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I agree, pussies shouldn’t own guns . . . or pointy things or pets … or anything that might result in tears

Man the fuck up, Nancy. And keep your gun loaded to avoid those problems.

37 Responses to “I agree, pussies shouldn’t own guns . . . or pointy things or pets … or anything that might result in tears”

  1. John Richardson Says:

    Don’t be so hard on him. The questions he’ll be asking in the future with his PhD in comparative lit is “Do you want fries with that?”

  2. adam Says:

    “Im a New Yorker born-and-bred”

    Well there’s your problem..

  3. Teke Says:

    I see a lot of problems in his statements.
    Some of which bring me to question the validity in that are any of his statements truthful besides being from New York.

    The way he poses the full auto as being an everyday commodity. That one just goes to a range and runs through a ton of rounds on a regular basis is just the first.

  4. Mike V Says:

    If Patrick Blanchfield ever owned or fired a gun, I’ve been skeet shooting with the president.

  5. Critter Says:

    what a wuss. if he needs a good home for his guns i’ll make him a price.

  6. Carver Says:

    Probably an upper east side kid, we used to kick the shit out of those bastards on a weekly basis. Obviously he missed his beating that week.

  7. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    He needs to take a deep breath, close his mouth and eyes, and try real hard to blow his sexual organs convex rather than concave. Maybe save the ovaries for a second session; this could be traumatic.

  8. gunnutmegger Says:


    “Mr Blanchfield, I’ve just read through most of the comments. Apparently few of the gun owners seem to believe your article. Most of the gun owners comments are spot on. If you are having trouble writing convincing articles, perhaps you should consider some additional training in writing. Good luck! Your friend, Ed”

  9. Kristophr Says:

    Very poor performance for a concern troll.

    If you are going to concern troll, you need to pick something gun owners might actually fear, like insane liberal judges.

    Anyone who is afraid of self defense is not going to even own a firearm.

  10. Son Of The Griz Says:

    Good God… I bet the NY Daily News served a huge helping of creamed panties when they found a “gun owner” who saw the light about the dangers of having a gun for defense nearby.

    I know, personally, seven vaginas that would call that guy a pussy.


  11. Chris Says:

    Poor little beta male. Thank God for alphas.

  12. Weer'd Beard Says:

    A gun is not a magic talisman, and simply owning a guitar does not make you Jimmie Hendrix.

    These are the worst kind of gun owners. The ones who buy the gun and don’t learn how to use them, and expect to “learn on the job” when things get ugly.

    These are also the same people who are terrified of their own guns, so they hide them in the closest and just HOPE their kids never find them.

  13. comatus Says:

    Emory. Bellesiles.
    They already have a committee for looking into this.
    May be able to pull his PhD before he even gets it.

  14. Bill Says:

    That there is the NY Daily News, which these days is just a c-hair left of the Pravda. (But only because the Pravda ran an article telling Americans to never give up their guns.)

    Every article they’ve run against guns during their propaganda blitzkrieg has had a huge “cut out this ballot and send it to your legislator” which has a big ol’ YES I WANT THE GUNZ BANNED already checked off. With no other option.

  15. Ohio shawn Says:

    I don’t believe this guy has ever fired a gun and why would he “stage” his shotgun but leave it unloaded. This article is full of fail.

  16. Stretch Says:

    The ol’ BS Meter pegged so hard on this one the needle bent.
    This dude isn’t even a Beta male. He’s the Omega of the pack.

  17. Phil in W Texas Says:

    I’d like to join the crowd calling BS. He’s never shot a gun or touched one. He casually fired hundred of rounds of “automatic rife” (like everyone does) so that he grew to know the “mechanical sound”. WTF???? I only ever hear report. What’s a mechanical sound anyway? So he collects all those guns that he was always out shooting so that when under pressure he fumbles the box of ammo all over the floor like a Dick Van Dyke bit but with soiled drawers. Sorry dude your writing isn’t deep enough for Sunday comics. You couldn’t make it a violent tradgedy because Google, so you made yourself a nancy boy so you could paint us with your woolen brush. Nice try, sheep, but you’re not as smart as you think you are.
    Oh, and you’re a phd candidate who left an unsecured weapon in the broom closet by the back door???

  18. Breda Says:

    “Nancy”? Seriously?

  19. Breda Says:

    Outright sexism in some of the comments and then in the next post you all are squeeing/drooling over chicks with guns.


  20. Breda Says:

    Hey, Unc, why don’t you follow this up with a post about “Why can’t we seem to get more women interested in the shooting sports?”

  21. JTwig Says:

    O.K., I understand not keeping a loaded shotgun in a closet if you have children, but when you have only two adults living in an apartment I don’t understand why he didn’t keep it loaded. Since he was using a pump-action he could keep the gun loaded but with no shell chambered, thus keeping it safe from accidental firing and getting him the unmistakable sound of doom that comes from someone working the action on a shotgun.

    Though I do understand why he describes the woman he was living with as his girlfriend at the time. She said he made her feel really safe, so his reaction after the fact was most likely a big letdown and caused her to move on. He did everything but get in to the fetal position and crawl onto her lap.

  22. ATLien Says:

    Good luck changing the English language, Breda.

  23. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    1. He is a shooter, but keeps an unloaded weapon?

    2. He has a bunch of guns but after fending off a hot burglary, he sells them all?

    3. He believes fighting is a fantasy?

    East Coast Eloi, you are a fucking liar and I call you on it.

  24. Breda Says:

    ATLien, I don’t want to change the entire language…but I would like SayUncle to use less of the language that makes him look like a misogynist Neanderthal.

    This *is* one of the stereotypes you cousin’-humpin’ redneck bible-thumpin’ bitter clingers are constantly fighting against, no?

  25. Mick Havoc Says:

    He is a real bed-wetter. And his solution is for all of the rest of us to wet the bed too.

  26. JimB Says:

    He probably should have given the shotgun to his girlfriend. Then he could have hidden in the bathtub

  27. Jim Says:

    Come on now Breda, you have to admit that even in this day in age most women react with Eeeeww to even the concept of guns. My oldest has tried the girly reaction on both me and her husband (we don’t really believe it) But we have both quit suggesting going to the range.This is what we’re saying when we refer to these guys as girly men. I think a lot of the reason women don’t like to get involved in shooting is the fact that there are so many guys who have to go into “macho boyfriend showoff mode” and take the new girl out and hand her a .45. I’ve only ever seen that work once, surprisingly with my buddy’s >100lb wife, who is a better shot with my 1911 than I am.

  28. comatus Says:

    Know the difference between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon cultures? The Neanderthal women hunted. And unlike most suppositions from fey Victorian anthropologists, there is skeletal evidence for that.

    “Some people” should clean out their stereotype files before going crusading.

  29. breda Says:

    Neanderthal females hunted, therefore Neanderthal males could not have been misogynists.

    I’m not seeing the connection. Must be my silly little girl-brain.

    All hail comatus, King of the Straw Man.

  30. RC Says:

    Ummm…in that context the term “Nancy” doesn’t refer to females at all. I’d think a librarian would be more familiar with the language. Now, if you want to comment about making fun of effeminate men or homosexuals you can paddle in that pond, but you still won’t really get anywhere.

  31. breda Says:

    Comment #18, written after I had read the post, is separate from #19 and #20, which I wrote after I had read some of the bullshit in the comments.
    Please try to keep up.

  32. comatus Says:

    That’s exactly what it is, and now everyone has noticed.

  33. Mike Gordon Says:

    I don’t believe for a second that this jackass was ever a gunowner. Otherwise he would known that all pump shotguns have a bolt release button to prevent just what he claimed to have done, pump the gun repeatedly until the magazine was empty.

  34. Jeff Powell Says:

    What a pussy. His pansy remarks about puking in the sink, and it splashing him in the eyes. Close your eyes then.

    His girlfriend felt protected…too bad she was living with a vagina of a man.

  35. Jeff Powell Says:

    His facebook page

  36. PhD Too Says:

    The article should be retitled “Why I gave of my Dick and Balls, A former firearm enthusiast explains why he no longer wants personal responsibility.”

    A man is a providor, a protector, and a defender. It is the duty of a husband and father to care for, support, and defend his family. A male who cannot bear that responsability is derelict in his duty as a man and deserves scorn.

    I’m not going to say all non gun owning males are not “men.” But this guy has a fright, vomits up his guts, and rather than learn from the lesson, pull him self up by his bootstraps. He wusses out and moves into the fantasy land of “someone else is going to protect me.”

  37. Jim Says:

    Good Lord, all of this finger pointing, charges of homophobia, sexism etc. You’d think we were democrats. The one thing I hope we can agree on is, if this guy ever owned a gun, he sold it. If you are so mechanically disinclined as to be unable to work a shot gun, go hide in the closet until the cops get there.

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