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November 10, 2014

First amendment meets second

In Cali, gun dealers filed suit on first amendment grounds, saying the .gov restricts their civil rights by banning pictures of handguns:

Tracy Rifle and Pistol, a firearm retailer and indoor shooting range located in San Joaquin County, was recently cited by Harrisí Department of Justice for having pictures of three handguns in window signs that can be seen outside the store. California Penal Code section 26820, first enacted in 1923, bans gun stores from putting up signs advertising the sale of handguns — but not shotguns or rifles. An adjacent window image at Tracy Rifle, which shows a photograph of an AR-15 rifle, was not cited by the DOJ.

Most popular video

You’d think a gun blog’s most seen video would be about guns or something. But, no, mine is how to pressure wash a Boston terrier:

Democrats and race


Via The Captain.

Samurai Haircut

Cutting hair with Japanese swords:

Gun Porn

Chicago Palm Protector Pistols

Glorious Monstrosity

Homemade Bolt Action 12 Gauge

November 06, 2014

To +P or not to +P

Time to rotate out my carry ammo. And by rotate out, I mean shoot it all up. Been pondering getting some +P as the next batch. Ballistics seem a bit better and the internet tells me that M&P9s and Glocks handle them just fine but not to go shooting it all the time at the range.

What say you?

But 90% support expanded background checks

Except they don’t

Loopholes in I-594

Just go out of state and “transfer” the gun

Good for business

Shop owner offers discount to gun owners. Business goes up 15%.

Can Cannon

For when you really have to get someone a beer:

So, if I get this straight

The NY Times is advocating for concealed carry without restrictions?

Gun Porn


Colt Offensive Pistol at RIA

November 05, 2014

Ammo specifically for 3D printed guns


As 3-D printed guns have evolved over the past 18 months from a science-fictional experiment into a subculture, theyíve faced a fundamental limitation: Cheap plastic isnít the best material to contain an explosive blast. Now an amateur gunsmith has instead found a way to transfer that stress to a component thatís actually made of metalóthe ammunition.

From Mikes Custom Weapons.

Thoughts on the election

That was an ass-kicking. The people soundly rejected Obama. Republicans, take note: This was not about giving you guys a mandate to go and do what you usually do, like pass PATRIOT Acts, ban online poker, spend too much money, expand government, and ban light bulbs. This was about stopping Obama. And his bungling. And his incompetence. And his policies that most people do not want. So, keep doing that.

I fully support gridlock.

Do not “reach across the aisle”. If the people wanted you to work with democrats, they’d have elected democrats. Stop them.

Also, I was watching the election results last night. I kept panning back and forth between Fox and CNN. Eventually, I watched PMSNBC for the lulz. But at one point, the Fox guys cut to Rand Paul (who was at the Mitch rally) and Paul, like a laser and in less time than a laser, began bashing Hillary Clinton for her failures. Wow. I guess he’s running.


The party of






In Texas

Governor says he still supports open carry, even after the election.

Revolver showdown

Jerry lays it out:

The election and guns

How gun rights fared.

Second amendment wins. Well, except in WA. Expect Bloomy to target liberal enclaves.

Where Bloomberg’s money went.

Huge win for gun rights in Alabama. Have they reformed their odd CCW system yet?

1934 firearms act and hackers

Presentation at PhreakNIC18 hacker conference

Win gun stuff on the internet

A round up contests

Gun Porn

Galil pistol


November 04, 2014

Eric Holder dumps fast and furious documents on election eve

Not many details but 64,280 pages of documents and it’s only partial indicates we need to get rid of some paper pushers.

Light blogging today

Or maybe heavy. It’s election night and I’ll be watching results off and on. I may or may not have something to say about them. The only reason I vote in federal elections is because of judges. And if the Rs take control, the press will suddenly be concerned with government accountability again.

First shots from WarFairy Charon 3D printed AR15 lower

Didn’t go very well but it’s a start:

Dana Loesch cancels college appearance over it’s no gun policy

Citing security concerns: TCU was unable to provide her with the necessary security in exchange for her not carrying a firearm on campus.

Is the scout rifle still relevant?

Discussion. I’ve never seen a use for one.

Build your own AR-15

Timelapse from Magpul:

Gun Porn


M1895 Lee Navy kaBoom


November 03, 2014

Because fuck you, that’s why

Top 10 Reasons Libertarians Arenít Nice To You

Carpenter bee loads

A thing I did not know I needed. But I’d totally try them.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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