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April 11, 2015

Good news, guys!

I’m not blind. I just suck at my camera phone. Someone showed me how to use it.

So, my butt refuted the New York Times

That will be a (rough approximation of a) headline that you’ll soon be familiar with. I told him he could quote me. Some guy told me that was the best lede he ever had. Now, my fear after saying he could quote me, was people googling me and that being up there in the ranks. But then I remembered I work for me.

The rarest thing at the NRA convention

Seen in the wild:


So, that happened

Oops: Yellow Freight Loses Entire @CharterArms Show Inventory

Opening shots

From the NRA convention

CMMG Mutant

Got to handle this at the show:


Here’s the bolt, which is what makes it different than other attempts at shoehorning AK magazines into ARs:


Another word for pirate treasure

Heard around the media room: Everytime there’s a get together, a picture of my butt gets on the internet.

My butt is famous on the internet. Again. And it launched a correction.

April 10, 2015

NRA day one final note

Based on photos I’ve posted,  comments from you guys, and consensus from other attendees, my eyesight is now for shit.

The Taurus Curve

It’s a thing. Here’s me handling it:


The nice elderly lady next to me said “Son, you need to put that damn pink gun down and grab a proper gun.” I smiled and joked that without my reading glasses, the pink made it easier to see the controls. She told me that she was going definitely get one. They will sell a ton of these. And maybe a few of them will save some lives.

My earlier criticisms stand. The new thing for me is being able to try the trigger. It’s looooooong.

Hands on the HK VP9

Handled it at the HK booth:


Ergonomics seemed good, comparable to an M&P. I liked that the rear display a red dot to let you know it’s cocked. I’m not a fan of the trigger guard mounted magazine

Wall of Daniel Defense

They make ARs. Very good ARs:


I don’t always post pictures of booth babes

But when I do, it’s because they’re covered in silver paint.


Gaudiest outfit yet.

Politics and the NRA AM

The Paper of Making Up The Record lies about the NRA convention.

Wayne LaPeirre’s speech right now is all about Hillary Clinton.

Rand Paul, who is so pro gun that if you don’t believe him then he’ll shoot you, not invited to the NRA AM.

FN M249S: Civilian Legal SAW

I grabbed a pic:


Comes in at about $7K, I heard. More and video here.

NRA AM observations: day one

There is more open carry derpa in the press room than on the show floor.

There are a ton of new gun blogs and I haven’t heard of any of them.

Apparently, people like to walk four abreast and then come to a stop in the walkways.

As a people watcher, I watched a press crew. They watched people walk by as though they were looking for something. Then, it happened. Here comes a black guy. And they pounce. Turns out, it was Colion Noir. So, I’m sure that didn’t go as the press planned. Snagged a photo:


What’s funny about it is that right behind the news crew is a giant banner with a picture of they guy they’re talking to on it.

New from Magpul: Hunter X22

A new 10/22 stock. M lock capable. Adjustable cheek weld and length of pull. Also, it was very light weight:



April 09, 2015

A civil rights victory in TN

In TN, it is illegal to own a NFA weapon. But it is an affirmative defense from prosecution if the NFA weapon is registered with the ATF and a tax is paid. So the police an arrest you for owning silencer even if you have a tax stamp. Then you go to court and show your stamp and are good. But you’re out court costs and attorney fees. Well, soon that won’t be the case. It will be legal to own them.

Top down to Nashtown

About to head out. Got a full plate except for tonight. Anything happening?

Also, heed wizard’s advice .

April 08, 2015



In Fast and Furious news

The cluster was mentioned in an episode of NCIS.


Can’t even pay the bills

Win gun stuff on the internet

Right here

Targeting Wal-Mart

Unhappy with Wal Mart mainstreaming AR-15s, someone sued them:

Wal-Mart, the nationís largest gun retailer, is awaiting a verdict Wednesday to see whether it can continue to sell modern sporting rifles if enough investors think itís a business the company shouldnít be in.

Arguing that Wal-Martís willingness to sell high-capacity magazine rifles contradicts its promise to uphold community and family values, Trinity Wall Street Church in New York won its case in November, when the district court ruled shareholders could propose and vote on a resolution that would force Wal-Martís board of directors to review its gun sales policy.

Gun rights activists argue that the district courtís decision allows the church, which owns 3,500 Wal-Mart shares, and other political activists to push gun control via corporate policies rather than struggle to pass such laws in the electoral arena.

Shooting fleeing people

A cop is facing murder charges for shooting a fleeing suspect in the back. And he may have doctored the scene. It’s not enough to prosecute this guy but also anyone else who lied for him. Unlike Trayvon and Brown, this one actually is something to be upset about.

It’s a no no for store owners to shoot fleeing shoplifters:

A business owner fired his gun at two shoplifters as they ran from his liquor store in north Knoxville Tuesday night, according to a Knoxville Police Department Facebook post.

Gun Porn

The Japanese Garand

PzB-39 German Anti-Tank Rifle

Bath time

April 07, 2015



Gov. Bill Haslam has signed legislation that allows workers to sue their employers if they are fired for storing guns in cars parked on company lots.

In America

Jailed for not mowing your grass and taking long showers.

People were worried that those water monitors would be used to restrict water and were called paranoid. Oh, wait.

The tears of hippies are sweet, sweet nectar

So, the NRA Annual Meeting is coming to my state. Let’s have a look at some reactions.

1) The 1990s call. They want their propaganda back. The Nashville Scene, which has the journalistic integrity of a 3 year old arguing with his parents because he wants ice cream for dinner, says Cop Killing Bullets Hanging On Music City Center for NRA Convention. Absent from that post is an actual list of police officers killed by M855 ammunition.

2) The aptly named crooks and liars lies about guns: NRA Convention Permits No Operational Firearms On Site

Well, the ones people are carrying will be. They only remove the firing pins from guns on the floor.

3) Up next, WBIR fell for the BS Violence Policy Center report claiming As NRA Annual Meeting Opens in Nashville, Gun Deaths Surpass Motor Vehicle Deaths in 17 States Including Tennessee. They pulled the story but here’s a screen cap:


It’s BS because the data is from 2013 and the NRA convention hasn’t started yet.

News you can use

Make secret phone calls with a phone

Rand Paul is running for president

Please, dad, don’t screw this up

And the Reason fanboys want you to know.

He’ll stop NSA spying on day one

The Republican delusion

They even broke out a listicle.

I’ll support Rand because he’s got enough libertarian without some of the crazy.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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