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February 02, 2017

Brace yourselves for the bullshit

The disinformation campaigns are in high gear.

I’m not sure if it’s intentionally part of Trump’s strategy with the press, but he seems to be overloading them with too much information far more quickly than they can handle it. So, their immediate reaction is to freak right out about it. Particularly, when he bypasses them completely and uses twitter or some other means of getting info out. As I said, I’m not certain it’s intentional but it is effective at making them look like boobs and making them look like “fake news”.

The beauty of fake news these days is that it’s anything you want it to be.

Disinformation is all they have

This time, the disinformation is about the Hearing Protection Act and suppressors.

The Trumpening

He’s receiving praise from libertarians and has Wayne LaPierre over to the White House. Things are getting interesting.

Gun Porn

I’m suddenly interested in a 9mm AR pistol. So this 9mm lower receiver has my interest.

February 01, 2017

SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch

The NRA has endorsed him.

The SAF is impressed with him.

NSSF backs his nomination. Not once but twice.

David Hardy notes a gun case (felon in possession) that Gorsuch weighed in on.

So, he looks pretty good on gun rights. But my favorite thing about him so far is his dissent in a case where a court ruled that jailing a teenager for fake burps was just fine:

If a seventh grader starts trading fake burps for laughs in gym class, whats a teacher to do? Order extra laps? Detention? A trip to the principals office? Maybe. But then again, maybe thats too old school. Maybe today you call a police officer. And maybe today the officer decides that, instead of just escorting the now compliant thirteen year old to the principals office, an arrest would be a better idea. So out come the handcuffs and off goes the child to juvenile detention. My colleagues suggest the law permits exactly this option and they offer ninety-four pages explaining why they think thats so. Respectfully, I remain unpersuaded.

I’m starting to like this guy.

But gun sales are on the decline

Under Obama, NICS checks went up 60%. MRC says gun sales went up by 60%. That number is most likely higher due to lawful gun sales that aren’t required to go through the NICS.

Your gun sucks. And you’re holding it wrong.

Also, your caliber sucks. Heh.

Gun Porn

How 3 round burst works:

January 31, 2017

Speaking of going on offense

The NRA is ready to go on offense. I have no doubt. But as I said below, I doubt the Republican commitment to going on offense is all that strong. We shall see.

National reciprocity

Massad Ayoob has a look at the bill:

As written, it would appear that a resident of, say, San Francisco who currently pretty much has to get elected to the citys Board of Supervisors to qualify for a permit, would be able to carry in their home city on a non-resident permit from Utah or Florida if HR 38 became the law of the land. And their law-abiding friends and relatives all over the country could carry for their and their loved ones protection while visiting.

I’m still skeptical of the Republican commitment to actually go on offense for gun rights.

Life in the future

I tell friends often that there is not much that I do for a house that can’t be learned by watching youtube videos: Using nothing but YouTube tutorials, woman built house from the ground up

But I read it on the internet

I don’t care if Navy SEALS use your product.

How a RDIAS works

I always sort of understood it. But this video shows how it turns money into noise:

I can tell a Republican is president

Because suddenly the left and the press (but I repeat myself) are concerned with executive power.

An all time low

For fatal firearms accidents. And people have bought more guns than ever in the last eight years. Progressive!

Gun Porn

An M14 that can be yours for about $19K

January 30, 2017

Man gets AR lowers back from ATF

A while back, ATF confiscated 6,000 80% lowers. Then, after some legal wrangling, had to give them back. ATF still maintains that the lowers are firearms.

The Trumpening

So, Trump, like Obama, also has a pen. And a phone. The latter he mostly seems to use to annoy people on the internet. The former, he’s zapping off Executive Orders pretty quick. Here’s a guide to his 17 executive orders. Mostly, they seem aimed at undoing the previous administration. And a couple are for cutting government hiring and regulations.

One EO, he instructions the non-elected bureaucrats that to have one regulation approved, they must repeal two. My guess is they’ll just write longer ones with more details in them. But, overall, I think it’s hysterical and hope that it results as intended: trimming the .gov.

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer group: EPA Employees Coming to Work in Tears Because of Trump Win

Given my line of work, I hope Trump looks into stormwater regulations.

The hearing protection act

Has been introduced in the House and Senate. We’ll see if the Rs dance with those that brung them.

NRA Voting Time

I received my ballot a few days ago and was wondering what all the bylaw change hubbub was about. Well, David Hardy lays it out. If you read the comments, however, it doesn’t appear that to be language clean up. Rather, it appears to be enacting incumbent protection. Notably, Jeff Knox lays out the case for voting no.

The Army getting hollow points?

The Arms Guide reports that the contract with Sig calls for it. On the one hand, it’s good that they’ll be getting more modern ammunition. On the other, isn’t there some bizarre ban on them using HPs?

I can tell a Republican is president

The press is suddenly concerned about overseas deaths in the War on Terror again.

Knoxville settles suit against it over gun ban in parks

Reports the NRA:

The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) applauds the settlement reached in Vreeland v. City of Knoxville. This settlement strikes a reasonable balance between the right to carry firearms in public parks within Knoxville, as guaranteed by Tennessee law, and the citys use of Chilhowee Park as a secure facility for private or ticketed events. At its core, this settlement reaffirms that individuals have the right to defend themselves with lawfully possessed firearms throughout Tennessee.

I was unaware it was settled and found the NRA’s statement to be short on detail. A little searching and I find that the ban on carry is lifted when there’s not a ticketed event. And guns are not allowed in the buildings. Doesn’t strike me as a worthy of NRA’s applause, personally.

Because it was only about guilting lawful gun owners

The Richmond Times Dispatch:

A new state law designed to expand background checks at Virginia gun shows has resulted in only one person being denied the purchase of a weapon at 41 weekend events during the first six months of the initiative, which required $300,000 in funding to hire three new state police employees.

Time, expense and added bureaucracy for that. And the one guy who got busted apparently wasn’t too bright:

A 21-year-old Richmond man tried to purchase a firearm from a private seller at a gun show at the Richmond International Raceway complex Nov. 12-13. But when he agreed to undergo a voluntary background check at the sellers request, he was denied because he had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest from Richmond, state police said. Troopers immediately took him into custody.

Life in the future

A man with a bionic penis landed a deal to do a porn movie.

The future is stupid.

The Brady Campaign is still clinging to relevance

This time they blame Chicago’s gun violence on gun dealers. It’s the fault of federally licence firearms dealers who don’t even operate in the city.

Gun Porn

12-Gauge Aguila MiniShells. Kinda makes me want the Mossberg Shockwave.

Concealed Carry Highlights from SHOT.

January 29, 2017

The dumbest thing you’ll see until tomorrow

Right here:

Fast forward to about the three minute mark.

Sparky, has it occurred to you to use a holster? I mean, I store all of my guns in a holster. Particularly the bed side gun.

January 26, 2017

They are correct. You should never carry a Glock that doesn’t have sights.

Seen at the local home improvement store:

Note: the sign was not posted at the store. Rather, they sold them.

Repeal the Hughes Amendment

A White House petition. Much like the repeal the NFA one I linked before, I don’t think much gets done by petition.

Honestly, both of these petitions have fewer signatures than I thought they’d have. But a group of people that, generally, are leery of being on government lists probably aren’t inclined to sign up for a government list.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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