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Glock v. M&P

Kyle Lamb on why he likes the M&P (my thoughts below the vid):

I don’t carry, own or like a .40, so that doesn’t mean much to me. And I’d say reliability is equal. On accuracy, it is the Glock hands down. But for


, the M&P is fine. On the trigger, I’d go to Glock since so many people focus on reset. But there is a nice after market product that fixes that for the M&P. Supposedly, the new guns take care of this. And quite a few Glocks are made in America now. And I have enough mags that I won’t be scrounging during the zombie invasion.

I have both. I like both. Either is good.

TLDR version: Get a G19 or an M&P9 and be happy.

13 Responses to “Glock v. M&P”

  1. Todd S Says:

    For me, it’s the grip angle. I cut my teeth on 1911’s, so the M&P is my choice, but I have nothing against the Glock. It’s a good/great gun.

  2. HL Says:

    Shoot a VP9….it’s magic…

    The only thing it needs is more ammo, cause your gonna go through a lot!

  3. Jim Scrummy Says:

    I like both (own both brands), but I love my Walther PPQ. I enjoy shooting all of them and that’s my problem…not enough ammo.

  4. Jeff From DC Says:


    How does the M&P feel and handle in relation to a 1911?

  5. Skip Says:

    The M&P is a clone of my CZ 75.
    They both fit the same holsters.
    The M&P is better built IMHO.

  6. Jay G. Says:

    The only reason I got a Glock over an M&P is Glock was not approved in MA…

  7. The_Jack Says:


  8. Gerry Says:

    Have both, shoot both.
    M&P Pro 9 for games
    Glock for carry.

    New shooters seem to like the M&P better than the G17/19.


  9. mikee Says:

    When I started shooting, I was terrible with everything from the 1911s to the Glocks to the Sigs to the Ruger Mark II. Really couldn’t group well, or stay on the target center, or rapidly shift aim from point to point; essentially an absolute NOOB.

    I got a Glock 19 for carry, because a 17, which I could shoot better, was too damn big for IWB, and .45ACP was about 2x the price of 9mm.

    And then I shot and shot and shot with the Glock 19, because 50 rounds of 9mm Blazer in 2005 cost $3.85 and 250 or Rem 9mm cost $19.99 or so.

    Every once in a while I’d rent a range gun, like a Sig 9mm or a Colt 1911. And I found I could shoot them better than I had before practicing so much with the Glock.

    Practice with a handgun that had a big fat grip, and a snappy short barrel, that I shot pretty poorly unless concentrating really hard, had made the other guns easier for me to shoot better.

    I still carry the Glock 19.

  10. Paul Kisling Says:

    Anyone tried the Steyr L9a1?

  11. Todd S Says:

    Jeff from DC,

    I think the 9mm is comparable, but I have no experience with the other calibers. It doesn’t weigh as much, but the smaller round makes it recoil about the same.

  12. WPZ Says:

    Glocks are really good. I’m not good with Glocks.
    We have a lot of 9s for the classes we operate (one includes a “Gun Buffet” and is, as you may imagine, popular).
    There is only one 9mm in our safes I ever take to the range voluntarily: the M&P. Feels good to me, for a plastigun, and I shoot it pretty well.
    I might even consider carrying it in lieu of a Commander if it was in a caliber I shoot. That’s the highest praise I have.
    Meanwhile, I can tell you from doing many, many women’s intro classes (with my female partner, who is a semi-pro USPSA shooter- they go ga-ga over her videos!) that at the end of the class, when the centerfires come out on the range, the best holes in the paper come from:
    M&P 9 Pro and Smith Model 65.
    Glocks are a decent second, with XDms trailing.

  13. Someone You Know Says:

    Dear Uncle:

    Katniss, my wife, and I had a chance to shoot a couple of different Glocks (17, 19, and 26) and an M&P 9 at one of the local ranges with a Groupon (buy one, get one).

    We like both the Glocks and Smith and Wesson, except for the 26. The 26 has a gap between the magazine and grip that bit our pinkies every shot.

    Well, …

    Katniss is a member of The Well Armed Woman [ ] and they recently received a deal from Glock to purchase pistols at ‘Pro’ prices, until June ’15.

    So, …

    She is getting a Glock 19 for Christ’s Mass and 10 magazines.

    Sincerely, SYK

    I agree with you Uncle. Both pistols are excellent for self defense, however; the Glocks are better logistically for preppers.

    * cheaper magazines

    * many more magazines in circulation (barter?)

    * more numerous (used by the local Police departments)

    * used pistols are plentiful

    * …

    Oh, …

    Don’t tell Katniss ; – )

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