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January 31, 2013

But having armed guards at school is crazy NRA talk

Well, and a Obama talk too.

Student shot at school. Then the shooter was apprehended by a school resource officer within minutes.


Obama’s claims to go skeet shooting all the time, probably bogus.

Kenneth Cole: anti civil rights

Via Isaac:

crappy clothes, crappy cause

Drinking while having a gun in the home

Constitutionally protected. What, are you supposed to remove the guns when you open a beer?

Prison Nation

1/4 prisoners in the world are in the US. Mostly drug criminals.

We’re number 1. We’re number 1. We’re number 1. We’re number 1.

Alan Gura on the 7 round magazine limit

clearly unconstitutional

More Stellar ATF Performance

ATF sets up fake gun store to catch illegal gun dealers. Loses machine gun. Catches no illegal dealers.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

NRA president says anti-gun advocates threatened to kill son, daughter

Key quote: civility is only required of us.

Global Warming: Is there anything it can’t do?

It’s also the cause of gun violence.

There actually is truth to the assertion that more violent crime, particularly shootings, occurs when it’s warmer. Check out Chicago murder rate by month.

I had a gay poodle once. No, really, she liked the girl dogs.

‘Gay’ dog in Tennessee shelter gets speedy adoption after story

Department of Homeland Security says use scissors for self defense

Ok. Or you could use a gun.

Man gets three years for having drawings

Sure, the drawings in question are pretty disgusting. But he was sentenced for having comic books.

I like it

Senator Campfield introduced a bill saying that the state will review federal laws and determine if they’re constitutional. If not, the state will sue.

Hemenway makes stuff up

Women owning guns is a public health issue. No, it’s not.

How to select a gun for pistol competition

From Ron

In Hawaii

A civil rights victory

Concealed carry coming to Illinois

The court ordered them to pass it. Here’s some analysis of the draft bill.

I bet it’s higher

Two-thirds of gun owners would defy gun laws


It’s OK for Diane Feinstein and David Gregory to break gun laws to further their political agendas. However, pro-gun republicans were barred from bringing in props to counter that hysteria.

There’s an audience for everything

So, there’s this website called EyeHandy, in which they post video how-tos for things that are handy. Only, the videos feature half naked women doing everything from soldering to tying a bow tie*.

They did a video of field stripping an AR-15.

* No one should wear a bow-tie. Ever.

Gun Porn

The many faces of the mini 14

Stuff that works

Uhm, OK: Never-Empty Double Gun (NEDG) Carbine Stock For Two Pistols

Another folding stock AR-15

January 30, 2013

Fact Free Zones


Also, Wayne, just answer the questions.

January 29, 2013

I’ve been asked this a lot in the last several weeks

Several of my non-gunny friends in the real world say to me “hey, Uncle, I need a handgun before they’re banned. What do you suggest?” I note that they don’t currently own guns yet have a fear they will be banned so they want one. Which is weird because the press tells me they only want to ban those evil assault rifles, whatever those are.

My answer is always the same. Either a Glock 26, Glock 19, Glock 17, S&W M&P 9, or S&W M&P 9C. All the guns are 9mm. 9mm is a perfectly adequate cartridge. It’s also easier to find and less expensive, in general . . . but not this week. Guns that shoot 9mm hold more rounds and the quickest way to double the effectiveness of your carry ammo is a follow up shot, which they have lots of, compared to 45s. And I just don’t dig the .40, especially for new shooters. The second issue is that of size. This combination runs the gamut from borderline pocket pistol up to full size duty gun. That’s just preference based on attire and method of carry and so forth. Or if they’re going to carry at all. For a nightstand gun, there’s no reason not to have full sized pistol, other than small hands. And, lastly, grip angle. Some people just don’t dig the Glock’s grip angle and some people love it.

Then, I tell them to go try them out and see which one works best.


Flame on.

Update: Also, all these pistols are striker fired. That’s merely for consistency of trigger pull. When you’re a newbie, consistency is likely a good thing. And no manual safeties. Is gun, is not safe. And better to let them learn good habits instead of relying on a a false sense of security.


CT Legislators Declare War on Second Amendment

Father of slain child says that gun laws are not the problem.

The press manufactures a controversy stating that gun advocates heckled the parent of a dead child for calling for gun control. Only, the heckling didn’t happen the MSNBC said it did.

Attach your smart phone to a rifle scope

Because you can

I agree, pussies shouldn’t own guns . . . or pointy things or pets … or anything that might result in tears

Man the fuck up, Nancy. And keep your gun loaded to avoid those problems.

Bureaucracy is expensive

WTO: Cutting red tape would save a trillion. Or, you know, what the spent or promised to spend today.




Lawsuit filed against their stupid law, which will come as a surprise to Cuomo.

A handy infographic of banned features. Because if you take those off a gun, then it’s totally safe.

NY doesn’t even know what it’s banning. Well, when people who want to get rid of shoulder things that go up make laws, this happens.

Pointless demonstrations

And background checks