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Five Guns I Will Never Own

This is apparently a meme on the gun blogs. Ok, here goes:

A new M4: Because it’s illegal.

A Glock 18: Because it’s illegal

A Cane Gun/Pen Gun/Novelty Gun: Because the novelty factor isn’t worth the PITA it is to get one.

A new minigun: Because it’s illegal and, you know, I couldn’t afford ammo for it.

A new AK-47: Because it’s illegal.

6 Responses to “Five Guns I Will Never Own”

  1. mikee Says:

    Well, if something being illegal is all it takes to make you follow the law, there’s no arguing with you! /s

    I can see the cost factor for the minigun ammo (and for the other full auto guns) being more of a burden, should the legality of these arms ever be more in line with my similar slavish devotion to not becoming a felon.

    Noise for money is fun, but expensive.

  2. Mu Says:

    There’s illegal and there’s illegal unless you’re more equal than others.
    Donate money for 10 new M4s to a small sheriff department. Wait a year. Have them surplus one for you.
    Probably doesn’t even cost you much more than a fully transferable M-16.

  3. Sigivald Says:

    Mu: They can’t “surplus” one to you, unless they somehow have a pre-86 one lying around.

    The Hughes Amendment has no exceptions for “surplussed from law enforcement”, as far as I know…

  4. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Guns I will never own?

    How about a Glock 7? You know, the porcelain ones that don’t show up on your airport X-ray machines and cost more than you make in a month.

    Oh, and a Jericho 941. I really want one of those. But they’re not legal in Massachusetts, because the company that imports them once foolishly called them “Baby Eagle” or “Baby Uzi” or something, and Scary Names are not legal in Massachusetts.


  5. Beaumont Says:

    I can only come up with one: the Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B. At least, not a functional one.

  6. Robert Fowler Says:

    When did mini-guns become illegal? They are classified a Gatling gun. And I do want a Gatling gun, preferably one in 45/70.