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January 27, 2016

Gun Porn

Avidity Arms PD10, a new pistol designed by Rob Pincus.

Big Bore Six-Guns

January 26, 2016

Trump won’t attend debate

Good. The adults can talk. And Jeb.


Gun collector faces jail over illegal arsenal

Of airsoft guns. It’s Australia.

Wait, you mean a direct financial relationship between the provider and recipient of services?

That’d be, like, capitalism, man:

A different kind of doctor’s office: Patients pay directly, keeping insurance out of it

That’s how you fix the “healthcare system”. It doesn’t need to be a system at all. A market would work. Costs would go down cutting out insurance and government.

Let’s poll people on smart guns

Only, let’s poll liberal non gun owners!

Fallout from Obama’s Executive Orders

Looks like the first victim. Though a thing that doesn’t make sense to me is how one can buy a gun at retail at Gander Mountain and sell it for profit on GunBroker. Also, the guy did have a C&R license.

Good advice: Investing in metal

Buy ammo:

I have never, ever had anyone tell me that he had too much ammunition. Not in a combat zone, not in a civil disaster, not even in peacetime. Never. Nor have I lived through a time where our governing class was so deeply corrupt, so utterly foolish, and so dangerously focused on the perpetuation of its own power that it risked bringing down everything we have built not merely in the United States but in the entire West.

Gun Porn

GAU-5/A/A Reproduction Carbine

January 25, 2016

Tennessee Constitutional Carry Petition

Liston, noting that gun rights activism is not a spectator sport, wants Tennesseans to sign the petition supporting the bill for permitless (i.e., constitutional) carry. The petition is here.

Trigger Warning

Three derpy things from SHOT involve odd things with triggers. Not one but two companies have apparently came out with an AR-15 trigger that fires one round when you pull the trigger and fires another round when you reset the trigger. This strikes me as a bad idea. But not the worst idea. That honor would go to a laser activated by putting your finger on the trigger:


This has my interest

Integrally suppressed 9mm pistol that you can holster: SilncerCo’s Maxim 9

Feminists are so cute

And are, of course, bigoted:

Youve had your chance, bepenised ones. And youve blown it. What youve proven, time and time again, is that you cannot be trusted to behave yourselves after dark.

Aww, you have an opinion. Good for you. Too bad it’s a stupid one. And this one sounds totally made up. Sure, some people are jerks on trains. Some people, not just men.

Seriously, what has happened to feminism? Other than it’s gone insane.

Your caliber sucks and mine is the one true caliber


Also, your gun sucks and you’re holding it wrong.

Lack of self-awareness

Leads to racism.

Gun Porn

A review of Kimber’s new wheelgun.

Swedish Hamilton Trials Pistol

Homemade, suppressed poacher’s gun

January 23, 2016

Tennessee bill to allow victims to sue owners of gun free zones

The Tennessean:

If a Tennessee grocery store bans guns on its property and a black bear or wild hog kills or injures a person who otherwise would be carrying his or her gun, the gun owner would be allowed to sue the property owner if a newly introduced bill became law.


To accomplish that goal, the legislation allows any Tennessean with a valid gun permit to sue a property owner in the event of injury or death provided the incident occurred while in a gun-free zone.

Well, that would certainly motivate some anti-gun businesses. What about .gov facilities?

January 21, 2016

WECSOG*: Converting 15 round M&P9 Magazines to 17 rounders

Whenever I buy magazines, I look for bulk deals. For instance, every once in a while, Brownells will have a deal on a 10 pack of PMags (not now but they do regularly enough). And sometimes you can get them for just north of $10 each.

Anyway, I found a deal on another site for some M&P9 magazines. So, I snatched some up. When they got here, I realized they were 15 round magazines:


I was a little bummed. I guess they were made for places outside of America, like New Jersey or Maryland or something. They were the same size as the 17 rounders I’m used to, so I decided to take them apart and see what made them 2 shy of a full load:


Seems they compressed a bunch of extra spring at the end of the spring. I suppose I could just order replacement springs. But I grabbed some wire cutters instead and cut off the unnecessary portion of the spring:


They loaded 17 rounds just fine. I’ll check reliability at the next range trip. I may end up buying those replacement springs anyway.

*Wile E Coyote School of Gunsmithing

January 20, 2016

Clearly, we need common sense speech regulations

Better have background checks on internet connectivity: Chicago Top Cop Blames Facebook for Shootings Up Over 200% Since Last Year

The downside to record gun sales

FBI says it’s stopping NICS appeals. I’m sure that’ll get them sued.

Delusions of adequacy


Constitutional carry in TN

Liston has a copy of the bill that is being put forth. This has been tried before and failed. I think it fails because so many politicians like to use the list of those with permits for mailers. And, also, the revenue that permits generate.

On crowds and attacks

I usually avoid crowds. But here’s some interesting thoughts (as well as graphic video) crowd and mob violence.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Anti-gun Politician Accused of Shooting at Ex-Wife Faces Plea Deal Deadline

Gun Porn

Iver Johnson Model 55A .22 LR Target

French Remington Rolling Block in 8mm Lebel

In fast and furious news

El Chapo had a 50 caliber rifle that was smuggled into Mexico as part of fast and furious smuggling “investigation”.

January 19, 2016

Executive privilege in fast and furious

A federal judge has rejected it:

A federal judge has rejected President Barack Obama’s assertion of executive privilege to deny Congress access to records pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious, a gunrunning probe that allegedly allowed thousands of weapons to flow across the border into Mexico.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled Tuesday that the Justice Department’s public disclosures about its response to the so-called “gun walking” controversy undercut Obama’s executive privilege claim.

Jackson said she wasn’t questioning the propriety of Obama’s claim of privilege, but ruling that the claim could not be sustained in view of other information the Justice Department had released on the topic, chiefly an Office of Inspector General report released in September 2012.

Doubleplus ungood

We must lie to hide our true goals:

And every time liberals speak blithely about banning guns, they boost the N.R.A. Lets also banish the term gun control: the better expression is gun safety.

And, surprisingly, the NYT guy nails this one:

So why does nothing get done? One reason is that liberals often inadvertently antagonize gun owners and empower the National Rifle Association by coming across as supercilious, condescending and spectacularly uninformed about the guns they propose to regulate. A classic of gun ignorance

Yeah, I cut the quote off because that’s about where it should have stopped.

So much for that narrative

Cops cannot tell who the good guy with a gun is! Except they can because the good guy will be the one complying with the cops.

Child Soldiers: Vintage Photos Of Kids With Guns

Some cool photos from a time long ago. A time when people wouldn’t be cringing at all the violations of the gun safety rules.

Donald Trump on gun control

He’s been talking a good game supporting gun rights here recently. But that hasn’t always been the case:

I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.

Like other issues he’s opined on in the past, you have to wonder if he’s sincere or if he’s pandering.

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