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Great moments in police gun handling

Another NY police officer has his weapon sight on backwards. This has happened before.

Who the hell gives these guys guns with sights on the wrong way?

But, hey, at least it has sights.

And, you know, they didn’t shoot the wrong guy 11 times.

15 Responses to “Great moments in police gun handling”

  1. ZerCool Says:

    Not Eotech. Sightmark.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Hmm. Can’t tell from pic.

  3. pdb Says:

    Yeah, it looks like an Eotech XPS to me.

  4. rickn8or Says:

    Well, it’s not like NYC cops actually USE sights anyway…

  5. D2k Says:

    Definitely an EOTech:

  6. ZerCool Says:

    D2k speaks truth. I stand corrected. DERPful.

  7. Divemedic Says:

    There is no pin there for an autosear. I guess this guy doesn’t rate a happy switch.

  8. Spade Says:

    At least he has his BUIS up, since his EOTech is “down” (lol).

    Although since obviously that EOTech hasn’t been zeroed, makes you wonder if he bothered to zero the EOTech.

  9. Lyle Says:

    What else could one expect? They graduate from Publick Skool, and then go to Publick Kop Skool. Ignorant as a stump, the nice little Useful Idiots know they’re dependent on their masters, and so they will do anything they’re told.

  10. Sigivald Says:

    I don’t have an EOTech, myself.

    So thus I don’t know the answer to: does it still work, backwards?

    I mean, it’s a zero-magnification red-dot, right?

    It’s not like putting a magnifier on backwards; it’s not obvious to me that it wouldn’t still work.

    (A quick search of the interwebs suggests that lots of people think the EOTechs function just fine mounted backwards, as long as you’re not using them with a magnifier … and some people actively prefer it for having the sight closer to the eye.)

  11. Kenn Says:

    I have an EOTECH. It certainly does not work backwards.

  12. TS Says:

    You don’t need to aim an AR-15 anyway. It is designed to be spray fired from the hip and everything falls. Don’t you listed to the news?

  13. Phelps Says:

    Is gun, is not safe. Agreed.

    Backwards sights? Is not safe, is reckless.

  14. Spade Says:

    Somebody on noticed the BUIS is a Troy low profile. So double good job.

  15. Bill Says:

    I’m been told by the media that the ar15 is only good for killing crowds. I thought they were only looking for the one guy?

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