting Larry Weeks’ 9mm STI in Reno. I’d consider it like my Para Gunblog 45. A nice shooter but probably not up to having a day job. And, of course, Joe hates his guns. Get an M&P or Glock for srs bsns. Fun guns are, well, fun of course.

August 12, 2014

America’s most popular rifle is “unusual”

US District Court Judge Catherine C. Blake says ARs and AKs are not protected under the second amendment because they are unusual and dangerous, citing Heller. As for dangerous, it’s a stupid qualifier. All guns are dangerous. Although, I think the court intended “dangerous” to mean guns that fired something other than one bullet per pull and something that didn’t explode, I can’t be sure. It seemed a stupid qualifier regardless. But the most commonly owned rifle in America is certainly not unusual.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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