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Bleg: AIWB and sitting

Been carrying an shield AIWB a bit lately. But driving with it sucks. It’s uncomfortable. Anyway to make it less stabby in the groin? And I figure if I’m in an accident, this combined with the seat belt means broken hip.

11 Responses to “Bleg: AIWB and sitting”

  1. woerm/thr Says:

    Uncle Mike’s IWB at the 5pm position works for me witb a full size auto (Norinco 213 9mm) mine is a #5

  2. cm smith Says:

    Try the way Bruce Nelson really carried – appendix, not appendage – or as he called it “forward of hip”:
    2 O’clock, muzzle angle slightly off vertical .. to the rear.
    Most of the advantages of appendage – security & concealability – with only slightly less ability to hit a locked wrist draw, but with much better safety.

  3. Paul B Says:

    Been trying some shoulder holsters myself. Got tired of the paddles digging in when I sat. Open carry would be nice if it wasn’t for the fudd and luddites.

  4. LKB Says:

    For car carry and a Shield, try a Galco ankle holster.

  5. MattCFII Says:

    AIWB has always been comfortable for me sitting with the right holster. I highly dislike AIWB that have extra material under the trigger guard because for me it digs into my thigh. I carry a little more toward centerline than I used to, like 12:30 almost. If you have a holster with soft loops or a metal clip like standard Crossbreed (I use their AIWB often), you get a little give that lets the gun rotate away from your thigh. Rob Pincus mentions this in his video review of their AIWB holster. It has a little holster float and give but still very secure with actual pistol retention.

  6. MattCFII Says:

    Forgot to mention, when you get the right setup a positioning, AIWB is probably the fastest draw in a car, I was able to draw in a FOF class in a simulated car scenario easily and quickly.

  7. Fin Says:

    For in the vehicle, it’s Wilderness Tactical Safepacker for me Uncle.

    Keeps the sidearm handy and on top of the seatbelt for quick release and deployment using breakaway strong velcro and yet, will not fly around the cab if you should get into an accident. I have had mine for 6 years and I never leave home without it. The rig is also handy for a bedside holster when you are on the road.

  8. Alien Says:

    When I lived in the car I went with a Galco Miami Classic, switched to the SSII harness (wider straps where they cross the shoulders). Fast draw in the car, draw can even be achieved with the off side hand if necessary (practice it a lot first). Does require a cover garment, though.

  9. Joe Says:

    Carry a a shorter gun.

  10. mike w. Says:

    I’ve also been carrying a Shield in an AIWB from Keeper’s Concealment a lot lately. My limit for car carry with it is about 2 hours before my right thigh hurts like hell.

    To be honest if it’s bothering me enough on a long drive I have pulled over and put the whole rig in the center console, which isn’t exactly a great solution.

  11. Lyle Says:

    I guess I’d need a very compelling reason to stop carrying OWB on the strong side hip at about 3:30. So far I haven’t found that reason. Even in the hottest weather, wearing shorts on the beach (an extreme example for me, being as I donít hang out on beaches) I want some protection from the sun (I’m a white guy) and so a light Cabana shirt makes excellent cover and is not significantly hotter than going bare. Certainly it is cooler than wearing a T-shirt, because it allows ample ventilation. In the car the gun is behind the seatbelt latch and I lean forward and to the left to get easy access. But do I really want the gun in my right hand in the car? Dunno. Depends.

    One of our employees uses a shoulder rig for a full sized service pistol and loves it. One of the big differences there is the weight is not born by the waist belt.

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