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Tactical Facepalm

While I appreciate the sentiment of citizens standing guard at recruiting centers, don’t be this guy. Let’s see, VFG on a pistol is considered an AOW, depending on which circuit court you fall under. And his gun has no sights.

Speaking of guarding recruiting centers, I mentioned that some folks were doing that in The City (My The City) and the local press had no clue. Well, the press from the next town over somehow caught wind of it.

5 Responses to “Tactical Facepalm”

  1. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Crocs?! Crocs are marginally acceptable footwear for children who cannot tie their shoes to wear in their own yard.

    That picture belongs next to “Fail” in the visual dictionary.

  2. MAJMike Says:

    Wow! Tactical camo crocs. He must be an Operator.

  3. mikee Says:

    Nothing is more delightful to a local journalist than scooping everyone else on a story, especially when it is poached from the competition’s own back yard.

    Of such news reporting are true journalists made.

    Good work, WATE.

  4. M Gallo Says:

    Only if OAL <26" which does appear to be the case there.

  5. Montieth Says:

    It is however both sad and outrageous that ‘Derpy Militia Dude’ with the ‘SBR’ is better armed than the soldiers he’s guarding and has a more effective posture than the default response of the federal government.