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Federal action on stand your ground laws

Democrats launch investigation into self-defense laws. Odds of anything happening about zero.

5 Responses to “Federal action on stand your ground laws”

  1. Stuart the Viking Says:

    This is pretty funny since Federal law on self defense is largely the same thing as stand your ground in that there is no requirement to retreat etc.


  2. Ron W Says:

    I’m sure that if they find “stand your ground laws” are not suitable, they would exempt themselves from any changes. Otherwise, the Secrete Service and other armed security for government agents and officials would be requied to runaway from attackers rather than resorting to deadly force resistance. But then, these are the types who want to take from others what they keep for themselves.

  3. CaptDMO Says:

    “Investigation”? Into self defense?

  4. CaptDMO Says:

    “Durbin, citing existing research, said the laws have led to increased violence.”

    But his (apparently anonymous here)”research” source is “suspect”.

  5. mikee Says:

    Durbin is correct, for a given value of “violence.”

    Where would the knock out game be today if more attackers were injured during the their attacks on strangers?

    Where would those shouting “Tea Bagger” in comments sections across the internet be if they were approached personally by pro-gay advocates with the explanation that in some quarters those are fighting words?

    Where would burglars and muggers and rapists and car jackers go if they were met with violence during the perpetration of their crimes?

    Violence must be met with laws against it, per Durbin, I suppose.