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July 12, 2016

Bernie Bros Feeling the Bern

So, Sanders took money, gave speeches and campaigned against the establishment, the banks, and Wall Street. Now, he’s raising money, giving speeches and campaigning for the establishment, the banks, and Wall Street.

Best election ever.

I kind of hoped he’d stay in or go third party. Then a four or five way race. Just to drag this entertaining clusterfuck out longer.

Wayne LaPierre SWATted

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

To be fair, this guy did it to others too, including a congressman from MI.

Ginsburg not a fan of Heller

The paper of making up the record:

I thought Heller was a very bad decision, she said, adding that a chance to reconsider it could arise whenever the court considers a challenge to a gun control law.

Should Judge Garland or another Democratic appointee join the court, Justice Ginsburg will find herself in a new position, and the thought seemed to please her.

It means that Ill be among five more often than among four, she said.

ATF chart showing NFA weapons on the rise

The ATF has some interesting data on NFA weapons:


Democrats and guns

20% say guns should be illegal.

But of course

Intelligence director won’t withhold classified security briefings from woman who mishandled classified documents.

Poor Shannon

So, a guy steals a gun from a bailiff and starts shooting. According to Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action spokeswoman is due to the NRA.

It’s amazon prime day

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If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you should.

July 11, 2016

The media and guns

This is just incoherent babble by three people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

CBS goes after curios and relic licenses. And clearly have no idea what they’re talking about either.

Colion Noir says the media fans the flames of racism. And asks them to do their job:

That’s why it must be mandatory!

Voluntary background checks not popular.

Democrat party platform on guns

Well, the draft, anyway. Calls for banning assault weapons, vague background check law, and loopholes.

Remember, to them it’s a loophole that you can even own a gun.

What caliber for intimidating mob?

A man was arrested for pulling a gun on a crowd intimidating him. Were is actions lawful?

News you can use

Was using the Dallas robot bomb legal?

White privilege



Good news:

Under a new law that quietly took effect last week, many Tennessee gun owners may now legally keep loaded firearms in their vehicles even if they don’t have a state-issued handgun-carry permit.

As of July 1, people who are legally able to possess a gun under state and federal law, you can keep a loaded handgun, shotgun or rifle in a car or truck you legally possess.

Who run Beaver Town?

beaver attacks paddle boarder on Beaver Lake

New ATF forms

They’re now out to comply with 41F, effective 7/13.

Obama reacts to Dallas

Blames guns of course. Also, he’s unable to determine the shooter’s motives.

Gun Porn

1911 grips for your AR. Ok, then.

Cool repros

July 10, 2016

Gun used in Dallas shooting: SKS?

So says CBS news:

A law enforcement source told CBS News that Johnson had a SKS semi-automatic assault rifle and a handgun, Milton reports. The suspect also wore body armor, the source said.

I’m a bit skeptical of that. I’d say it was some AK variant they misidentified.

Update: A Saiga AK74, according to another source with photos.

July 08, 2016

So, what caliber for robot?

In fascinating and terrifying news, the Dallas police took a bomb disposal robot, attached an explosive to it, rolled it up on the subject and introduced his insides to the outside.

On the one hand, likely a move that saved a shoot out and potential additional loss of life. On the other, if he was secured, they could maybe have waited him out.

On the third hand, the police just killed some guy with a fucking robot. And that’s kinda frightening. Even more so if this becomes a regularly used tactic.

Copycats? Or do that many police get shot at regularly?

Reports of shooters targeting police in Georgia, Missouri, and Tennessee.

In the first two, ambush type of attacks. In the Tennessee incident, it was reported early cops were being targeted. Now, it says white people were targeted. Also, not an ambush style attack but shooting people on the highway.

Well, let’s see how this plays out.

The murder of police in Dallas

So, we all know it happened. A black guy, seen in photos doing the whole black power thing, went and started shooting at police. He wanted to kill white people.

Pretty much creating a new narrative for the press, I suppose.

Update: Title fixed. Stupid autocorrect.

NRA calls for investigation into shooting of Castille

Good for them:

The reports from Minnesota are troubling and must be thoroughly investigated

I think everyone should calm down until it is investigated.

Speaking of idiots

Our ol’ appropriately named pal is just trolling.

Useful? No, just an idiot

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Seen at Joe’s:

Look, theres only one solution. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors.

This action might also require coordinated hits at remote sites, like Washington lobbyists.

Then and only then will we see some legislative action on assault weapons.

Well, jump, Sparky.

July 07, 2016

The Second Amendment Foundation calls for independent investigation in shooting of Philando Castile

From the press release:

In the aftermath of Wednesdays shooting of a legally armed citizen in the St. Paul, Minnesota suburb of Falcon Heights during a traffic stop, the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are calling for an independent investigation.

Wednesday nights shooting of Philando Castile is very troubling, especially to the firearms community, because he was a legally-armed private citizen who may have done nothing more than reach for his identification and carry permit, said Alan Gottlieb, SAF founder and executive vice president. He also chairs the CCRKBA. We have received calls of alarm today from many of our members across the country. They are justifiably concerned that a law-abiding citizen may have been wrongfully killed.

War on women

Women are four to five times less likely to be murdered if they have access to a gun.

Tennessee Firearms Association: Overbey gets a nope

From a press release:

For example, Sen. Doug Overbey is well known to have voted against many bills in Senate Judiciary that are advanced by real gun rights advocates. For example, this year he voted against Sen. Mark Greens constitutional carry bill (Senate Bill 1483) helping to kill it in Senate Judiciary when the NRA’s lobbyist was in the room. He also voted “no” on a bill to allow handgun permit holders to carry in public parks (HB995, SB1496) in 2016. Yet, the NRA gave Sen. Overbey an A- rating which it defines as somewhere between solidly pro gun and generally pro gun. In addition, it gave Sen. Overbey its endorsement in that specific race.

Another reason to support Scott Williams for senate seat, district 2.


Tennessee’s AG has ruled against revenue err traffic cameras. Those managed by private companies, anyway.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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