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June 14, 2017

Deal Alert

I’m a fan of chef knives. I really like the Wusthof 8 inch variant. But for only $30, Amazon has this AUGYMER 8 inch. So, I snatched one up because one is none and two is one or something.

For the price, it’s definitely comparable quality. And weighted just as well. And the wooden handle is nice,

Figured it would happen

Joe predicted it, the violent left. We have an aging Sanders supporter going up and asking congressmen if they were democrat or republican. After affirming they were republican, he grabbed a rifle and started firing. Fortunately, he was engaged by capitol police, who killed him. Classic good guy with a gun scenario.

The violent rhetoric and hysteria from the left may be to blame. But I thought it was us right wing nut jobs who shot up people we don’t like.

Related: Barry Loudermilk wants concealed carry for lawmakers in DC after Scalise shooting

Hey, how about concealed carry for everyone?

In California

SAF is suing because California retroactively banned standard capacity magazines.

But they have all that gun control

Three people and the gunman dead in San Fran.

Media Narrative Chart


Gun Porn

I’m not sure what that is.

Tactical Grill Apron

June 13, 2017

It’s almost unbelievable

The Hearing Protection Act was loaded into a relatively easy to pass omnibus bill. I’d have never thought that the GOP would actually advance the bill. This is good news.

The bill also expands FOPA and gets rid of the sporting purposes language.

Sebastian has a summary of the bill here.

This is a big deal. If it passes, it’s great. If it does not, at least the GOP is looking into the gun issue in a good way.

Isn’t everything?

Apparently, pointing out bad training and dangerous practices is racist.

Man shoots self at IPSC match


I dont know if the gun even hit the ground, but evidently he dropped or fumbled it

And likely tried to catch it.

Remember rule 5: Do not try to catch a dropped gun.

A range safety measure

I agree completely, as someone whose had skin cancer a couple of times. Also, lots of water.

Where Great Britain Used To Be

Americans Reveal The Terrifying Things They Keep In Their Pockets

Also, a police commissioner there suggested that civilians with gun licenses could help defend against a terror attack, a true statement. The higher ups did not approve.

Gun Porn

The ARs of arfcom GD

1.5MOA AK rifle

June 12, 2017

Iron sights v. green lasers v. red dots

This is a very interesting study on using different sights. I have a laser on a carry gun. And a RMR on another carry gun. Both are M&Ps. I found the laser, initially, to be more instinctive. It took me rather a lot of practice to get good finding the red dot of the RMR. But now, I have no problem with it.

Purity test

I waited until the dust seemed to settle on this one. But a pro gun guy said something that seemed dumb, likely due to editing from Comedy Central. The internet lynch mob kicked in. Tam is correct. Everyone should, right after one of these things happens, cool their shit and find out what happened before grabbing the pitchforks and torches.

Good advice from Sebastian:

So for Christs sake, for the dozenth or so time: dont talk to the fucking media or Comedy Central. They are snakes with cameras and editing rooms. They will make you look bad. No you cant beat them at this game

Cereal Killer

Suspect allegedly shot man with shotgun shell filled with cereal: Investigation reveals that Glass fired a flare gun loaded with a shotgun shell filled with Rice Krispies, according to detectives.

He’s right, you know

A Florida sheriff is urging folks to arm themselves in case of attack. Arming yourself, generally, is a smart move.

What government does

We Could Have Had Cellphones Four Decades Earlier

And: The nation that built the Empire State Building in 410 days during the Depression and the Pentagon in 16 months during wartime recently took nine years just for the permitting of a San Diego desalination plant.

In case you need it

The Ultimate Preppers Survival Guide.

The food storage bit interested me most. I’ve got to do a better job of it.

Gun Porn

Sea-Going Arsenal


June 08, 2017

Registration leads to . . .

Incompetence, apparently:

NFA database seriously flawed

OIG asked how often there was a discrepancy between the inventory and what the NFRTR said the inventory should be: 46% of inspectors said either “always” or “most of the time.” (Only 5% reported “never”). How often was the discrepancy found in the NFRTR? 44% said always or most of the time, only 6% said “never.” The comments by inspectors were pretty eye-opening:

And these are the guys that enforce stringent reporting requirements on FFLs.

I never knew they went away

How Bill Clinton Brought Back the 1911 Pistol. Interesting.

Also, under the AWB, we got the baby Glocks. Since you couldn’t get shiny new 17 round magazines, Glock made a version of the gun smaller and that held 10 rounds.

Gun shot detection system IPO

ShotSpotter’s stock opens at $11 per share. I recall reading about their system a while back and that it wasn’t exactly accurate. Maybe that has changed.

But of course

Nets Ignore Oversight Report Showing Holder Impeded Fast and Furious Investigation

Comey: Then-Atty. Gen. Lynch urged that the Hillary Clinton email probe be called a ‘matter,’ not ‘investigation’

And I’m sure all of this will be covered wall to wall in the press. Oh. Wait. Russians, emails, and all that.

Gun Porn

Even more undetectable than the Glock 7, a cardboard Glock that shoots:

June 06, 2017

Derp: Practicing for his role as John Thick

Some of the worst firearm “drill” videos you will ever see. During his “drill”, he manages to:

Get a nice grip on his shirt and not the gun.

Manages to poorly draw a knife.

Almost shoots himself in the hand. Twice.

And puts a round into ceiling at the indoor gun range.

Then it gets better, when he explains the “drill”. If you missed that one, go have a look. I’ll wait. Back? Ok. So, he wants to draw a gun and a knife, stab the assailant in the throat then guy shoot the dude. Why the hell would you do that? I’m not an instructor and don’t play one on the internet. But I would think, at that range, you may not want to draw the gun or the knife. Or you’d probably want to just pick one. And if you’re shooting to stop someone, why would you shoot them in the gut?

Huffmans first rule of recreational explosives

Seen at Joe’s, with a video of what not to do:

Never put anything between you and explosives which a surgeon might be required to remove from your body.

I, terrorist

Shannon Watts calls the gun lobby terrorists.

Gun Porn

Ruger 450 Bushmaster Scout

June 05, 2017

Getting siggy with it

Sig won the contract for the new Army handgun. Glock protested. Well, the GAO has rejected the protest and it looks like Sig scored a win.

The AK 50

Yup, an AK pattern rifle in .50:

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