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Police Arrest Man For Filming Raid, Then Shoot His Dog In Front Of Him

Filming to po-po is not illegal.

9 Responses to “WTF?”

  1. SE Says:

    This video has gone viral, but does not explain why the guy was being arrested. The police didn’t arrest him for filming.

    Please read this article, which seems to explain the situation.

  2. nk Says:

    The police shot the wrong mutt. This guy is 1) a petty criminal, 2) has a hard on for the police and 3) goes around looking to fabricate lawsuits. He drove up to the crime scene with his radio blasting, got out of his car with his dog pretending to walk him, the car open and the radio still blasting, refused to turn down his radio, when the police told him he was under arrest he put the dog in the car with the windows open, when the cops cuffed him the dog came out of the car and jumped at a cop, the dog is a three-year old 120 lb. Rottweiler.

  3. Will Says:

    Before the dog jumped at the cop, the officer drew his pistol, then stuck his hand in the dog’s face trying to provoke him. When the dog jumped and barked, the cop opened fire. The cop wanted the dog dead.

  4. Gerry Says:

    Pepper Spray, use the friggen OC on your hip Officer.
    Works wonders on dogs, ask any postman.

  5. bob smith Says:

    Cops really screwed up this time. People are more riled up about a dog getting killed than they would a person.

  6. Jeff from DC Says:

    Ive had pepperspray not work on a dog. Depends on the breed and temperament. Dogs feel pain differently than people…that said, bullets don’t always work right away, either.

  7. Bill Says:


    You need different pepper spray. Dogs are not aliens. Their biological response to extreme irritation mimics almost every other mammal.

    The right pepper spray will disable a dog long enough to decide on a different course of action.

  8. RAH Says:

    The dog threatened the cops. They did not shoot until the dog was about the jump at the cops.

    I can see the cops actions are rational however they should have thought about the open car window before they arrested the owner . This could have been foreseen.

    My dog was shot at by a cop once and I did not blame him except his initial reaction was wrong.

    My dog was hooked up to a line in the backyard and I went to do laundry and I heard barking and then a shot. I knew exactly what happened. The snap broke on the line and the Shepard went to the neighbors who were black and had a friend and they were laying out straps to go dirt biking.

    The cop was an undercover narc off duty. My dog according to him sniffed him over when he was down on the ground. He got up and ran across the street and my dog chased him.

    The black cop on a hill shot at my dog and missed. My dog with his 15 foot of line still attached got under a van with the line caught under a tire. I came and rescued my dog and asked what happened. The cop was so full of adrenaline he was jumping up and down and said she bit him. I asked where and it was just his jeans she caught. I said I would pay for his doctor and pants if he wanted but said why would a cop run from a dog, that triggers a chase instinct.

    Since the cop fired while off duty his Sargent from DC had to come out to Maryland and get the story. The only issue I suffered was she did not have a current registration which I then renewed.

    I have owned dogs and if one is about to jump at a cop it is reasonable for them to shoot the dog. Since I don’t and not allowed to carry in MD I would faced the dog down and have many times. But I know how to control dogs. Most cops do not.

  9. Critter Says:

    Some observations:

    The arrestee was trying to provoke a confrontation with the police so he could file yet another baseless lawsuit against the department.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t get paid enough to get bit, be it a 2 pound chijuajua or a 120 pound rottweiler.