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October 30, 2014

Glock v. M&P

Kyle Lamb on why he likes the M&P (my thoughts below the vid):

I don’t carry, own or like a .40, so that doesn’t mean much to me. And I’d say reliability is equal. On accuracy, it is the Glock hands down. But for


, the M&P is fine. On the trigger, I’d go to Glock since so many people focus on reset. But there is a nice after market product that fixes that for the M&P. Supposedly, the new guns take care of this. And quite a few Glocks are made in America now. And I have enough mags that I won’t be scrounging during the zombie invasion.

I have both. I like both. Either is good.

TLDR version: Get a G19 or an M&P9 and be happy.

They only want guns banned for you

Anti-gun Moms Demand Shannon Watts and her armed bodyguards.

Begs the question, was there more ammo than people at their silly Kroger protest?


FIFY: TSA confiscates raygun belt buckle because they’re retarded.

Dude, free survival books

A list

How appealing

Given DC’s record of incompetent legal strategy, it’s probably good news:

D.C. Will Appeal Court Decision Overturning Concealed Carry Ban

War on women

NYT mocks rape victim’s position on gun rights.

Gun laws and crime

Gun laws have no effect on violent crime in Canada.

Gun Porn

Prettified WASR

Yugo SKS

October 29, 2014


Hah. I’ll go:



Deal Alert

Bushmaster lower receivers for $50


Preemption signed into law

Stop shooting yourselves

Jose Canseco shot off his finger

Man dies after shooting himself in the groin.

Via The Duck, who always seems to find when people shoot themselves.

Poop dart

So, a rocket taking supplies to the space station exploded. It’s of note locally because a local school had an experiment to carry out with the rocket. And the students sent poop into space.

The Truth About Mass Public Shootings

From Reason

Gun Porn

Smith & Wesson M&P10

October 28, 2014

In Rand Paul news

Some hack says he’d be devastating to the Republican party. Good.

But Paul says libertarians should vote GOP

Free speech? Not on election day

Wear your NRA hat to the polling station, and you don’t get to vote:

The courts have found that anything that suggests [or is] associated with the NRA, in many people’s perceptions, is associated with the Republican Party. So with an overabundance of caution, Mr. Cobb was asked to remove the hat so that no one could interpret that we were playing any favoritism toward one party over the other.

Oh, really?

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Virginia Open Carrier Is SWATted By Known Gun Control Loon

Use a holster

Or, better yet, don’t put a shotgun in your pants.

Gun Porn

North Eastern Arms Compact Carbine Stock. Looks cool.

Another bogus belt buckle pistol.

October 27, 2014

As someone said on facebook: “One day, I’d like my news feed not to feature cops killing dogs.”

A Cop Tried To Kill My Dog Last Night

Gun alerts dispatch if police gun has been fired

Pretty cool, I think:

A Silicon Valley startup has developed technology to let dispatchers know when a police officer’s weapon has been fired.

The latest product by Yardarm Technologies would notify dispatchers in real time when an officer’s gun is taken out of its holster and when it’s fired. It can also track where the gun is located and in what direction it was fired.

Pretty cool for police. I don’t want it in mine.

I’ve spent quite a bit of money there recently

At amazon, emergency preparedness and long term food storage.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Anti-gun activist: We need more school shootings!!!

Deal Alert

80% polymer lower receivers for $50.

Play stupid games

Win stupid prizes:

Investigators say Jeffrey Stiles, 45, of Muskegon was attending a Halloween party and decided to step outside to try and scare drivers with his zombie costume. While in the road, he was hit by a car. The driver of the car did not stop and was last seen going north on Main.

I never started but

Why I ditched appendix carry

Well, other .gov agencies do it too

IRS Doesn’t Care That You Haven’t Committed a Crime—It Will Still Steal Your Money.

Gun Porn

Well-used Glock


Norden Performance 1-6x scope

October 26, 2014

Your caliber sucks

I mean, I can even shave with mine:


What caliber for beard?