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Getting those assault weapons off the streets


4 Responses to “Getting those assault weapons off the streets”

  1. HL Says:

    Fucking idiots. All they care about is the number they can post in their headline.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    That’s brilliant! Why didn’t I ever think of using wire ties to attach some scrap pipe to some scrap wood? I bet he got a $125 gift card for that!

    I’d turn in 100 of those.

  3. Ron W Says:

    Almost without exception, the only real “assault weapons on the streets” (select-fire, full-auto) are in the hands of the police and fedgov agents. Back during the Obama Administration, 7000 select-fire, full-auto rifles were ordered for the Dept of Homeland Security which were called “Personal Self-Defense Rifles”, but the millions semi-auto rifles in the hands of citizens are called “assault weapons”! Though the news media, especially nationally, never reports it, these ideal self defense weapons are used, like all other guns, many more times by citizens for self defense than for “newsworthy” mass murders in gun-free soft targets kept that way by the government. But then excellent self defense weapons in our hands are what many of the ruling elite class hate, though they have and keep them for themselves.

    By the way, have there been any reports how those Personal Self Defense Rifles have been used by DHS to keep us safe? I suppose if they were ever used to defend our own border, then we would hear!

  4. Sigivald Says:

    Yeah, I’d build a lot of those if they were handing out cash or gift cards.

    Because that looks like it cost maybe $15 to make, tops.