Biden’s office forces reporter to delete photos. To bad you can’t give photos back, ammo first.

Why do people comply with this stuff?

4 Responses to “Transparency”

  1. Seerak says:

    I keep seeing more and more signs of Americans operating on the implicit assumption that the government, particularly the President, is much more powerful than it or he actually is… they implicitly act as if the last vestiges of the old Republic were already swept away before Palpatine has even won his first student presidency.

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    Anti-Freedom, not just anti-gun

  3. Steve says:

    Guess Biden doesn’t know you can’t delete photos from a memory card unless you reformat it, the photos are always there, your camera just has permission to overwrite them. You can download software to get your ‘deleted’ photos back of you card. I had to do it when a card went bad and once an accidental delete. Good reason to never sell a used memory card.

  4. treefroggy says:

    Actually, Rockville, Md is a third-world country. Liberal-istan. They used to have the highest per-capita income in the US plus the highest graduation rate in the country, college acceptance, etc.

    Then they found that all of the illegals they needed to wash their cars, mow their lawns, raise their kits, cook their meals couldn’t afford to live there; next stop, Section 8 housing.

    The rest is history. They still can’t figure out what hit them.