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November 14, 2014

Colt to default on loans

Papers filed with the SEC indicate they lack funds to pay their debt.

November 13, 2014

Heard around the house

My son: Do you have an extra mouse?

Me: It’s in the office, by the desktop computer, under the monitor.

Son: What’s a desktop computer?

Me: *explain*

Son: What’s a monitor?

Three dot sights

Just say no: When I am shooting, I want to see sights and not a geometry problem.

Under “investigation”

How did someone get shot in the chest with a gun holstered and pointing at the ground?

Border Patrol M4s recalled

Putting agents who are not actually allowed to patrol the border at risk. I wonder which brand of M4 is getting pulled the most. I’m betting not the Colts.

Well, duh

What is the Biggest Barrier to Innovation in US? Government, Government, and Government.

Kids and guns

When you photograph your kid with a gun, they should look like they’re being safe, had some instruction and generally know what they’re doing.

Not have them strap on a Johnny Jihad mask while fingering the trigger.

Charge the doctor with the paperwork violation. Not the gang banger.

Because, you know, the gang banger shoots back.

Coat pocket guns

Caleb discusses them. I dunno, if I can wear a big coat, I can also strap a full sized auto loader on and wear it under the coat. But drawing it may be a difficult if I’m wearing a burka.

Also, kind of pondering a revolver because reasons. But then I talk myself out of it because then I’d have to hoard another caliber.

Worked for me

“How about a nice career in accounting?”

Gun Porn

Tiny Tommy


November 12, 2014

Self checkout

I used to use it and then I had one too many instances in which I grabbed an item that didn’t quite work well with the U Scan system. So, now I avoid whenever I get seasonal produce. But, I’d never thought of this:

GroceryCo Inc. hasn’t started paying him to be a cashier.

Interesting take. Of course, 20 years ago, the clerks loaded the groceries in your car for you. Self-checkout may go the same way, particularly if the minimum wage gets ridiculous.

Maybe Pelosi isn’t completely stupid and told the truth?

Remember when Nancy Botoxi said we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it?

Well, given the revelation that Gruber told his fellow cronies that they had to lie because Americans are too stupid to agree with them and must be deceived, she may have unwittingly told the truth then. I’m sure Brian Williams will lead with the story.

But I read it on the internet

Apparently, some supposed scandal I hadn’t heard of involved Ruger gave a warm reception to smart-gun advocating anti-gunners is false.

Veterans Day Event Cancelled Because Guns

A school official said that they couldn’t support the event because it would involve ceremonial guns.

They should. It’s unenforceable anyway

Washington Gun Owners Plan Mass Defiance of New Background Check Law

The appeal in Peruta

Has been denied

Thus ends one of my favorite one liners

Which went something like “There are two types of countries in the world, those that use the metric system and those that landed a Chevy on Mars”.

Seems the Europeans went and landed a Renault on a comet. A motherfucking comet. You go, guys.

Gun Porn

New Colt pistols for 2015

SIG Sauer SIG556R

Iraqi Tariq Pistol

November 11, 2014

Veteran’s Day

Dad gave these to me. They’re in a display in the den:


The best thing in the house.

Smart guns are dumb

So, let’s equip guns with wifi and designate no shoot zones where they can be turned off. Then, when someone decides to turn them all of, what happens.

I-594 flowchart

A look at “reasonable restrictions”

Other more enlightened countries

Court Clears Scientists of Failing to Predict Earthquake. That this went to court is a sham.

Short version: South America sucks

The 50 Most Violent Cities In The World. But they have all that gun control.

And I’m guessing African nations are under represented due to poor record keeping.

Moms Demand

You stop shooting her son, by shooting back at them.

Gun Porn

Discreet Urban Carbine

Taurus Protector Poly

November 10, 2014

More guns, less crime

NICS checks up. Crime down.

Why do you drive like a douche? News at 11

So, I’m driving down 840, roughly near Franklin, TN when I spend five minutes behind this jackass:


For a good five minutes, the only two people on the road not me decided to drive side be side. I only snapped the photo because it was someone from WKRN ABC 2 in Nashville and wanted to shame them. I dunno if the driver saw me take the photo, but shortly after I did, they did what they should have done 5 minutes sooner and got out of the way.

Where guns are banned

People kill police officers to get their guns:

Commissioner Luis Guillermo Palacios (40), had 19 years of service in the police force and that day he left his home in the San Martin Avenue to buy food at El Paraiso. He was off duty. He was on his bike when several suspects intercepted him as he moved through Plaza Washington and shot him three times in the back. His family presumed he was killed to steal the weapon.

In Obamacare news

Obamacare architect: We had to lie to pass it because Americans are stupid.

And the SCOTUS has agreed to hear a challenge to the tax subsidies. We’ll see if predictions that his Obamacare decision was part of a long ball strategy or not pan out.

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