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The next SCOTUS judge: Brett Kavanaugh

I’m just now getting around to it because of stuff. But last night, Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy. The bought and paid for astroturf protesters were ready to go with pre-printed signs with various names on them. And ABC and the women’s march folks had their opposition pre-printed with the judge’s name spelled wrong or with XX. It didn’t matter who the next nominee was, they were going to be literally Hitler immediately. So, what does the gun community think?

NRA endorses him.

SAF endorses him.

NSSF endorses him.

The anti-gun astroturf does not.

Dave Kopel and Ed Whelan have some detail on how he has ruled on second amendment issues. But don’t expect him to be perfect on the issue.

He was the dissenter in Heller 2.

I was hoping for Barrett but Kavanaugh seems like a safe choice.

One Response to “The next SCOTUS judge: Brett Kavanaugh”

  1. Ellen Says:

    The sophistries of the Left cannot fool me: it’s Hitlers all the way down.