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Because it wasn’t a dog?


An Indiana police officer is in hot water after he allegedly handed his gun to a stranger because he didnít have it in him to put a badly injured young deer out of its misery.

I’m no killer myself so I can agree with the sentiment but if you’re a police officer, retain your gun.

4 Responses to “Because it wasn’t a dog?”

  1. Hank Says:

    I really don’t see the problem. A gun is a tool, not a magic talisman. Cops have guns, people have guns. If there was a tree across the road, and the cop loaned a guy his chainsaw while the cop directed traffic, would that be newsworthy? I understand in the inner-city, or in a culture where people aren’t used to guns, but don’t see a problem with this in a rural area.

    I do understand the politically correct, liability issues, but changing behavior to make those people happy is a never ending battle so we might as well do what is right and not worry about what they want us to do. There may be an issue w/ government property or such, but in my opinion doing the right thing (dispatching the critter as soon and as humanely as possible) takes precedence over trying to prevent liberals from getting their panties in a bunch.

  2. MrSatyre Says:

    Back before I carried, I hit a deer just before dawn on the back roads of VA. Took out my headlights and brakes. Amazed I made it out of that alive; the deer disappeared into the dark woods. The first thing the officer asked me when he finally arrived was if the deer was still alive. I’m sure it had been alive—for a short while—but all the blood showed that it probably bled out very quickly, but I’ve always been sorry I couldn’t have ended any of its misery sooner. I’ve been meaning to learn what VA laws are regarding putting an animal out of its misery with a gun so I don’t get busted if it ever happens again.

  3. TigerStripe Says:

    The only problem I see is a cop who is not willing to use his weapon. (Some are overly eager to do so.) Shooting the deer would have been doing it a favor.

  4. RAH Says:

    Like Hank says , I do not see a problem with the cop handing over the gun to another to shoot the deer. The other person was qualified but said he did not have his weapon on him so the cop understood the other guy was competent and let him do the shooting.

    Big deal.