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I’ve been asked this a lot in the last several weeks

Several of my non-gunny friends in the real world say to me “hey, Uncle, I need a handgun before they’re banned. What do you suggest?” I note that they don’t currently own guns yet have a fear they will be banned so they want one. Which is weird because the press tells me they only want to ban those evil assault rifles, whatever those are.

My answer is always the same. Either a Glock 26, Glock 19, Glock 17, S&W M&P 9, or S&W M&P 9C. All the guns are 9mm. 9mm is a perfectly adequate cartridge. It’s also easier to find and less expensive, in general . . . but not this week. Guns that shoot 9mm hold more rounds and the quickest way to double the effectiveness of your carry ammo is a follow up shot, which they have lots of, compared to 45s. And I just don’t dig the .40, especially for new shooters. The second issue is that of size. This combination runs the gamut from borderline pocket pistol up to full size duty gun. That’s just preference based on attire and method of carry and so forth. Or if they’re going to carry at all. For a nightstand gun, there’s no reason not to have full sized pistol, other than small hands. And, lastly, grip angle. Some people just don’t dig the Glock’s grip angle and some people love it.

Then, I tell them to go try them out and see which one works best.


Flame on.

Update: Also, all these pistols are striker fired. That’s merely for consistency of trigger pull. When you’re a newbie, consistency is likely a good thing. And no manual safeties. Is gun, is not safe. And better to let them learn good habits instead of relying on a a false sense of security.

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  1. cbpelto Says:

    TO: All
    RE: The Increased ‘Threat’

    Recent reports over the last week indicate that home-invaders are trending towards groups of 3-5.

    A revolver, especially less calibers are not going to effectively cope with that situation.

    Hand guns with large calibers and large magazines are going to be necessary. That and a good AR with large capacity magazines.


    [When going to a gun fight, bring a gun. Preferably bring two guns.]

  2. Pat Cannon Says:

    CZ-75 compact. Best 9mm service pistol ever, relatively inexpensive, in a concealable size.

  3. Mr. Prepper Says:


  4. cbpelto Says:

    TO: Mr. Prepper, et al.
    RE: Small Hands

    The distaff stands 5’2″. She has dainty hands and feet.

    The Springfield Armory .45 cal XDm fits well in her hands.

    I suspect their newer XDs would even fit better.


    [Never go into a gunfight with a handgun whose caliber is less than .4.]

  5. Joseph McNulty Says:

    Just a note. Be careful choosing a “home defense” shotgun, The concept is appealing: a shotgun is the most devastating weapon AT CLOSE RANGE. But there is reason for caution. I had a Mossberg pump 12-guage as a “home defense” weapon. I became concerned with its power in such close quarters that I built a typical interior house wall — sheet rock and 2 x 4’s. I was worried that a blast at an intruder would penetrate and kill my sleeping kids in the next room. I tested the shotgun. From 20 feet, it blasted a hole in the wall the size of a basketball! I knew that any firing of the shotgun in the house would be likely to penetrate the interior walls and hit my sleeping kids. I abandoned the shotgun and went to a CZ-75 nine with Glazer Safety Slugs that would break up when they struck any solid object– like an interior wall. The downside is that if it hit an intruder who was wearing a leather jacket, the bullets might break up and not penetrate. When you gain something (safety for my little kids) you give up something (penetration and stopping power). Maybe the “BANG!” would scare off any intruder.

  6. cbpelto Says:

    TO: All
    RE: DHS’s Answer….

    ….to home invasions is….GET THIS….


    Well…they ARE less expensive. And don’t require much in the way of ammo.


    [The only thing worse than a knife to take to a gunfight is scissors.]

    P.S. Thank you DHS….

    ….we are ALL defenseless now…..

  7. cbpelto Says:

    P.P.S. It is my considered opinion that government organizations such as DHS or my own state legislature,i.e., groups dominated by Democrats/Liberals/Progressives (DLP), don’t want people to defend themselves.

    They deliberately disarm people because they want to protect the more violent, lawless DLPs that make up the criminal element in our country.

    After all, who want people to be able defend themselves against their own kind?

  8. Alpheus Says:

    I’m still a bit of a nOOb when it comes to different gun types, so obviously my recommendations need to be taken with a grain of salt, but here they are:

    First, I’d recommend getting some sort of 1911, but make sure it’s reliable with hollow-points. As a traditionalist, I like .45ACP, but I’m sure 9mm versions would be just fine too. I don’t know why, though: these guns can be a bit expensive, and require a bit of training, but they also have a certain…charm…to them.

    Or better yet, a Desert Eagle, .50ACE. Now *that’s* a pistol!

    Even Better yet, I’d recommend an AR-15 pistol, with a bayonet. And optical night-sights. Strapped to your leg with a thigh holster. But be sure to conceal it, darnit, because we don’t want the shoppers to be scared of you, or the gangs to know who you are!

    And now that I’ve made the last two recommendations, I feel a strong urge to find a mall and apply for security there…and I can’t even imagine why…

  9. systems sue Says:

    I am a women 5’3 and older. I am looking at H&K USB Compact. I have been told that the slide will get smoother with practice. Is the extra safety a truly helpful feature? We sometimes get big animals in our yard–really big, really wild. I think the .40 caliber will help me deter is surprised in the garden! What are your thoughts? DH has a .22 pistol and I can see that it is worthless in terms of power, and even in terms of speed.

  10. SayUncle Says:

    .40 is a fine caliber, just too snappy for a lot of new shooters. The slide will get a bit easier but, mostly, you’ll just get more hand strength to manage it.

  11. cbpelto Says:

    TO: systems sue
    RE: Caliber & Such

    Get the Springfield Armory XDs .45 or .40 if available.


    [.45 cal, because it’s not just silly, but STUPID, to have to shoot someone twice.]

    P.S. It doesn’t have that much ‘kick’ to it. But it DOES put them ‘down’ and they STAY ‘down’.