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All guns are always loaded

I’ll save you the trouble and tell you to skip to very near the end:

I saw the shell go in and cringed.

15 Responses to “All guns are always loaded”

  1. Siergen Says:

    Any idea what he expected to happen when he pumped it with the trigger pulled?

  2. Monte Says:

    Siergen: exactly what happened, minus the boom, I’m guessing. Seemed like he was showing that it could be intentionally slam fired.

  3. TigerStripe Says:

    Everyone knows a World War 2 Ithaca trench guns only go off when the owner wills it to.

  4. Dragon Says:

    It was like watching a train wreck….you *knew* what was going to come next, but you just couldn’t stop watching.

    Frigging moron.

    I wonder if he did a video showing the hole he blew into the ceiling…

  5. Siergen Says:

    @Dragon, Or if his up-stairs neighbor has a video of the hole in his floor…

  6. True Blue Sam aka David Johnson Says:

    The proper thing to do after screwing up like this is to leave town for at least two years, not posting it for the world to see.

  7. SE Says:

    The comments on LiveLeak seem to indicate that the guy makes fake videos pretending he had an AD / ND.

    “This guy has been faking accidental-discharge videos for years:”

  8. Jeffersonian Says:

    Honest baby. I don’t know what’s wrong. That’s never happened to me before…

  9. Patrick Says:

    Looks staged. What kind of attention-whoring moron does this kind of stuff?

    Watch again. He closes his eyes right as his hand slides forward. Anticipation. And he never looks up at the (presumed) hole in the ceiling. No dust flies, and no drywall comes rattling down. How do you put a shotshell hole in a drywall ceiling and not cause any dust?

    And it looks like he did it before on another video someone here links to.

    Again, what kind of loser makes fake ND vids to gather attention to himself?

  10. Sigivald Says:

    Yeah, one tends to suspect a fake from the lack of a a anything other than a flinch and drop.

    I mean, can’t prove it’s fake, but one would certainly expect at least dust from the ceiling? Muzzle flash? Something?

  11. MJM Says:

    All in good fun, I suppose. In the search for redeeming social value, at least he underscores that the safety rule “All guns are always loaded” lacks teeth, verve, panache and elan. It lacks realism, and it requires the shooter to do mental stuff, not physical stuff. The rule should require the shooter to DO something: clear the weapon, comes to mind. Clear the weapon. Whatever that looks like for the particular weapon. Clear it. If the gun you are picking up is assumed to be loaded, then make it unloaded.

  12. Andrew Says:

    But, it’s got this really cool feature…….what a freaking idiot.

    Also, he needs to bone up on his history.

  13. Andrew Says:

    Read comments before posting Andrew. now who is the idiot.

  14. ASM826 Says:

    Fake. Not nearly loud enough or enough reaction to noise from the kid. No dust, plaster, sheetrock from ceiling.

  15. james jones Says:

    What a galoob.