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Life in the future


The future is stupid.

9 Responses to “Life in the future”

  1. TassoRampante Says:

    Take 18 samples of anything and then analyze for all possible attributes and then report on the one commonality that is surprising in that tiny sample size.

    This is literally the definition of ďnot statistically significant.Ē Science fail. Journalism fail.

  2. Tim Says:

    So it’s a 2fer?

  3. Tirno Says:

    Do you have to pay extra for blood infusion by the BAC of the unit?

    If so, could the donors get a bit of that?

    As every good wino should know, give blood before you start drinking. The BAC percentage gets bigger, faster, when youíve taken steps to minimize the denominator. Thatís just good hobo economics, even if itís hateful to your liver.

  4. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    Long story short, I came home with a headache once. My dad was a cancer patient, and had some free samples from one of his doctors. He told me to take half of one. I took a whole one. With two beers. Best three days I have ever slept.

  5. treefroggy Says:

    What levels of anything constitute ” contamination ” . Is there a level of ” contamination ” of estrogen or testosterone from young people ?

    This is the definition of ” science for headlines ” . Looking for grant money are we ? Let’s see the data .

  6. dittybopper Says:

    Maybe thatís because the people need to take Xanax in order to be calm while donating blood.

  7. Dan Says:

    Never took Xanax, but I can’t donate for fear of vCJD from serving in Germany in the 90s…

  8. Patrick Says:

    ’18 samples taken by a University of Oregon researcher’ means they likely took samples from the student population. The point of the study was to test a fast and cheap method of assaying (measuring) OTC drugs in the blood supply. I didn’t read into the detailed subject selection method, but they had a pool of non-drugged individuals as a control. That suggests they intentionally selected their test subjects from those who were taking drugs. The surprise was they were not testing for Xanax, but found it.

    Imagine the average college student/Antifa idiot from Portlandia. I think the real story here is finding two students that did not take Xanax. Heck, half of them were chugging dextromethorphan (cough syrup).

    So researchers intentionally selected OTC drug users to test methods of measuring for OTCs in blood. “Journalists” then report that the pool of drug users used drugs.

    The present tense is stupid.

  9. Phil R Says:

    Only 18 samples and we have no idea of demographics, age, sex, income level, etc. All the things necessary for such studies. Sample size was way too low but does peak curiosity.

    Might be a good med school research project but definitely not yet for the med industry at all.

    Headline say “Pure Human Blood.” What’s pure about this? DUH, fake media! Also it is not known if it was hole blood, platelets, or plasma. All 3 could be called human blood.

    BTW, If blood was drawn into a bag and not vial, the bag contains anti-coagulates. Further contamination of the samples.

    Newsweek should have known better than to print this poorly researched and written piece of crap.