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Life in the future

Android overtakes Windows as most used operating system on the internet. Interesting. I figured that iOS would rank higher than it did. But, the article points out, that reflects Android’s popularity in Asia and other areas. I wonder what the percentages are just for the US.

7 Responses to “Life in the future”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Apple devices had higher browsing stats in 2016 by about 10-20% depending on who measures.

    BUT…much of that is latent Apple sales from previous years.

    “In terms of sales Android has gained share across most countries. The latest stats by Kantar Worldpanel show that in Q3 2015 iOS had 29.2% market share in the USA, while Androidís share was over twice that at 65.9%. In the EU5 countries the difference between the two leading operating systems was even greater at 14.4% (iOS) vs 74% (Android).” (

    So people will argue over the excat percentages, but Apple holds the USA only because we were the first to adopt, and many have held on. But the momentum is absolutely on Android’s side.

    I prefer Android because it’s easier for me to work with. I’m a developer and never liked the Apple APIs or whatever the hell Cocoa thinks it is.

    I’m not trying to feed a troll-war. The numbers are what they are. If you want to make sweet love to your Apple IThing that is your call, so long as you understand that Apple’s version of loce requires you to be locked down with no control. That’s horrible in an appliance.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    It helps that all Chromebooks are now functionally Android as well.

  3. MajMike Says:

    Apple is a cult.

  4. mikee Says:

    So the internet now belongs to cell phones? Damn, just as my astigmatism and presbyopia finally became bad enough to make reading small print impossible.

  5. Ellen Says:

    Apple is a bondage-and-discipline ecosystem. You will do it their way, or not at all – and pay for the privilege.

    I have a smartphone, two tablets (one with a keyboard, both with Android), three laptops, and a desktop (all with Windows 7). If Windows 10 somehow gets into any of these – I have Unix hard drives to put in them.

    My dislike of Apple came early in the 80s, when I wanted a word processor. Looked all over the place. The Apple II (at that time) needed an extra board if I wanted to have both capitals and small letters. The TRS-80 Model III had smalls and caps built in, and cost less than the Apple, let alone the Apple with the extra board.

    I like computers. I like having lots of them, taking them apart, and making improvements. Try that with an Apple. I’m prejudiced, but think I came by it honestly.

  6. HSR47 Says:

    I think another big factor in the market penetration of android is that the OS isn’t tied to only one manufacturer’s devices.

    These days there are a wide array of smartphones on the market. Of that multitude, there are currently 2-4 iPhone variants, and a vast uncountable array of phones running Android.

    Those who want iOS and are willing to deal with Apple’s restricted hardware options tend to go that route. Everyone else who doesn’t care about iOS, and/or those who want/need hardware features they can’t get from Apple, will go with a phone running Android.

  7. HSR47 Says:

    Jonathan also brings up the very valid point that the numbers cited above are likely distorted by the fact that Android is invading more than just the smartphone/tablet market under the guise of Chromebooks.