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It will be interesting to watch this week

Gorsuch confirmation heading to the senate this week. I’m guessing it ends with the nuclear option. But we shall see.

And I heard Schumer (which autocorrect helpfully suggests Scummier as a replacement) on the radio news today yammering on about how it’s different when he does it.

6 Responses to “It will be interesting to watch this week”

  1. Phenicks Says:

    I don’t understand why they don’t use the 2 speech rule or stop everything, no bills, meetings, etc., until the vote is taken. If you want to filibuster, shut it all down and blame the Dems for once.

  2. Jim-Bowb Says:

    Please, let’s call it by it’s correct name; the Senator Harry Reid option.

    Never let anybody forget, sauce for the goose.

    The GOP should make a public list of all the vile tactics the dems used and make a point of using them continually in retaliation. “There is no overkill. There is only “open fire” and “time to reload.””

  3. Fyooz Says:

    autocorrect on Schumer?



  4. Roger Says:

    As far as Scummier is concerned, every time the dimocrats pull one of their patented moves, I repeat that “Things are DIFFERENT when you are a dimocrat”.
    Laws don’t apply to you, Rules are for little people, lying is OK, Turnabout is NOT fair play. The ends justify the means, no matter how dirty the deed.
    We have seen clearly that things ARE different when you are a dimocrat this past year.

  5. Phelps Says:

    Nuke it. In two years, 99.9% of voters won’t even remember that it happened.

  6. mikee Says:

    The senior Senator from New York isn’t that concerned with the Republicans using the nuclear option, making even Supreme Court judicial appointments a matter of mere majority vote. He likely hopes for a one term Republican presidency, or a midterm flip of the Senate, or even looks forward to a Senate & Presidency in Democrat hands, when the courts will be packed with activist socialist judges. They started on that with our prior president, and one can only hope the Republicans can find enough conservative lawyers willing to become judges to balance the lower courts a bit, let alone get another conservative on the Supreme Court.

    I wonder why, when the Republicans see the effects of Democrat action, they suddenly become unwilling to pursue similar action to counteract those effects.