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October 09, 2014

Another case of Ebola

Could be

Hazed and confused

The second worst president in history is slamming the first worst.

October 08, 2014

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

Open carry advocate has gun stolen

Good question

How long until gunnies screw this one up too?

Let’s not dick up what Kroger is doing.

9mm Pocket Guns

A round up

In OC news


The arrest of a Connecticut man for refusing to show his gun permit — dismissed by a prosecutor as a “nothing case” — now has two state agencies battling in court, with the individual’s right to carry hanging in the balance.

The peculiar case started when Scott Lazurek, a security guard, was arrested in June 2013 for failing to show police his gun permit. He was stopped for walking in public with a hip-holstered pistol — when he refused to show his documentation, which he actually had on him, that permit was revoked.

The following month, though, a judge dismissed the charge of interfering with a police officer. The prosecutor, Assistant State’s Attorney John Barney, said Lazurek was basically arrested for being “stubborn” and giving police a “hard time” — not for a permit violation.


An airgun trainer for your AR-15. Seems expensive for what it is.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

War on women edition.

They think women are monsters

Google is hiring its own security team

Instead of contracting it out. Given their position on guns and gun stuff, I’m sure they’ll arm them.

Win gun stuff

A round up of gun contests

Gun Porn

Handguns decorated by Tiffany

M1942 Sosso Pistol

100% NY compliant AR

October 07, 2014

Mean tweets

I’d be proud to make that list but I don’t twitter all that much.

Enforcing the laws on the books

In Indy, not so much:

Why wasn’t Beasley in prison that day? And what about others like him?

Twice, Beasley had been charged with possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, an offense specifically designed to reduce the murder rate. The crime carried a 20-year prison sentence. Yet — twice — prosecutors dropped the gun charge, allowing Beasley to plead guilty to a lesser offense and escape a long prison term.

Light blogging

I’m away at unsecured and undisclosed location. Sporadic internet access so talk amongst yourselves.

Gura on the move

Asking the court to block DC’s latest gun law

The stupid, it burns

Blaming Ebola on the NRA


Calling out the king of the anti–gun movement for his armed guards

And wave them like you just don’t care

I’m a big fan of the Emerson Wave too

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

They want you dead

Advocating shooting open carriers

More here

Gun Porn

SIG KE-7 Photos

October 01, 2014

Ghost Gunner

Cody Wilson is at it again. This time, the project is Ghost Gunner, a machine that let’s you mill out 80% AR-15 lower receivers:

Did somebody say Ebola?

I don’t think it’s time to panic but it is time to be prepared. CDC issues an Ebola check list. I bought a case of N95 masks a month ago. And latex gloves. And it’s rather timely that Amazon is promoting their deals on emergency preparedness here and here.

Cops commit straw purchase in Cali

Mostly due to their approved firearm roster, which exempts police. All those police and their unsafe guns.

They speak English in What?


“He’s from Texas, honey,” I yelled at the television, startling the cats, “That’s not ‘armed’, that’s ‘dressed’, you island-dwelling herbivore!”


New York Times Surprised That Republicans Don’t Want to See Obama Murdered

News you can use

The truth about expiration dates for medicines

In Cali

Brown signs into law a bill that lets police and family members take your guns because they don’t like you very much.

Gun Porn

10/22 chest rig. Because operator.


Custom Competition FNS-9mm

September 30, 2014

In Chicago

A partial victory in the case against their ban on gun ranges.

And, seriously, why isn’t this at yet! I’d have known this sooner. I keep hinting that their web guys should call me.

So, what caliber for drone?

NJ man arrested for shooting down neighbors drone.

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