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NSA monitoring

NSFW unless work is cool with nipples: They’re checking out people’s porn habits to use against them.

5 Responses to “NSA monitoring”

  1. Jake Says:

    That link really needs a NSFW warning – the top picture shows naked breasts. I don’t mind, but it could get someone in trouble.

  2. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    But I don’t have much of a porn habit anymore! I am sure that can be used against me too.

  3. slattont Says:

    I am unclear on this. Where did this occur?

    If outside the US, this is exactly what the NSA and other US agencies area supposed to be doing.

    Inside the US, against the NSA’s charter.

  4. emdfl Says:

    I ‘spect this says more about the habits of the watchers then those of the watchees, heh.

  5. mikee Says:

    Finally, a job I am qualified for and willing to perform!

    Where do I sign up to monitor the porn, I mean, the porn habits, of others?