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May 31, 2012

Zombie lawyers

Can someone successfully sue you because you use Hornady’s Zombie Max ammo in your carry gun?

Where’s the media outrage?

Black man shoots Hispanic man in what is seemingly self defense. No media outrage? No pictures of the person who was shot as a child? Gee, what’s the difference?

Because gun

Avoiding confrontations because you’re armed.

Hey, Kool-Aid

Three police departments switch to M&P.

Defensive gun use

How is it defined?

Meanwhile, in Tennessee

From a facebook friend, apparently someone named Possum tools about town on a John Deere mower. I think my favorite part is the handicap sticker. Or the awesome parking job:

How dare you access our publicly available email addresses

Send an email to EPA, get a visit from EPA agents and the local sheriff.


Ridiculous: Strap your night vision gizmos to your iPad.

More guns, more restrictions

Scottish government wants power to limit number of guns purchased because, wait for it, people are buying lots of guns.


Politifact considers repeating bogus talking points to be fact checking

Deal Alert

40% off Buck knives

More on the pool lift

Why people don’t use them.

Why not modify balance beams?

Land of the free

Handcuffed for a blog post

Hollow points

Fact and fiction

Mowing the lawn

With a 22


Handguard, rail and forward grip made from a 3D printer

Rule #2

Not following it can be a pain in the ass.

Having your gun stolen

It’s happened to open carriers. Now, it’s happened to a concealed carrier.

Meanwhile, in the nanny state

Ban large sugary drinks. Because no one would dare by more than one. Or a six pack. Will Bloomberg limit the amount you can purchase like some states do with guns?

This week, in your gun sucks

It is expected to suck for the first three to five-hundred rounds!?

First carry gun


Kind of like gun blogs

Back in the early 1990s, if you had said to me Hey, Uncle, we’ll soon be arguing the merits of open carry versus concealed carry instead of just trying to get rid of gun bans and getting carry in 49 states then I would have said you’re a looney. But I would have been wrong. You see, this thing Al Gore invented called the internets (a series of tubes, I am told) allowed us to make our case as opposed to your average American merely seeing the talking points of anti-gun groups parroted in the press as “news”. Since the internet, we’re winning and they’re losing. The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Ownership is essentially irrelevant in any gun policy discussion.

Apparently, the internet had a similar benefit for how men perceive themselves: They all got together and decided they weren’t crazy.

Gun Porn

Random gun porn

Not sure what this is supposed to be but it’s a cool image.

What is this? I don’t even . . .

May 30, 2012

He does have groping experience

A defrocked priest accused of molesting two young girls is now a TSA supervisor.

I will send them a picture of my Wookiee Suit

I came back from vacation with a summons for jury duty waiting for me. The odds of me getting on a jury are about zero. They don’t like people who pay attention and advocate jury nullification of stupid laws.

Oddly, on the summons for reasons to get dismissed, there’s no check box for will judge the facts and the law.

China says it’s a human rights violation that 9/10th of us have guns

And they know about human rights violations. The gall of a country that forces abortions, sterilizations and actually has death vans is stunning.

More on the pool lift

So, this throw away post featuring a pool lift I made while getting sunburned err tanned and sipping a Mai Tai generated more attention than I thought it would have. Which is to say, it got some. My initial impression was that it was a waste, government mandated, and it was put in a very inconvenient location at the main entry into the shallow end, where all the kids congregate to play. Some other observations:

  • I saw two kids hurt themselves on it by running or swimming into it.
  • While there, there were two wheel chair bound people. Both went into the pool and neither used the lift. Their family members helped them in.
  • After the comments here went on, I put on my intrepid reporters hat and asked the manager about it. Basically, she said the following:

  • They were told by “the government” to install it or they’d have to shut the pool down. She didn’t specify who in government.
  • It was expensive. She would not give me a number but finally conceded it was five figures.
  • In the months since its installation, it has been used exactly zero times.
  • So, there you have it.

    Failure to fire: a fluke

    Roanoke County Police are checking their issued H&K guns after an officer’s gun failed to fire during a confrontation with a man who had a shotgun. My first thought was he didn’t have one in the chamber or take the safety off. But their investigation says: The department’s investigation after the incident revealed the officer’s .45-caliber Heckler & Koch semi-automatic pistol likely malfunctioned because of improper maintenance, said Lt. R.C. Mason, a police spokesman. Seems the armorer didn’t replace the firing pin.

    There’s the old stereotype that police only get to the range once a year. Maybe they should go more often to make sure their stuff works and that they can work their stuff.


    The Houston Astros snazzy retro uniforms

    First, they came for the sex offenders

    Now, a proposal for folks convicted of gun crimes to go on a registry. Kinda like how they made sex offender registries and then sex crimes just stopped.