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How appealing

Given DC’s record of incompetent legal strategy, it’s probably good news:

D.C. Will Appeal Court Decision Overturning Concealed Carry Ban

5 Responses to “How appealing”

  1. somejerk Says:

    since heller, a lot of judges have taken senior status (partial retirement) and obama and harry reid have has stacked the dc circuit with liberal judges. they have a majority now, something like 7-4, im too lazy to check. not only will you never see another heller from them, this is the start of their long walk back of their previous recognition of your rights.

    but hey, voting for harry reid is ok because we’re bipartisan and if likes guns, he’s ok! now you live with the consequences of trusting your local good old boy dems.

    (btw, how’s that obamacare treating you?)

  2. rickn8or Says:

    Hey, it was Mayor Adrian Fenty’s repeated appeals (against the advice of his attorneys) that got us Heller in the first place.

    If the original CCW decision is overturned, there’s always the appeals process for the pro-gun people.

    Let’s see what the result of the 20th of November hearing is.

  3. The_Jack Says:

    Also… they’re appealing the decision overturning the ban… after they drafted a carry law?

    So… two things.

    1) Legally did they have to draft something? Because otherwise it’s going to look rather silly for them to demand a ban be reinstated after they… changed the law.

    2) Gives you an idea on how “reasonable” they’re gonna be with those May issue permits if they’re sueing to get rid of their own system.

  4. Ellen Says:

    Why does it matter what the judges and courts say? DC politicians are *never* going to stop finding reasons to take guns and put people in jail for having them.

  5. CaptDMO Says:

    D.C. officials immediately decried the ruling….
    At who’s request, and by what “authority”?

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