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Trump on the stump

First of all, I think trump is a loud-mouthed, braggadocio whose political leanings in the past pretty much make him not a conservative and not a friend to liberty. And I would not vote for him.

However, his opponents wanted a battle. And Trump is taking them a war. He attacks, candidly, his political opponents brazenly. That Lindsey Graham stuff was brilliant and hysterical. He calls the media for its bullshit. And I hadn’t seen that done since Newt ran in the primary. And we see how that worked out for Newt.

17 Responses to “Trump on the stump”

  1. boxty Says:

    No worse than Dole, Romney or McCain.

  2. bobby Says:

    … and he’s fkn right about McCain.

    McCain milked his father’s and grandfather’s flag rank while in the Navy. Crashed / Destroyed 5 aircraft. Lived off of his POW “bona fides” for 40+ years. Married in to his money.

    Fuck. That. Guy.

  3. nk Says:

    He married a gorgeous blonde with big boobs whose father owned a beer distributorship. That’s every red-blooded American male’s dream. More men have walked on the Moon than have done that.

  4. Ron W Says:

    Although Trump did not respond by staying on point, the media is virtually all giving McCain a pass for instigating this by referring to Trump’s large and enthusiastic Arizona audience as “crazies”. Trump should have referred the media back to Sen McCain to ask him why he judges people who want the government to do its Constitutional DUTY to “protect the States against invasion, are “crazies”?? Why is no one yet asking McCain that? And better yet, it should especially be asked of the President and Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates if they will continue this criminal policy, an issue they are obviously trying to avoid!!

  5. Some Jerk Says:

    John McCain is a hero, and deserves to be honored for the crippling sacrifices he made for our nation.

    If he were a private citizen, I’d say the man deserves careful respect and deference. But he’s not, he’s a United States Senator who’s record does not speak kindly about his beliefs and who owes his continuing re-election to the fact that he apparently has some blackmail dirt on the Arizona Democratic Party that causes them to run no-name morons and left wing lunatics against him every cycle. Put him up against a Democrat who has the same views that McCain does, like Jim Webb, and he’d get his ass handed to him…even in Arizona…because the Republicans would simply sit it out.

    Also, Donald Trump is a jackass and if you think he believes one word of the focus-group tested lines he’s “spontaneously” spouting, I have a bridge to sell you.

  6. aerodawg Says:

    Best ive heard it is

    Trump is a buffoon
    Trump is not a politician
    Americans are sick of politicians
    Americans are not sick of buffoons

    So watch out

  7. Deaf Smith Says:

    I agree Jerk.

    He was shot down over North Vietnam and could have left early (unlike John Kerry who faked his wounds and ran for the door.) Instead he got tortured for years.

    Sure McCain is opinionated. Sure he can be an ass, but Trump is the king of asses.

    And no, I won’t vote for Trump.

  8. Alien Says:

    Sure, Trump is an asshole, and there’s – barely – an infinitesimal chance he’ll get elected, but he’s our asshole. For now.

    If Trump accomplishes only two things – changing the debate and the messaging, and; bumping Jeb Bush out of contention, he’ll be worth all of his own money he’s spending.

    McCain? OK, then – I very much appreciate his service and sacrifices, but would McCain have done as well in 2008 with anyone other than a staunch conservative – Sarah Palin – on the ticket (who is still quite effective behind the scenes but now well past her major-campaign sell-by date)? I look at Arizona the same way I look at Boehner’s district in Ohio: I expect a Kerry from MA, a Schumer from NY and a Durbin from IL, but there simply aren’t that many sheep or photographers in AZ or OH to explain it; WTF are those people thinking?.

  9. Nylarthotep Says:

    Can’t believe a single thing that Trump says. Everything is a marketing campaign and is being run based on which way the wind blows. He’s had so many variations on his beliefs that you could make quite a commercial showing his flapping around on just about any subject.

    Also, he has to get the votes of a majority of the citizens of this country. His present tactics will ensure that he can’t. Convincing the middle that you’re not going to blow the world up is what gets you most of the way there. Can you imagine the “I’m rich so I don’t have to take your crap” attitude from a president? Well, of course beyond the one presently in office.

  10. the pawnbroker Says:

    Trump is a showman playing a role in a “reality” show. When real reality kicks in he’ll get fired because he won’t have the support of the script writers and critics as do the actors in the tragicomedy that has been running for the last seven years.

  11. Crawler Says:

    Media, Democrats and establishment Republicans are having a tough time dealing with an such an unconventional presidential candidate like Trump. It’s fun to watch.

    The man says he’s worth 9-billion dollars. I don’t know the liquidity percentage of that fortune, but if it is 10 to 20 percent, that’s still a lot of dough to express his non-PC opinions and buy or garner media coverage.

    I think the biggest surprise about Trump is his high poll numbers. In some polls he sits atop. So it’s obvious many voters are lending Trump an ear and agreeing with his opinions.

    As I understand it, if Trump continues to poll near the top he automatically gets a punched ticket to the Republican debates. If he does make it to the “Stacked-Deck for Jeb” debates, it should be fun to watch, too.

  12. mikee Says:

    Imagine the joy of the media, Democrats all, watching the Republicans attack other Republicans.

    Instead of demonstrating the problems of the Socialist Party leader Sanders or the Hillary Party leader Hillary, Republicans are spending valuable time and free media coverage hurting each other, Reagan’s 11th commandment be damned.

    Trump has zero chance to be selected in the primary, because he is a northeastern, socially liberal, intemperate white male without the support of his party. Those same problems would sink him in the presidential election. Period.

    Could we somehow get Trump back to blasting the corruption, malfeasance, incompetence and totalitarian sympathies of the Democrat contender Hillary Clinton, instead of wasting his moment in the spotlight against non-candidate McCain and zero-polling Graham?

  13. treefroggy Says:

    Bread and circuses . Enjoy it while it’s still free .

  14. the pawnbroker Says:

    mikee, that’s a great thought in your last sentence, problem being it’s the eating their own that gets the spotlight; start chewing on their chosen one and the stage goes black quick.

  15. Will Says:

    What if your choice is Trump or Clinton? What then?

  16. Phelps Says:

    America is going to elect a buffoon that makes them feel good. They’ve been doing it for 20 years.

    Let’s make sure it’s our buffoon. Back Trump.

  17. Burnt Toast Says:

    No, I wont vote for Trump.

    I will be voting for Jeb!, just like you, and we all will be liking it.