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September 20, 2015

Gun oil, Nazis, and the drama llama

And it’s all your fault.

Win some, lose some

A partial win in DC. They upheld training and registration and stuck down some other things.

More flashlight blogging

From NJT. I know a lot of people carry one every day. I never have, I use the phone’s flashlight app. But that one looks small enough.

Gun Porn

Adding a light to fix FTEs.

Smoke and hope

BSAs Experimental .34 Caliber Pistols

September 17, 2015

Flashlight blogging

Tam notes a way to improve a Surefife.

Sebastian wants a light he can completely operate with one hand.

I’ve got a few old school Surefire G2s that I keep on hand for work use. I like them fine. I also still dig the Lifegear four pack. The large light is good for lighting up a street. But not sized right for EDC, IMO.

Rand: use some ear protection

Rand Paul uses an AR to shoot the tax code. But, seriously, you only get one set of ears.

That’s Senator Insurrectionist Thug To You!

On the debate

Jake Tapper seemed to phrase many of his “questions” as: So, candidate A, candidate B says you’re wrong on some issue. Tell us why candidate B is wrong.


But some progress in that the drug war was discussed.

Fiorina nailed Trump like a Dewalt air compressor. She impressed me. Now, my candidates in order of preference go like this:

Rand Paul
Sweet Meteor of Death
Cruz (but his Kim Davis thing had me all Dude, dafuq?)
Trump (because he’s basically another SMOD)

Gun Porn

Confederate Revolvers. That’s racist!

US made AK

September 16, 2015

.50 Caliber Bottle Opener

LuckShotUSA makes some cool things. One of those cool things is their .50 caliber bottle opener. They call it a bullet bottle opener but it’s actually a cartridge bottle opener. And it works:


Also, Go Vols.

Mine says “Say Uncle”. The neat thing about it is that, at a gathering, people really like it and want one. Do recommend.

Hey, how you guys doin? This is gonna suck

I’m currently drinking bourbon in anticipation of the clown show debate that will happen tonight. It might ensure that I hurl expletives at the TeeVee instead of objects. Predictions:

Fiorina is there to take out Trump. The smartest man in the room will be the woman.

Paul will get the least amount of airtime again. Because he’ll attack Trump again.

Bush will put me to sleep.

Christie will attempt to eat more freedom.

Carson will be the rock star.

Cruz and Rubio will continue to play long ball, waiting everyone else out.

What say you?

Maxim 9: the first integrally suppressed 9mm pistol

Built on a S&W M&P9. Here’s a video:

Does he not know what ATF does?

Let’s increase funding so the ATF can fight gun trafficking. Or, you know, enable them to traffic in guns themselves, like they did with fast and furious.

Gun Porn

A five pound AR

September 15, 2015

Pro Tip: Don’t lose your gun

So, a few nights ago, I get a call at 2 in the morning. Like most calls at 2 in the morning, it wasn’t good. My neighbor called to tell me someone was snooping around my truck. I have three vehicles and a two car garage, so the Earthfuckertm hangs in the driveway extension. I get up and get into let’s go see what is wrong mode. This involves grabbing a gun and a light and checking things out. I neglected to include the put on pants part of the plan and realize I’m about to get all operator operating operationally in operations wearing only a pair of Exofficios. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s never fight naked. Or close to naked.

So, I set my gun down to get some drawers on. Then realized I had no idea where I set my gun down. I spent at least 30 seconds or so with my gun unaccounted for. Confusion in the middle of the night, being tired, and getting into let’s go see what is wrong mode had me a bit off my game. Now, I have go pants. Some pants, with a belt, that sit beside my bed in case it’s go time. I should have taken Les‘ advice years ago. I can’t find the post but he recommended it ages back.

All was good. The turd had peeled out once I got there. Good neighbors are a blessing.

Also, I had a perfectly good gun and I knew exactly where it was. Yet, I was more worried about finding the lost one than getting the one I could have grabbed in less than two seconds.

Embrace the derp

For Tam and also from the book of face:


In other news, there are sex robots

Campaign Against Sex Robots Launches, Because Some People Will Panic About Anything. Yeah, somebody, somewhere is always mad that somebody, somewhere else might be having fun.

News you can use

Keep your AR running.

Gun Porn

Sure, it’s airsoft, but that looks snazzy.

Zombie green rifle

September 14, 2015

More Koolaid, pocket edition

So, I snagged a M&P Shield that came equipped with a Crimson Trace green laser:


I typically wear cargo style pants and bought it as a pocket gun. Any pocket holster recommendations?

And I just got my gray in

Magpul mags and furniture that you can dye a color you like.

Gun owners

Old, fat, racist white guys

Thanks for the donation

Some hippie wants to take over the NRA by getting his fellow lefties to join.

More on fireclean

Even if it’s not Crisco, some issues with the advertising video. And most people don’t understand this sciency stuff.

For the record, I’ve not bought a clean or lube in a long time. I always seem to get them for free at industry events. I’ve never had a problem with any of them.

On Kim Davis

I’m not a legal type guy. But he is and runs down why her supporters are wrong.

Gun Porn

Bowling pins and gun stuff

.45 caliber rifles

September 13, 2015

SayUncle’s Patented Universal Sling System



Easily keep the sling of your truck gun at the ready, while eliminating the possibility of it getting tangled in your other stuff. $19.95. And we’ll throw in a PUSS for free! That’s right, you get two PUSSes for the price of one! Every man’s dream, amiright? And if you call now, I’ll toss in a third FOR MOTHERFUCKING FREE. Is this a good deal or what? I can’t believe it. Yeah, you get three PUSSes for less than $20. These PUSSes are top of the line and are guaranteed to stay tight. Tight around your sling. Operators are standing by to tell you about their PUSSes.

Or, you know, you can go get about 500 of them for about $4 on aisle three at Office Depot. Or at Amazon.

Well, I’ve asked this before

What, exactly, are Hillary’s accomplishments? Other than taking a couple for the team.

Arrested for pointing a fake gun at someone

While dressed as a Power Ranger. Aggravated assault with a toy?

Dual wielding, point shooting

Well, OK:

We have achieved peak hipster


Phonster: A shoulder holster for your phone.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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