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LaserLyte Pistol Laser Trainer

A review on the product from Glenn.

One Response to “LaserLyte Pistol Laser Trainer”

  1. PMain Says:

    Have the pistol trainer & laser. Love the pistol’s weight, feel & trigger pull; it’s great for practice, but the laser add-on leaves a lot to be desired. There is no on/off switch, you must remove batteries to turn off. The sound activation isn’t always that responsive, so you have to fiddle around with it, getting it seated properly before it responds. I at first thought mine was defective because it wouldn’t display the laser or sometimes would emit a steady laser dot, but after reading reviews & complaints online, I realized that’s just how it works. I didn’t bother returning mine, because when it works, it works well. And nothing beats being able to safely practice aiming, grip & trigger control in any room or while watching tv.

    For safe, dry fire practice, I would recommend it, but be wary that getting the laser to work properly requires some work & patience on your part