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December 21, 2016

This just in. Breaking news: The Colt Expanse is not a Colt 6920

He looks at the differences and concludes it’s not made by Colt:

Well, it is a lower end AR-15. And only the receiver appears to be Colt. And I don’t see the point in even having a fake forward assist. Why even leave it on there?

But, yeah, the 6920 is pretty much the standard.

What you do instead of something

The EU is looking to expand gun controls because Islamic terrorists attacks past.

Remember, I do this to entertain me

Not you. But, yeah, that’s a fair assessment of my sight site.

Gun Porn

Cool looking CNC forward grip. I’m a fan of the Magpul AFG myself. But that looks interesting.

Yo, dawg I heard you liked attaching stuff to your stuff so we built a thing that let’s you attach stuff to your other stuff that you attach stuff to.

December 20, 2016

Why liberals are now buying guns

Because of Trump:

Gun ownership has traditionally been associated with the right wing in America but the election of Donald Trump has prompted some left-wingers to join gun clubs – and even start preparing for the collapse of society.

It’s a lot of hand-wringing silliness. But welcome to the club, guys.


In South Carolina, there is a proposed bill that will require carry permit holder to put an identifying sticker on their license plates.

Those faithless electors

Hah. I’ve got the biggest Schadenboner right now.

It’s kind of sad, though, that Faith Spotted Eagle got more electoral votes than Gary Johnson.

In New Jersey

There was an actor I mentioned a bit back who was arrested for having a pellet gun. Well, he took a plea deal:

Carlo Goias goes by the stage name Carlo Bellario. He was charged under the state’s strict gun statute, which requires permits for firearms including the airsoft gun he used while filming a car chase scene in “Vendetta Games.” Airsoft guns fire nonlethal plastic pellets.

Yes, in NJ, toys are regulated like real guns.

Well, they are Democrats

The Brady Campaign is celebrating its failure. Not surprising. In politics, failure is rewarded. If you’re a Democrat, you fail up. Look at Hillary Clinton.

Dear, MTV News

You can just fuck right off.


Gun Porn

An AR-15 that shoots arrows. You know what else AR-15s also shoot? Bullets.

Battle-worn Glock mod. I guess it’s easier than getting into actual battle.

Swiss 1882 Ordnance Revolver

December 19, 2016

Magpul Gen3 P-Mags to be used by USMC

This seems like a big deal.

Shot glasses*

Today was an exciting day to be visited by the Big Brown Truck of Happiness.

I received my suppressor back from Gem-Tech, however it now looks like they’re no longer doing the I.O.U. Glad I did it when I did. It’s fun being able to take it apart.

And the awesome folks at LuckyGunner sent me some cool whisky glasses from BenShot for Christmas.

* see what I did there.

Proving once again that NFA laws are stupid

One is a firearm, one is an NFA item, and one is an AOW. And, no, I don’t know which.

Guns are not illegal in airports

At least in Missouri, or so a court has ruled:

A recent Missouri Court of Appeals decision has clarified the law, saying it is not a criminal offense to carry a firearm into the airport or through airport security if you are a concealed carry permit holder.

“It clearly says now from the court of appeals if you carry a firearm into Lambert, you can be asked to leave, possibly subject to a fine, but you can’t be arrested and charged for unlawful use of a weapon if you are a conceal carry permit holder,” said Matt Fry, Partner at Rosenblum and Fry.

About the claim of over 200 school shootings

Bob Owens:

If I have not miscounted along the way (and it is possible that I may have done just that by one or two or three), Everytown has claimed a grand total of 203 school shootings since Sandy Hook.

Of those, 75 seem to meet a generous definition of that term, which includes on campus student housing (the dorm rule), even well after hours and on weekends and even when students arent involved).

Of those 203 school shootings, only 44 meet the common perception of a school shooting, where someone came to a school campus to shoot faculty, staff, or students.

If their cause is so righteous, why do they have to lie?

2016: The gift that keeps on giving

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was assassinated. It appears the killer was part of the security detail.

Three shot and wounded near an Islamic center in Zurich.

At least 9 dead after a truck plows into a Christmas market in Berlin. Reports are that ISIS is taking credit.

Interesting times. Do you want World War? Because this is how you get World War.

Obviously, compensating for the size of their . . .

Oh, nevermind. Sex shop workers pelt armed robbers with sex toys.

Fake news

Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did 8 years ago.

It’s that time of the year. No, not Christmas. But new gun season

A stainless Ruger Redhawk .357 Magnum snubbie that holds 8 rounds.

Also from Ruger, a GP100 in .44 Special.

And from Smith and Wesson, comes the M&P M2.0. A fancier looking version with stipling and more grip options. And a new trigger.

Gun Porn

Here’s a 1911 that shoots shotgun shells:

Guycot 40-Shot Chain Pistol

December 15, 2016

Well, that’s an odd holster

Seen at

Is that a right handed holster that’s been turned inside out?

That’s frightening

Meet Statie the Police Elf

9th circuit rules against gun rights

A 3 judge panel has ruled that it’s OK to violate your constitutional rights as long as it’s just for a little while. The rule they upheld is the 10 day waiting period, you know so you can cool off.

Here’s hoping Trump actually makes good on his promise to appoint pro gun judges, especially to the supreme court since cases like this may go there.

Is that all?

Freedom Caucus chair gives Trump 232 regulations to repeal.

If I was president, anything that was not a law passed by congress would be repealed. Every executive order and every regulation passed by non-elected bureaucrats. If you want something to be law, then pass a damn law. And if they actually pass the laws, they can be held accountable at the ballot box.

The dumbest thing you’ll read today

In Canada, there’s a proposal to make pepper spray legal. So people can protect themselves. This sounds reasonable to any sane person. However, if you’re insane or a feminist (but I repeat myself), this doesn’t address the problem, which is men:

Her misguided approach places the onus on women to defend themselves rather than focusing on addressing and preventing gender-based violence.

And she’s offended. What an idiot.

Guns on campus

The University of Virginia is building a firing range. It’s a trend.

Update: Nevermind. I misread it.

Gun Porn

Ruger American

That’s pretty bad ass.


December 14, 2016

Because we have facts and public opinion

And they have dick jokes: How Have Sex Toys Become The Symbol Of The Anti-Campus-Carry Movement?

When they try to secede and form The Democratic Peoples Republic of Californioregonistan, it will be dildos versus rifles. But that’s none of my business.

Smith and Wesson shareholders vote to change name

So reports John Richardson:

Smith & Wesson Holding Company (SWHC), the parent company of such brands as Smith & Wesson, Crimson Trace, and Battenfield Technologies, reported today that shareholders approved the requested corporate name change. Effective January 2017, the new holding company name will be American Outdoors Brand Corporation.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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