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The new Glock

Will be the G42. It will be out early next year. As to what it is, I dunno. I’ve asked the folks who’d know and they’re all clammed up like an AP reporter with bad news about Obama in an election year. The last Glock number is G39. So, what are 40 and 41?

I’ll predict that the G42 is a single stack in either 9mm or .380. With their new facility in the US, they are no longer bound by ridiculous import restrictions that nix the 380.

We’ll see.

8 Responses to “The new Glock”

  1. Hartley Says:

    You are aware, I assume, that “42” is the answer?

  2. Daniel E. Watters Says:

    A G40 that isn’t .40 S&W or a G45 that isn’t .45 ACP will lead to wonderful bouts of confusion at gun stores.

  3. divemedic Says:

    I think the Glock 40 should be chambered in .22LR. That way, the Glock 40 will be a .22, and the Glock 22 will be a .40.
    The resulting conversations in gun stores would be like watching Abbott and Costello.

  4. larry weeks Says:

    So if they are not made in Austria will they be “Glock, Adequate”?

  5. John Richardson Says:

    I think it should be the Glock 43 in honor of the King: Richard Petty. It should also hold seven rounds to commemorate the number of NASCAR championships Petty won.

    Given that there isn’t a .426 Hemi round, I’m agnostic as to caliber.

  6. mikee Says:

    Aren’t the 40 & 40 the semi and full auto version sold only to Delta Force, SOG, and CIA as replacements for the silenced H&K .45ACP?

    Let the flamewars continue?!

  7. TIM Says:

    Would be interisting to see a 22lr Glock

  8. Jacob Says:

    A triple stack .41AE …..