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So, Sandy Hook Promise made some silly video that implies reading gun magazines may be a sign you’re about to go on a mass shooting. Well, it looks like they stole it from a filmmaker who isn’t too happy about it. He even did a side by side comparison:

5 Responses to “Plagiarism”

  1. Miguel Says:

    The maxim “Never read the youtube comments” apply here. I am amazed at the people that see the blatant similarities and are still OK with the intellectual theft. A couple are aboout the message and most are basically Generation Napster: As long as I can get it for free, f*** your copyright.

  2. HL Says:

    They don’t believe in property rights either.

  3. Divemedic Says:

    That is a trend that I see everyday as a science teacher in the classroom. Millenials feel like the Internet is simply a storehouse of free ice cream that is there for the taking.

    I have had many students tell me that they think school is an outdated concept, because if they want to know something they can simply Google it. I constantly catch them plagiarizing and cheating, and they don’t think it is wrong.

    The scariest part is that their parents don’t, either.

  4. mikee Says:

    Those are some interestingly adult-looking female high school girls in the background. What, I was supposed to pay attention to the plot?

  5. Patrick Says:

    It’s not like there are a lot of funding sources for these types of media anymore. Even Joyce is drying up.

    So it makes sense that the trolls fight among themselves for the scraps the king is willing to drop on them. Having your IP stolen here means you might not get that “grant” from King Mike that pays your rent next month. Worse yet, you might find those scraps feeding the trolls who stole from you.

    I need more popcorn.

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