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Solution in search of a problem

A laser firing pin. I don’t much see the point.

5 Responses to “Solution in search of a problem”

  1. Tirno Says:

    A method for setting off semi-caseless ammo? A metal end with rim for ejecting/clearing and a transparent window in the center, with completely consumable propellant block forward with projectile embedded, set off by solid state fire control system? A 50 BMG bolt action rifle would be pretty awesome if everything forward of the rearmost half-inch, excepting the projectile, was propellant. Give 20mm Lahti a run for its money.

    Buy yourself the problem of trying to keep the emitter end of the laser clean of propellant crud and lubricants. Also the usual issue of keeping the batteries chargerd and worrying that there’s a hidden remote shutoff system built into the electronics.

  2. dittybopper Says:

    I think the point is faster “lock time”, and the elimination of movement during the firing process. How much of an advantage would that give you accuracy-wise? I’m guessing not much. In trade you get a gun that uses electronics that aren’t user-serviceable, requires special ammunition, and is vulnerable to batteries running dead.

  3. mikee Says:

    Perhaps of use to Olympic marksmen, to gain that 0.01 MOA advantage over the competition. And that might be enough to make the system desirable for them, I don’t know.

    I’m not gonna belittle an effort to improve a mechanical device. By replacing moving parts with electronics and optics, they open possibilities to firearms that were not there before. Let the innovation continue, and see what happens. After all, the idea of a cartridge took a while to develop into a robust & usable form, too.

  4. rickn8or Says:

    dirtybopper, sure you have less lock time, but how long does it take to light off that primer?

  5. Publius Says:

    If it works, that’s going to be hooked up to a software controller and integral to the next generation of smartguns.

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