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News you can use

Seat Belts and Appendix Carry.

I mentioned my issue with AIWB a bit back. Thankfully, I know people with more clue than me. Simply run the seat belt under the grip of the gun. Keeps you safe and allows for quick access.

One Response to “News you can use”

  1. bogie Says:

    I realize this wasn’t presented as scientific research, but the translation of the unofficial poll toward appendix carry is unlikely to mean anything at all. Especially the observation from police departments that an officer’s gun has never gone off in a crash. Those officers certainly aren’t carrying appendix style. Also, my guess is that most first responders are finding people that carry off the hip, so even that doesn’t translate. Of course, that is going off my gut feeling (not scientific at all).

    I will say, that I would not expect a gun to go off because of a crash, regardless of carry style – unless that style does not involve a holster.