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June 14, 2015

Gun Porn

Ruger twins

.45 owned by Patton

Steampunk guns at NRA

June 11, 2015

Armscor .22 TCM rifles converted to 9mm

Special Interest Arms emails this beauty:


Yup, that’s a bolt action, suppressed 9mm. Says Richard:

Calling my 9mm conversion the “Novem” (Latin for 9).
These are built from new Armscor 22 TCM rifles.
The conversions are lighter than the originals and 9mm is actually a lower pressure round.

SBR and integral versions pictured, standard 16.5″ as soon as more barrel blanks show up.
Anyone wanting one should email me.

The SBR is for sale once I take a few pics with a silencer fitted, I’m keeping the integral suppressed unit as the shop demo gun – personal toy.
Full details will be up on my site in a couple of days.
An 11″ barrel allows the stock to remain unmodified, shorter means cutting it.

I fit new barrels made on my CNC lathe, then modify the bolt and feed ramp to suit the caliber.
9mm is the standard conversion.
A 1/2-28 thread at the muzzle is standard but may be deleted.
Other threads are available.
I particularly focus on NFA items but these are available with a standard 16″ barrel which requires no special paperwork and should be legal in all states.
Standard magazine capacity is five but the seventeen round pistol magazines are interchangeable.
Basic conversions in the customers choice of barrel length are $750.00.
Integrally suppressed versions will be around $950.00

.40 SW, 10 mm, and .38 Super are the other caliber options.
I decided against 9X23 due the chance of 9X23 Win being used, which would exceed the pressure limit.
Other calibers might be possible but most have no real advantage over the above, pressure is an issue with some.
.40 SW and 10 mm will reduce capacity to four for every five in 9mm.
Guns I have gotten required slight opening of the bolt face as 9mm did not fit.

These are a hoot to shoot and the SBR balance is very fast, almost like a pistol.
Probably THE best suppressor host for the available calibers if action noise is an issue for you.
With reloads fairly heavy bullets are possible, 160 gr. 9mm, 180 gr. .40 or .38 Super.
Even heavier bullets may be possible as the magazine will take a 1.295″ OAL round.

And if anyone wants some new 22 TCM take-off barrels I have several, cheap.
Might be good to have if you want a 22 TCM carbine or shoot a LOT and need a replacement barrel.

Shake up at Remington

And speculation the R51 roll out was to blame.

No more koolaid

Iowa police have returned 800 M&Ps. Based on the article, I can’t tell if it has to do with functionality or the sketchy nature of the contract.

“Sporting purposes”

A bill to get rid of that onerous language in federal law. I’d put chance of passing at nil.

Be careful when you leave America

A Fox News security contractor is in jail on gun charges. Carrying in MD is, generally, illegal.

Hey, I know that guy

Dragon Leatherworks made props for Jurassic World

Caliber wars

Are bigger bullets more effective?


Women trained to resist sexual assault far less likely to be raped: study

Gun Porn


Words that are fun to say: Reichsrevolvers


June 09, 2015

Democrats move to ban guns

Plastic guns. Via Glenn, who notes the TSA can’t even identify real ones.

Good for Christie

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) granted a “full and free pardon” to Steffon Josey-Davis.

Open carry: The new normal?

How should you react? I dunno about the new normal. Sure, I’ve seen a few people walking around with a pistol on their hip. But walking around with a slung AR-15 is pretty weird.

Win gun stuff on the internet

Here’s a list of gun contests.

Gun Porn

S.I.A. De Lisle Silent Carbine. Do want.

June 08, 2015

SCOTUS doesn’t back up its own ruling

The supreme court refused to hear Jackson v. City and County of San Francisco. After Heller and McDonald, they don’t seem very willing to take on many more gun rights cases. It’s curious to me why that is. Pre-Heller, it was speculated that the court wouldn’t take gun cases because they weren’t convinced the decision would go the right way. But Sandy resigned. I wonder who the hold out is now?

Shooting 22 bullets and 5.56 shells out of a shotgun

Well, OK:

Gun control works!

Since the SAFE act passed, shootings are up in NYC.

Gun Porn

Spanish Anarchist Pistols

June 07, 2015

T Rex slap fight. Thor. Viking chicks. And lots of dead Nazis

And a triceratops. I enjoyed this far more than I should have. Thanks, Robb.

Silencer Juice

Jim sent me a bottle of his Silencer Juice a bit back and I’ve been remiss in shooting 22LR. So, I remedied that a couple of days ago.

Per the website, it cleans, reduces heat build up, and reduces the sound even more.

So, I took the M&P22 and the Outback out to the range and loaded up a magazine and fired it. Planned on recording the decibel level but the phone apps that do that aren’t well suited for gun shots. I then waited a bit for the suppressor to cool off and tried it with the juice in it. There was no first round pop. And it was noticeably quieter. Well, to my ear.

I recommend giving it a shot.

ITAR update may threaten gun websites

Paul Bedard:

Commonly used and unregulated internet discussions and videos about guns and ammo could be closed down under rules proposed by the State Department, amounting to a “gag order on firearm-related speech,” the National Rifle Association is warning.

In updating regulations governing international arms sales, State is demanding that anyone who puts technical details about arms and ammo on the web first get the OK from the federal government or face a fine of up to $1 million and 20 years in jail.

More from Joe, who notes that his post on ammo may violate such a regulation.

Skirting gun laws

Man uses a black powder gun to murder his ex:

A man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in a Target parking lot in Montgomery County used an antique-style, black-powder pistol because his record as a sex offender barred him from buying a regular firearm, a prosecutor said in court Friday.

He sought this gun out, Assistant States Attorney Debbie Feinstein said.

The suspect, Donald W. Bricker, 27, of Hagerstown, ordered the handgun online, and it arrived in the mail Monday morning, Feinstein said. He practiced at least one shot at home, and later on Monday drove to Germantown to meet with his ex-girlfriend, Mariam Shad Adebayo, Feinstein said.

Black powder guns aren’t firearms, per law. And there’s no background check required.

June 06, 2015

The party of smaller government

Tennessee law requires mark ups on cigarettes, milk and wine:

Under a new state law, Tennessee retailers will have to charge smokers at least 15 percent more than the wholesale cost. The surcharge is theirs to keep.

That increase follows last year’s law requiring supermarkets to sell wine at least 20 percent above cost and another longstanding 10 percent markup on milk. State law refers to those margins as “the cost of doing business.”

Background checks for airguns

In Oregon, are powder actuated nail guns a firearm?


Woman stabbed to death awaiting state’s permission to own a gun.. Gun control kills

Man sentenced to a year in jail for showing a gang banger that was threatening him his gun.

Targeting a selfie

ISIS guy posts a selfie. Air force finds location and bombs it.

Restoring rights

The house has voted to resume funding for the ATF to process applications to restore rights for non-violent felons.

Free speech case

Man Being Prosecuted for ‘Hate Speech’ and Holocaust Denial.

So much fail



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