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July 08, 2015

I’m sure a background check would have stopped it

The illegal immigrant who shot a SF woman used a federal agent’s gun.

In TSA news

They fail 95% of the time

The Army has blasting lasers

Where can I get one?

Wither The Brady Campaign

A look at anti-gun groups’ finances. Brady seems to be fading the fastest.

Gun Porn

M&P CORE. I love mine.

Homemade 23MM Sniper Rifle in Syria

July 07, 2015

Bernie Sanders on Guns

He’s got the loons over at GSGV peeing their pants.

In Kansas

Permitless carry now allowed at the capitol.


Obama to commute the sentences of non-violent drug offenders. He should commute more, though.

There ought to be a law

I build houses. Every time the building code changes, we joke that it’s because someone did something stupid. The law is no different:

Days after her son was killed instantly after setting off a firework on top of his head, a Maine mother is calling for stricter laws on who can have access to the explosives.

And by “explosives” the “journalist” means fireworks. You can’t outlaw stupid or a case of “Hey, ya’ll, watch this”

Almost like 3D printing

Gunmold: A mold you can use to make an AR-15 lower receiver:

Anti Gunners Lose Wal-mart suit

Remember the shareholders suing Wallyworld to get them to stop selling guns? They lost.

You can’t fight math

Greece is the word

Gun Porn

Gardner Gun

Gettin’ Siggy with it

Simple and compact low-cost DIY submachine gun prototype

July 06, 2015

Life in a small town

As I mentioned before, we had a bit of a disaster in The City (My The City). While my house was technically in the evacuation zone, my subdivision was not told to evacuate. So, I stayed put with the family.

Hats off to CSX. Seriously. They came in and booked hotel rooms for the displaced locals. They provided food, water, and even cash to people.

But, also, hats off to my fellow The City (My The City)ans. Through social media, I watched as, via neighborhood facebook pages and a local gun board, people aiding other people. Locals were offering to pick people up and transport them to safety, taking food and water to other people, looking after pets, and, generally, being excellent to each other.

I like this town. I think I’ll stay.

What caliber for angry mob?*

Via the captain, mob of teens rampages a Wal-Mart.

* 9mm obviously because 18 in the gun and 34 more on the hip would be handy.

Take down AR-15

New from Ruger. I guess just separating the upper and lower wasn’t enough.

Mass shootings are contagious

And probably due to the press coverage.

Heard around the house

Hey, Junior, you’re famous on the internet again!

But that’s an old picture. I really need some new ones.

XM1 Modular Handgun System

Three contenders for the contract that will never be. Via TBolt who suggests a 1911.

Quote of the day

Lynne Russell:

The discussion over the debate to own a gun is just ridiculous. As Americans we have the right to bear arms and as humans the right to protect ourselves. Im sure that the man who shot my husband did not have a gun permit. Criminals will always have guns. The rest of us legally obtain our gun permits.

If you dont want to carry please dont. Then, shut the f–k up about it. Make your own decisions.

Kalashnikov USA

Is about to start selling AKs

At Shooting Illustrated

Tam reviews the Walther CCP 9 mm

But San Fran has all that gun control

News crew robbed at gun point and the cameraman was pistol-whipped.

That would explain it

How the internet is ruining your memory.

Gun Porn


BSW Prototype Gas-Operated Pistol

Charter Arms 9mm Pitbull

July 04, 2015

Happy Independence Day

Which, here in The City (My The City), we celebrate by traveling across county lines to buy fireworks that we can’t purchase in our own county. Then we illegally set them off until the police come by and tell us the neighbors are complaining. It’s an annual tradition now for 6 years.

Now matter how cynical you get, you can’t keep up.

Be safe out there and have fun.

July 02, 2015

What could possibly go wrong?

A new DHS office to “counter violent extremism”. Via Glenn, who thinks this is weaponizing the feds against political opponents.


Ex-CNNer Lynne Russell’s husband kills robber in wild motel shootout

But it’s a gun free zone

Active shooter at Washington Navy Yard

Update: No shooter after all.

Train Derailment

Wake up to texts from family asking if I was OK. Turns out, a train derailed about 2.5 miles from the house with some nasty chemical spill. Details here. Local yokels, be careful out there.

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