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January 30, 2018

They do seem to accidentally shoot themselves a lot

Founder of Hamas accidentally caps himself.

Gun Porn

Worlds Ugliest Carbine. He’s not wrong.

January 29, 2018

I can see Russians from my house

Newsweek picked up on the questionable story about Russians giving NRA money. Seems to be much ado about nothing.

Ok, then

From DeSantis, a clear kydex holster.

17 year old me wants one of these badly

Palmetto State Armory is releasing an MP5 style pistol. The 80s action movie fan in me wants one.

This is how you government

The IRS Spent $20 Million On Private Debt Collection To Bring In $7 Million

Gun Porn

Shrapnel Damaged M1911 From “The Battle of the Bulge”

H&K XM8 Compact PDW

January 25, 2018


I’ve been happy with the M&Ps. But this makes a P320 tempting:

The EXO ONE (XO1) is a patent-pending multi-caliber exoskeleton for the Sig Sauer P320 Fire Control Unit (FCU). In 20 seconds, you can change your 320 pistol into a legal, bigger, more capable pistol with no FFL and no tools.

Gun Porn

The 10MM returns

A knife angel.

January 24, 2018

Derp is a process

That which was common knowledge is now derp. I remember the days of 1911 v. Glock; 9mm v. 45; AR v. AK. And on and on. All of those have virtually been agreed upon by people with more of a clue than I have. The new hottest debate seems to stem around AIWB v. WB carry of some sort. I’m an IWB carry sort of guy, generally. But, as mentioned before, I’m giving this thing a shot. And with a double action for the extra bit of safety a hammer provides.

Trust me, I’ve carried in some derpy ways in the past.


A tracer round started a fire at an indoor gun range.

Still one of my favorites

Is my Sig Sauer P229. I’ve even, recently, taken to carrying it AIWB on occasion* as I try out this new fangled carry method. Even though it’s not new. But there’s a lot more clue involved than in the old days when we called Mexican carry. Even thought it wasn’t exactly that.

Tam has a look at the current iterations of the classic P series.

* Totes gonna get me killed on the streets.

Costs more, does less

Federal Spending Set Record During Shutdown.

It never shuts down. That’s just political theater to benefit democrats.

The TSA at work

Texas Tech student questioned by TSA for brandishing school’s ‘finger gun’ salute

Just shut them down and privatize security.

Gun Porn

5 Great Floor Finds at SHOT Show 2018

January 23, 2018

Speaking of reproductions

Brownells is now selling retro AR-15s.


Pedersoli is reproducing the famous Auto & Burglar:

Sort of want.

Bear in mind this man is a sitting US senator

Chuck Schumer on Tide Pods: I saw one on my staffer’s desk and I wanted to eat it.


.50 upper for your AR-15

McCutchen firearms offers two models, one single shot and one with a five round magazine.

When you have some really dumb gun regulations

You get things like this:

Even though it has a short barrel, that is a non NFA firearm. The folks at Franklin Armory created the Reformation because they could. The reason it is not an NFA item is because it has straight cuts. And that makes it not a firearm.

I wonder if the name implies a hope for reforming stupid gun laws.

Peak derp

Yo dawg, I herd you like guns . . .

Right click, save as

I totally love the use of this image.

This has my interest

Concealed Carry: AIWB Carry Pros And Cons

Government shutdown

Means the ATF didn’t attend SHOT. Heh.

Life in the future

Use a hotmail account? Your insurance might be higher.

News some of you may need

So, you bought your first gun.

Gun Porn

A multi-caliber revolver.

The Gun Feed has tons of SHOT coverage.

January 22, 2018

I have been successfully marketed to

Crosman now has a short barreled, AR-15 full auto BB gun. Sure, it’s a DerPMS but it looks fun:

Retails for about $180. Doesn’t look like any are available yet.

The Vegas shooting

Apparently, there are other suspects.

Most states have goofy alcohol laws

Indiana, apparently, is no different. We recently got wine in grocery stores and food items in liquor stores. Still no liquor in the grocery store. Seems to me a lot of liquor licensing is a protection racket for store owners.